Thursday, March 17, 2016

More UpCycled Doll Clothes From Thrifted Children's Clothing!

Hello Doll Friends!

One thing about children's clothes is that they never seem to grow out of them. One minute they are brand new and the next they are too small! In as much as doll clothes are hard to come by inexpensively, kids clothes are like a dime a dozen at most thrift stores. Consequently, I have quite a cache of kids clothes in a huge bag awaiting UpCycle... So when the sewing bug strikes, all I have to do is pull out the bag and find something that appeals to me. 

Today's victim? This little newborn sized baby dress:

Which I altered by simply taking in the seams on the sides and under the arms. 

And then cutting off the excess fabric:


Sorry for bad photos! Was mid sewing and hurried too much!

And item number two to be UpCycled? This adorable 4T sized bubble skirt!

It only cost me a quarter but I just knew if I worked it right I could probably get two skirts out of it for the dolls. One for the slim line dolls like Famosa Nancy or Disney Princess and Me and one for the slightly less slim line dolls like Journey Girls. 

So... I tried skirt on one doll to see if I was thinking right on how many I could get and then I just used the seams as a guide, stitched two regular seams and two zigzag seams to keep them from fraying once I cut them...

And it payed off! The skirt on the Espari doll here is a tiny bit tricky to get over her hips because there is no elastic but once it's on, it's adorable!

Again, never let me take photos without my glasses on! I have an appointment in a half hour or I would retake them... But no time just now! Next sunny day I'll have them modeled outside!

Here is the one that will fit Famosa Nancy or other slim line dolls. Since she's only 16inches, it reaches her feet!

I do rather like them! What do you think?

Not bad for 50cents of source material! 

Better run!
Till next time!


  1. Hi! Heather,
    Spring is just around the corner, but it is so cold in the morning in Korea. I cannot put winter clothes away in the closet yet.
    I am not sure where you live in America. If you live in Miami or California, you can enjoy sunny days all year round. Otherwise, in Alaska or in Dakota,... any way USA is too big to define the weather.
    Nowadays I am a little busy and I don't have time to do anything except my duty, job and houseworing.
    But my only pleasure is reading your new and old bloggings in the bed, very cozy bed. Haha
    I like seeing your upcycling clothes.
    They are so cute.

    1. Hello my beautiful friend!! My house has been hit with illness this week and so not much time to play dolls. 😞 I live right in the middle of the US, in Nebraska. I've lived in eleven states and so have experienced a lot of them. Hawaii was probably my favorite weather wise. LOL We lived there in early 90s when husband was in Army. He actually went to Korea in 1993! I still have a kimono he got me there even. Spring is coming here, which means one day it's like summer and the next it can be snowing again. I really never pack away winter stuff though... Even though our summers are hot as surface of sun, everyone keeps the air conditioning set at like 68 and so I freeze then too. Haha. I am hoping everyone is well enough that I can get some sewing done today! I also wanna take some dolls out in sun in pretty Easter dresses! So I'll hope for health and sun today. (It's only 5:30am here. I get up at like 4:30am so I can get in Bible Study and yoga before the world wakes up!) I hope you have a wonderful Easter!!! He is risen!!! XXOO

  2. Dear Heather~~
    So so sorry to hear thay you have been sick.
    Hoping that you got well perfectly.
    Wow!! Your husband was in Korea in 1993. If you had been to Korea at that time, we would have lots of thing to talk about....
    Anyway, State of Nebraska, the name gives me the impression to be harsh. I have to look for more information about it.
    Ta-da, My lovely friend, Goofy eventually made a dress for Heather doll.
    Enjoy it.

    She will make more clothes, like a wedding dress?? and T-shirt and so on, and I am waiting for the day to send them to you.
    I need your address to send a parcel by EMS.
    Could you let me inform me of it by my e-mail address(
    Otherwise, I'll bring them to you. Haha.

    1. Oh my goodness! I've missed seeing your comments till just this moment! So sorry about that!

      You are too sweet to think of sending me anything!! Seriously! I am nearly crying from being so touched. I love the Internet! It lets you find the friends you're meant to know even when they live half a world away! So cool.

      I wish I had been able to come to Korea! It was so neat just hearing about it from my husband and seeing his photos. He came back to Hawaii (where we lived at the time) and had learned to eat saimen (ramen? Noodle soup? Not sure if it's same name everywhere?) with chopsticks and I made myself learn too! Haha. Hey!! Maybe I'll make some chopsticks for the dolls! That would be adorable!

      I will most definitely send you my address and you must send me yours as well. I am so glad you asked... I had wanted to ask for yours but was too shy. Imagine that? Me?! How silly.

      Ok off to go look at link you sent! It won't let me copy paste from my phone so I need to go type it in...
      Chat soon!
      Much love!

    2. I've tried typing in link a couple of times and keep getting the "not found" message... Bummer!! May be because am on phone. I do 90% of my blog stuff on my phone... Husband thinks I am silly... LOL He is always saying "why don't you use the iPad or computer instead of that tiny screen?" Yet I do it anyway.... I always think "I'll just do this one thing" (post photos or whatnot) and before I know it, the whole blog is written with my thumb typing. LOL Modern technology has come around so quickly, it's crazy what you can do with a device small enough to put in your back pocket!

      Back as soon as I can... Tuesday's my busy day at work..... Eager to see blog!