Tuesday, November 3, 2015

More Creative Sources For Doll Clothes

Hi Doll Friends!

I know I've mentioned it before and I probably will again but when one is looking for doll clothes, it pays to be creative and think outside the box! Doll clothes are expensive! 

I've also mentioned that most thrift stores practically give them away nowadays... Helps that the average American child probably each has a couple 32 gallon trash bags full in their rooms. So... You can get them cheap! They've been 1/2 off at my local Goodwill for months now. 

So I was able to get all the stuff you see in this photo for about $8. Not bad for a lot of doll clothes!

Josh is wearing a sweatshirt from the haul and holding a microphone that came on one of the stuffed animals too! So you can even get accessories from them!

All the outfits were on stuffed animals except for the BuildABear robe that was loose in bin of animals and I got for $1.99. 

So look for BuildABear and other dressed stuffed toys at your local thrift store and maybe you'll find some great items for your dolls too!

By way, I re-donate the bears and toys I undress, immediately. Like, I literally undress them in the car and drive them right to the donation bay! Might as well just not bring them home since I plan on re-dontating anyway.

Well, that's it for now Doll Friends!
Till next time!

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