Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Boy Doll Posse at the Doll House

Greetings Doll Friends!!

We are all moved and unpacking the Doll House has been an ongoing delight that feels like opening presents over and over again even though it's not my birthday!

Case in point? Unpacking all my dolls and putting them in fun categories and taking photos. 

Lately I've become intrigued by owning more boy dolls but they are a rare thing in Doll World, boys. So many of these are customs by me, made from female dolls. 

I forgot two guys in my photo! And Ari (red All Star jersey) kept covering up other boys faces but... Still was fun to have them all together for a group photo!

I'll have to come back and tell you all their stories soon! Gotta get ready for church! 

Oh! I got this beauty yesterday at flea market for $10! 

Her hair was in REALLY good shape, considering she was previously owned! I braided it in the car on way home to keep it ok! 

I changed her from her meet dress too, before I thought to photo... Will come back and post some of her in her dress after I get her hair in *permanent* braids. Haha!

Till next time!

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