Friday, April 15, 2016

Pen Pal 18inch Doll Re-Wig!

Hi Doll Friends!

As you may remember, I recently got Pan Pal dolls... I love love love the face sculpt and the story behind the creation of this doll line. You can read about them coming home to the doll house here.

However... There was one thing I really didn't like... The wigs on the dolls.

They were dreadful!!! I suspect it was just a cost thing, to keep production costs down... But... Just not very pretty. Especially on the blonde, it looked worse for some reason. However, as I said, I loved the dolls face sculpts! They deserved better hair!

It took me a while to decide what style of wig I wanted to buy for them.... But I decided and they finally arrived in mail!!

Luckily, the original wigs were not at all hard to remove... Loosened the glue with a bit of non-acetone fingernail polish remover and used a spoon to scoop under the wig if that makes sense? You use the bowl portion of the spoon towards the scalp and push it under the hair. It really helps and keeps you from ripping up the wig. (Cos why ruin it if you don't have to, right?)

Here she is with wig removed. 

Here is the wig I chose.

Doesn't she look amazing?! I knew she would be beautiful!!!

I chose the "big hair" because this doll is my doppelgänger doll for my friend Leanne and when she isn't wearing her hair back for the Army, it's usually curly and full.

The wig on the other one didn't bother me as much and might have left it on her... I kept it for another future doll even. There is always bound to be a doll with bad hair in my future where this wig would mean huge improvement!

But Leslie, who I made this doppelgänger doll for, just got a cute pixie cut in real life and so I thought it would be sweet to give her doll a shorter hair-do too! I got the wig from an "old factory stock" sale on eBay and it's such a nice one! Made of human hair, even!


I love their new looks! What do you think?

Till next time!


  1. Great work! I didn't like my blonde doll very much when she arrived. As I needed a boy doll I removed her wig and put a short wig on her. Looks far better now.

    1. Hi Patricia! Thanks for comment! Sorry it's taken a few days to reply... Summer is so busy, right? I'd love to see a photo of your doll!!