Monday, April 18, 2016

New In Box Vintage Tolly Tot Doll!!

Hi Doll Friends!!

I am so excited about this find I could just burst!! As I've mentioned before, if they were still being produced today, Tolly Tot 18inch Dolls would be my favorite variety!! I have a collection of them but haven't ever had one 'new' before because they stopped making them long before I started collecting 18inch dolls. 

I've seen them on eBay before but never in a price range that was realistic to me... Until this one!

I got her for about $25 including shipping!! 

So stoked!!

Isn't her box neat? It is a permanent 'carrying case and stand'. I think I'll display a doll in it, it's so nice... Not sure which one yet...

I'll have to finish up the rest of this 'review' as just photos because I am out of time!

So, enjoy photos!! I love this doll, she's fabulous! Her outfit has already been taken as a 'boy' outfit... It's perfect for boys!! She is unlike any of my other Tolly's either, so that's wonderful!! 

Till next time!

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