Saturday, March 12, 2016

Pen Pal Girls 18inch Dolls

Hi Doll Friends!

So... My husband bought me some dolls. I mentioned they'd be first on list after Lent and he decided to just buy them for me as a gift. He spoils me!

In his usual extravagant manner, not knowing which I would like more, he bought me both!

They come in these cute boxes that look old school air mail envelopes.

They have sleep eyes that are held closed with a plastic strip. 

Her plastic strip had fallen off so I could see her pretty eyes through the window.

They come nude with an envelope holding their meet dress. Kind of fun to package separate but I bet they were cold all nude like that!

They also came with a letter about themselves. Neat!

Here is the outfit and shoes.

I noticed their heads were pretty loosely strung and planned to re-tie the bow to a knot after I dressed her but her head fell off mid dressing! I wasn't phased cos I know it goes right back on but to a child with a new doll, that could be alarming!

All fixed and dressed. I like that they can sit like proper ladies.

I think they're really pretty! Amazon has them on sale now... I think they are worth the price my husband paid and am glad to have them in the doll house!

Till next time!

**UPDATE May 31, 2016: I rewigged these dolls! You can see the 'after' here.


  1. Dear Heather,
    You are so lucky to have a caring husband.
    I am happy to see him respect your hobby.
    You have more and more brand-new dolls without breaking your Lent, thanks to him, Hahaha...
    In my case, I don't share my hobby with my husband.
    Fortunately, as he doesn't care what for and how I spend my money, I can enjoy dolls.
    In Korea, 18inch doll like American girl is not as popular as Disney 16inch doll, so it is hard to find clothes for 18inch doll.
    I had my doll friend Goofy make Heather doll's dress before.
    She doesn't have 18 inch doll and I gave her one and a torso as a gift that I had bought before.
    I relly like her doll clothes and am looking forward to her brand new one for Heather doll.

    Happy spring season is just around the corner.
    Take good care of yourself at the change of the seasons!!

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  3. Those are Beautiful Dolls. They will fit right in with your other dolls. The blonde haired one reminds me of my friend going to nursing school!I hope you have a wonderful day :)