Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Custom My Life As 18inch Boy Doll Josh

Greetings Doll Friends!

So I've wanted to make a doll version of my husband for a long time now... Kept hoping I'd stumble across just the right doll 2nd hand with just the right face because the idea of buying a brand new doll and cutting it's hair off kind of bummed me out and when you rescue a doll from the rubbish bin by customizing it, it's just a satisfying feeling. However... this doll had to have the perfect face and perfect eye color and perfect hair color because it's meant to represent my favorite person in all the land, my husband. So... I happened to be at Walmart recently and, per my usual, I went to look at the 18inch dolls.

Perhaps I had seen this one before but I don't remember it... The eye color? Perfect! Hair color...? Perfect!! The doll even has freckles!! Perfect!!

So I bought her. At $27.99, it's really not all that bad. Not as bad as buying a brand new American Girl Doll and people buy those to customize all the time...

I took photos of her box after I got her home to show you...

I love how easy the "My Life As Dolls" are to get out of their boxes!! Cut like three see through rubber bands and they're outta the box!

They really are top notch dolls, especially considering their price point!

Her hair was banded to her arms and was nice and thick, just like my husbands hair (thick! Not long... at least not anymore... When we were teenagers...)

The doll did have one flaw on it's shoulder but.... Oh well... It'll probably wash off, I just haven't tried yet. 

So I took the doll out and began to cut off it's hair. I tried my best to cut a good style into it but the way it is plugged, with a part down the middle, it made it a bit tricky and I have only cut doll hair like four times in all my life.... He may end up with a wig at some point but for now...

I think he looks great!!!

Here he is playing with a new kareoke microphone I found at a thrift store.

Here he is with the doll I've decided to name Heather. After myself! So... Heather and Josh have doppleganger dolls!

Aren't they a handsome couple? 

Wonder what he is whispering to her... I'll let you guess.

That's it for now Doll Friends!
Till next time!

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