Monday, December 30, 2013

Greetings! Welcome to Penniless Caucasian Rubbish American Doll Adventures!

Hi there! My name is Heather and I've loved dolls all my life. Shamelessly loved them, collecting them until my 30s, on display even! Then when I had children of my own, my love of dolls slid into the background like many things do when you're new to Mommyhood. I had real dolls to care for now afterall! 

Fast forward a few years and now my dear daughter loves dolls too! She has really gotten into the American Girl Dolls naturally, like most girls her age (she is nine). Some of my fondest memories of my childhood are when my Grandma's would make and send me clothes for my My Friend Mandy and Jenny dolls! I still own and cherish each item to this day! 

So I wanted to recreate some of that magic with my own daughter but, while I am reasonably good at sewing, I find it tedium personified to go from pattern up, not to mention expensive! Fabric has gotten shockingly expensive since I last sewed regularly! (I used to make rag dolls BeforeChildren) So I was looking on Pinterest for ideas on 'easy' patterns when I ran across the most amazing idea!! Upcycling 'real' clothing into doll clothes!! This way about 75% of the work is already done! All the amazing details and smock working etc on clothes made for babies lend themselves very well to this! I just started making clothes for the dolls in early December and have made quite a few already. Enough so that I am working on a small wardrobe for my dear daughters best friends birthday in April. I *might* start selling them someday but I'll have to figure out how to become reacquainted with my sewing machine first since all of the items I've made so far have been done by hand sewing. I know, I am old school like that. 

So, without further adieu here are some of the items I've made in the last three weeks as I have had time. Let's just say I've slept very little. I plan to come back and talk about each outfit one by one and how I made it. I made all the items in photo other than the white shirts worn by first two on left and the striped on on Saige and some of the accessories. So, looking forward to telling you all about my adventures behind the needle! Have a fantastic day!


  1. In order to know your interest in dolls, I read your first posting. Oh! it's the same as me. I have loved dolls since I was young. But I didn't have any dolls that I wanted to have. I am into disney dolls and made clothes for them like you. As you said, making doll clothes needs lots of time and is a littel tedious. So now I am making clothes by knitting and doing crochet. I will enjoy your blog thoroughly taking time. Happy to see your blog.

    1. Another comment I missed...?! Thanks Frann! I am so glad to know you!