Sunday, September 13, 2015

Vintage Suzanne Gibson Reeves International 16inch Vinyl Lucy LocketDoll

Greetings Doll Friends!

So, as you know, I do a lot of 'research' on eBay to find obscure vinyl play dolls... I play with the search engines in all sorts of ways to see what will come up. Well, recently, I found some beautiful dolls created by doll artist Suzanne Gibson via Reeves International in the 1980s. She made a couple of different sizes, 8inch and 16inch and they were based on Nursery Rymes. Now that I have found them, naturally I want one of all of them but I had to start with my favorite of what I found. 

Meet Lucy Locket!

I got her on eBay as a BuyItNow for only $30 including shipping! Such a steal really!

Her face is so pretty!

She came in her original box from 1985 and even had the layaway ticket from the original purchaser. Someone went in and dutifully made payments on this beauty to the tune of $74.95 in 1985. Wow! I got her for less than half that thirty years later. Crazy. Cool but crazy.

Her costume is adorable! Top notch all around!

She is constructed very much like a porcelain doll. I often times say that vintage collector dolls made in vinyl would be great play dolls but in this case, I am going to say that isn't really the case. I mean you COULD play with her like a play doll but she doesn't have poseable limbs and her chest plate might be awkward for playtime.

She is very well made though. Her vinyl is nice quality, not shiney or brittle. It feels almost like porcelain to touch and I can see how a person might mistake her for an actual porcelain doll. I am not sure if I've mentioned it but I have a sort of dislike of porcelain dolls... Just not my thing. But I love Lucy (Ha! Play on words!) all the same. I would play with idea of inserting an armeture in her that she might be able to pose better but it'd make me nervous and I don't want to mess her up... So we will see. 

Here is the back of her. Her legs and arms are held into her body with zip ties.

Here are the markings on her chest plate back. I thought it was cool that it's stamped 1973. That's the year after I was born. Cool!

This kind of freaked me out. It looks like the glue that held the chest plate on gave out from age... Her head seems pretty secure anyway though so... I'll maybe add glue to help once we get moved. 

Isn't she gorgeous!!?? I love her! The next girl one I get will be the dark haired Miss Muffet I think. They all have same face mold but it's such a pretty one I can see wanting several. Teehee...

Here she is with Zoey, my Sasha Doll. They will be able to share clothes along with the HeartForHearts and other 14-16inch dolls we have in the doll house. 

Here is her original tag. Note the price on it from 1985. 

I think it's so interesting, the history of doll artists. I found this website about Suzanne Gibson dolls:

Her hair came with the original bobbie pins holding the pin curls in shape and a rubber band holding the little pony tail. The rubber band disintigrated like most do after 30 years and so I picked it all out of her hair. I was a bit nervous take out pins but it just looked so 'uncomfortable' and I figured why not... She looks so pretty with them out! I don't ever plan to 'brush it out' and will just keep the pretty pin curls in there. 


PS Notice I said "if/when I get another girl one from Suzanne Gibson."? Well... That is because I found this handsome fella on eBay for an absolute song (he was less than $20 including shipping!) and I had to adopt him for the Doll House brothers! He is on the way... He will be here soon, I hope. They haven't marked him as shipped yet even though it's been over a week. So I am hoping he's just enroute and they forgot to tell they shipped. Always makes mail time exciting! Haha!

He is Hansel from Hansel and Gretal (spell?) My daughter says she 'hates his outfit' but I honestly think the little shirt will look cool and modern if I make him some appropriate trousers. The shoes I am going to steal for my girl dolls because how cute are those! So... Stay tuned for posting about Hansel's arrival soon!

That's it for now!
Till next time!

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