Saturday, July 11, 2015

Effanbee Vintage Jan Hagara 15" Doll Laurel

Greetings Doll Friends!

So... Yeah... Another Jan Hagara Effanbee doll joined the house. I tend to obsess a bit when I find something I like and I can afford to indulge. You can literally get these for a song on eBay and well, I love them. 

This one is Laurel. She is 15" tall and made of all top quality vinyl.

Her costume is top notch too! Like all of Effanbee's dolls.

She came in a hat, which, when I took it off, revealed she has a somewhat interesting hair-do. It's short under where the hat was... Which is odd but honestly didn't really bother me all that much. It was fully plugged and very full and actually kind of cute with her curls around her face.

See? Isn't she sweet?

Her face was a bit yellow from age but a Norwex cloth cleaned her right up.

You can see the back of her hair here. See, kind of odd but cute in it's own way. 

She came in a cute slip that could honestly be used as nightgown or simple dress.

Her feet had some marks on them, must be from manufacturers because I was first person to undress her.

**Nude Doll Photos Warning**

She is so well made! Very posable and top quality vinyl. She is a perfect play doll, I don't think you could break her unless you tried really hard. 

She cleaned up really nice! 

Here are her clothes.

Naturally the dolls had to do some clothes swapping!

Laurel fits well into dresses made for 14" dolls and they fit pretty well into hers.

Here are a bunch of them posing together!

Photo bomb!! Haha! 

That's all for now! Till next time! XXOO

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