Tuesday, June 9, 2015

TollyTot 20" Doll Ariel Joins the Doll Posse!

Hi Doll Friends!

Just a quick post here to show you my latest 'haul' from a thrift store. 

I got all this for $4. The dolls were 99c each and the doll bed was also.

I didn't know what to make of the Ariel doll. I'd never seen anything like her before. I am not going to lie, there are only two reasons I bought her. 1) I have a flat out weakness for Ariel. She is my favorite Disney princess and has been since my best friend in High School memorized The Little Mermaid when we'd basically live at each other's houses when we were teens. Then 2) I was going to steal her dress for my other dolls at the very least. 99cents for a sparkly doll dress is pretty good. 

Except for when I got it home, I realized it was attached?!?

It had 'lights' in the dress and when Ariel spoke when you push the button in her chest, they light up. Kind of creepy I thought! I thought I'd probably get rid of her because who wants a doll with a dress you can't take off. Pretty sure the prior owners had the same thought... Till...

I opened up her back panel and realized you could remove the dress by taking out the cable. We also took out the batteries because I am not a fan of talking dolls. As I looked her over, low and behold what do I find but that she is a TollyTot doll! TollyTot's are some of my favorite of all the 18" dolls ever made! I am loving her more and more as I look her over. 


Stay tuned! Belle is a recent find too!

PSS Did you notice the first photo had a one eye'd doll with a green dress? Well, look how amazing it looks on Lilly, my HeartforHeart doll! I have learned to always look at the dresses on dolls even if the doll itself is in bad repair. So pretty!

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