Friday, September 11, 2015

Vintage Sasha Doll Thrift Store Find!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

Look what I found yesterday at Goodwill! A Sasha doll! I've wanted one as a "sister" to my AG and OG dolls forever but you can't touch them for less than like $150 on eBay. I got her for $3.99!!! I literally jumped up and down when I found her. Haha. So totally stoked!

She even came in clothing! Any one piece of the clothes would probably fetch $3.99 on eBay. Not that we will ever know for sure because I am not selling them! Teehee.

She is in great shape! I am not sure how to tell what year she was made because there are no markings on her. I have a doll dress pattern book (the best ever made, it has patterns enough to totally dress any size doll completely!) that features Sasha dolls as models throughout it and I fell in love with them the moment I saw them when I bought the book in 1994! Link: 

See? I've loved dolls all my adult life!

I decided to name her Zoey. 

Here she is, cleaned up and hanging out with Seane and Tracy, my two new Our Generation dolls. 

She is gonna be a great addition to the Doll House! My husband teased me and said "if she is worth so much, why not sell her and buy six other dolls?" But I was like "Never!" I mean, I would and will probably never pony up over $100 for a doll, like he says, I could get four dolls for that (being me) at minimums and that's just too hard a trade off for me. We do have two American Girl Dolls in the house but they both belong to my dear daughter and were gifts from Grandparents. 

I decided to research Sasha dolls a bit for the sake of this blog post and ran across these photos of some dolls that were recently sold on eBay and I found fascinating because you can see exactly how they came back when they were new. Such beautiful dolls! I found a lovely video of a woman sharing her collection on YouTube that was fun to see too. I'll post link later, I am having a issue doing links from iPad this morning. 

This doll looked the most like my Zoey.

But they are all lovely. 

That's it for now Doll Friends! Till next time!


  1. Nice blog-i too found a Sasha-no markings in blue gingham dress. I'm trying to place an age to this doll.they have a very Interesting background.

    1. Thanks!! I love my Sasha! She is the only one I have but really, that's enough. I don't really 'play' with her too much because I don't want to damage her. I just change her clothes with the seasons and brush out her hair. I'd love to see a photo of yours! There is a lovely video on YouTube about Sasha dolls where a woman shows her whole collection and tells the story of each one. I bet you'd like it too... Let me see if I can't find linky. I found it! Here it is: