Sunday, April 5, 2015

Another Boy Doll is Born! Vito Arrives at Doll House!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

Isn't it funny how, pretty often, when we go searching for that one specific thing we want, determined it would be perfect, only to have it allude us. Then, about the moment we decide to take a different route and try PlanB, the thing we had so desperately searched for presents itself! I should just learn that is the order of the universe and stop trying to force things. Who knows... Enough 'deep thinking'! On to the dolls!

So, if you've read my prior postings, you know that we recently added a boy doll named J.J. to the doll house! You can read his story here. So, in that posting, I mentioned that I had purchased a 'boy doll' wig to have on hand for the eventuality of finding a perfect doll to make-over. Then I found J.J. and his hair cut worked out so well that I was left with the wig to await a different 'future' doll. Figured it'd taken me this long to find J.J. so I'd just lay it away and wait...

Well... I didn't have to wait long. Within two weeks of finishing J.J., almost to the day, I found this doll at a Garage Sale for $2! If you're not looking at dolls with 'toy box hair', you may wonder if I found a deal when you take a look at her. Trust me though, I was stoked!

She is a Battat doll from 1998. Battat is the name that Our Generation Dolls like Joy used to go by and look like. Our Generation has their own website here where you can learn more about the modern day versions. However, I've always wanted one of the 1998 versions after seeing them on eBay because I think the face mold is perfect for a boy doll. I am not trying to be cold, but, well, it's just not the 'prettiest' face mold that ever was but for a boy, it's perfect! 

Look at that messy hair! I wasn't actually too worried about the hair being a mess because I could tell this doll was, as far as I could tell, taken out of the box, played with a small amount and then just deserted to the toy bin. How can I tell this? Well, she is in her original outfit and her headband has never even been removed from her hair. I can tell because it has the white fasteners still attaching it to her head!!

Here is her neck label, reading "1998 Battat Made In China"

See the white fastener? That means they never even bothered to take out her original hair accessory. Poor doll never got played with or appreciated properly! Oh well, we are about to change all that. 

As you can see, she is a 'wigged' Battat. Some older Battat dolls have plugged hair but the 'deluxe' versions had wigs. I was pretty stoked! I had an idea that I may be able to take wig off, clean it up and use it on a different doll... Little did I know how hard it would be to take this wig off. More on that in a minute...

As you can see, the prior owners must've missed the instructions on how to properly care for her hair. Teehee...

She also had an "Our Generation" tag, which surprised me because I didn't realize the name "Our Generation" went back to 1998...? I tell you, just when you think you know a bit about dolls, you find out new things. I love it.  

I mentioned that her wig was hard to remove. Seriously, it was a nightmare. I used methods I'd seen on YouTube, enlisting non-acetone nail polish remover and a spoon and lots of elbow grease! When I took a wig off an old doll last time, the Liberty Landing doll, the wig came off with no trouble at all, I didn't even have to use any nail polish remover. This wig was a different story. It took me at least two hours of lots of struggling, half a bottle of nail polish remover (that I eventually just started pouring into her scalp line to try and eat through the stubborn glue!! I avoided getting it anywhere near her eyes!) and eventually even asking my husband to help, to get it off!! I've mentioned the makeover on a few doll forums on Facebook and sure enough, everyone I spoke to that has attempted to take a wig off this kind of doll struggled much the same. So... I guess kudos to them for making them durable against kids ripping them off! Because this wig wasn't going anywhere without a lot of trouble!

Sadly, the original glue job was incredibly messy too so the poor doll had wig glue down her neck below her hair line, all over the place. What a mess!

She was also very dirty... Not that a little dirt ever scared me away from a doll, I love cleaning them up and making them nice again! 

Here is me testing the new hair color I was going to put on. I like it!

Here is the wig I used. I got it for a good deal on eBay and could've, at the time, purchased a red one just like it and didn't. Rats! I hate eBay regrets! Now if I want another boy doll wig, I am going to have to pay about three times what I paid for this one. *sigh* Oh well... Maybe when I have a hankering for a new boy doll again, I'll find another great deal. It's been known to happen. 

As you can see, we were not able to get the entire wig cap from the old wig off. We literally just could not get it to budge. I am not sure if it was super glue or what but we decided a wig cap under the new wig would just have to be ok. 

I liked having a 'non-plugged' head to deal with. It just seems like a better surface for the doll wig to adhere to. Although I've replaced the hair of a doll with plugged hair before with success.

So... I am going to change the pronoun of the doll now because he is certainly all boy now!! I love the way he came out! I've named him Vito, after my real life son, because he looks just like him. Well, saying he was a doll. So, now I have two brothers for the dolls!!!

Aren't they handsome!!

I am sure you will see Vito in many upcoming doll adventures!! The girls are so excited to have another brother! I am pretty sure they'll have more in the future. Just a matter of me finding the right doll and a good wig... I am thinking we need a brunette next time... Or maybe a red head... Or or or... We will just have to see what doll finds it's way to the Doll House I guess. 

Thanks for stopping by! See you again next time!!

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