Saturday, April 4, 2015

Positively Perfect Divah Dolls, A Review!

Greetings Doll Friends!

So recently the kids were home from school on Spring Break. In 'real life', I work from home doing Admin work, which is a great bonus for a Mom with school age children. However, as perfect as a balance it is able to keep in my life, it doesn't negate the fact that when the kids are home and I am trying to work, it's a bit stressful. Don't get me wrong, I have great kids! They're kids though and kids need attention and... Well, it's a bit stressful. So after I made it through the week of the kids being home, my dear, sweet, kind, best friend, husband of nearly 24 years decided to buy me a treat. Now... Some girls like flowers... Some girls like jewelry... Some girls like getting nails done and spa treatments as treats. Not this girl. My husband knows me well. He said "Why don't we give you a generous budget to buy some doll(s)?" He knows me so well! He didn't stipulate the amount or type of dolls, just the budget. He knows me well enough to know that I pinch pennies until they squeal!

So, the first purchase I made was of a doll I'd been curious about for a while. They are only about $20 at Since I've gotten her and spoken of her to other Doll Moms, I've discovered that some Walmart locations are clearance selling them out for $5 each but I haven't been lucky enough to find them in my actual Walmart at all, much less for $5!! Some Walmart's must be cooler than others! 

Here she is! A Positively Perfect Divah Doll! They are so beautiful! I love their faces! These lovely dolls have their own website if you want to see the whole line! The website is here.

There are several to choose from by I chose the Latina Divah. I had her shipped to my local store so I wouldn't have to pay shipping and was so excited to go pick her up when she arrived!

I was really impressed by their packaging. Not a ton of ties and bindings and extra stuff to fill the landfills. Just a few rubber bands and some tape to remove and she was out of the box! 

Each P.P.D. Doll has a 'butterfly kiss' somewhere on her body. Every review I've seen of them has it being on the back of the neck but maybe I just haven't run across someone who has one that has a 'kiss' in a different location. 

I really really wanted to love this doll. Her face is so pretty! Her hair quality seems good. It's rooted and plentiful. The body of the dolls, though, has a bit of a design flaw. She is designed like a baby doll, with a soft body and non-pose-able limbs. Bummer! She can't stand up and she can't really sit down very properly either. Such a shame. So I started researching what I might be able to do about it on the Internet. Because I LOVE her face. Love it!! I played with the idea of a whole body transplant with a doll from Micheal's or something. The problem was the skin tone of the dolls I found there were not correct. Her legs and arms wouldn't match her face! That won't work. So, more research...

That is when I 'met' someone online who had several of this very same sort of doll but hers were standing up and pose-able!? HOW?! She advised that she had inserted a doll armature into her body. A doll armature, I've discovered, is kind of like a doll skeleton. You put it inside of dolls and it helps them stand up strait. So... I found one on eBay and will be performing a skeleton implant on her as soon as it arrives. I am a bit nervous I'll mess up but I guess I figure the only thing I have to lose is that I'll have to go back to planA and give her a whole body transplant. 

So that is it for PartOne of the story.... Stay tuned for after the armature arrives and I insert it! 

Meanwhile, I am trying to figure out a name for my new doll... Any suggestions? I'll come back and update blog when I decide. 

Have a great day Doll Friends!!

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