Sunday, March 29, 2015

Belle's Big Wig Transformation!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

For those of you who've read past blog postings here, you may remember that Belle, our Disney Princess and Me doll, has gone through quite a transformation. First, we cleaned her up after finding her at the Flea Market. She was a mess when she arrived! We have since had a couple of attempts at improving her over all condition. One of them was the subject of a recent post about the hot water dip method to tame frizzy doll hair. It was our last ditch attempt to fix her hair. Unfortunately, she'd lost a lot of hair before we got her I imagine which can happen if you roughly brush a dolls hair and, well, you saw how she was! Poor Belle! So after the hot water dip didn't make such an improvement that I thought she looked respectable, I decided to try my first re-wig on a doll with hair plugs that isn't the standard kind of 18" doll, like I did here. I was determined to try because I thought she deserved a nice thick head of hair!

So here are the last photos of Belle before I began to cut off her hair. 

Notice how she has a lot of cut hair. Or perhaps it is how her hair plugs were originally put in so she could have the cute little bun on the top of her head like she did when she came new. 

So here we are sort of mid way.... You may want to put down an old sheet on the area you are working, under your chair and whatnot. I didn't and I am trust me, the little tiny doll hair fragments are not very easy to clean up. Learn from my education and put a sheet down so you can shake it off in the yard later! I cut my dolls hair off over a big trash can so that most of it fell right into the trash! I still ended up with little bitty hair fragments all over both me and the doll but... Small price to pay for beauty, right?

Belle felt a bit sick during the process and I told her to hold her head over that bucket! Just kidding! I put her like this when I went on a break and laughed at how it looked like she was really not feeling well. Poor Belle!

So here she is, mostly hair free! She is still pretty in my opinion and looks very Sinead O'Conner or Annie Lennox, both of whom I thought looked amazing with closely cropped locks. 

I thought it was kind of fun that she had Belle written on her skull. Just in case she needs to be identified at the doll morgue or by archaeologists in a future land excavation or maybe so they know which head mold to put on her at the factory. Who knows?!

She had very interesting hair plugs, there was this strange 'patch' in the middle where her bun hair was located. It was much more densely plugged in that area. There is still a lot of hair to be taken off in this photo but it was the last one I thought to take. Just remove as much hair as you can!! Whatever hair is left will make it harder for the wig to stick was my thinking so I wanted to remove as much as possible!

Here she is all cleaned up after she got her hair removed. There was a lot of little hairs all over her!! I put a hat on her so she wouldn't be cold! 

Here she is, hanging out and waiting for her new wig to come in the mail!

This is obviously after the wig arrived! This is how I slathered the glue on. I put it on as thick as possible but not till it might drip or seep up through the wig cap. Learned that one the hard way!

She had a trickier hair line that my first hair-plugged doll re-wig. She has a widows peak and wigs don't have those. So I had to be very careful about getting the wig as close to the hairline as possible in all areas on the forehead. I think she lost a little bit of her forehead, if you will, in this process but there was no going back now! 

Here she is with the wig on, drying. She looks a bit rough because you want to let it sit 24 hours before you brush her hair!

Well, that's it Doll Friends!! Thanks for stopping by and see you soon as I have several blogs in the works! One is about transforming a girl doll into a boy doll! So, stay tuned, same bat-time, same bat-channel!!

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