Sunday, April 10, 2016

Saturday Shopping Trip American Girl 18inch Doll Finds!

Hi Doll Friends!
We went into town yesterday and I found some great doll finds!!


First, at Walmart, I found these nifty shoe and handbag sets for the dolls on clearance for $5 each!! I almost don't want to tell you about them because every single time I have had someone tell me "Oh, I got this doll related item at Walmart on clearance for next to nothing!" I've dashed to Walmart (or maybe, just maybe, every one in the Omaha area) only to find nothing even remotely as inexpensive... Just in case though, if you happen upon this box set, I'll bet it is clearanced at your Walmart too! Six pairs of shoes and two handbags for $5.00? Yes, I bought two. There were two left and I felt very grown up and responsible walking away without them!

Cos doll shoes!! One of the pairs in box is even skates!

I actually aleady own a pair of the red boots and the skates and a brown version of the tassled boots... But girls often like to dress like their best friends and so it'll be fun to have duplicates. Especially of the skates. So many blog posts in my mind.... Never enough time!! LOL

Here are some of the girls wearing some of the shoes. What girly doesn't like new shoes, eh?

The other doll finds of the day were found at Goodwill. We went to one I'd never visited before and they had a whole endcap of bagged toys... Well... Two of the bags contained these old school, totally complete, immaculately cared for Our Generation Battat Accessory sets. So. Stinking. Cute!! I mean, look at the loofa!! Look at the fingernail clippers!?!? (on the towel wrap) They even both had their little 'books' with them. I do so love it when people take such good care of their things and then donate them to Goodwill. Thank you prior owner! The lids on the little silver lotion-potion bottles even open! So cute! I am working on getting the doll house bathroom put back together... The walls, floor and bathtub all got damaged in the move. Bummer. When I get it finished though, this set will make it perfect!

The other set is adorable too... It's got a pet dog and all manner of dog related items for being a 'show dog' It even has a chew rope and a 1st place blue ribbon! I imagine I'll use the blue ribbon in all manner of things even not dog show related because, how cute is that? 

While I was at Walmart I noted they have some accessory sets I hadn't seen before... I am not sure if they are new but they were pretty cute and so I figured I'd show them to you. I already have 'gardening' stuff for the dolls minus those cute potted plants but I figure I can get some 'real' small terra cotta pots and make some for cheaper than the $8. Gotta spread my doll money around where it counts, right? 

This set is cute too but, again, I have more than enough of all that it contains... In fact my Picnic hamper is much nicer than this one... It's actually made of wicker. I'll have to show you sometime in the 'picnic' post I have planned in my head. I just need the weather to get nice enough for me to head out to a pretty park with the hamper and some dolls!

This 'Movie Theatre Snack Set' isn't made specifically for 18inch dolls but I thought it would work well enough. I mean, they'd be some pretty large Slurpies but... This is America right? We love large Slurpies! Haha. I didn't buy it though, are you proud? (Helps I know it's a short drive away at Walmart when/if I decide I need it. LOL)

I thought this was adorable too! I didn't know they made it... I asked some people on my doll groups on Facebook if it was new and I guess it has been out for like six months... Egads! So many doll items to keep on top of! I really like it... Although It's just one more large furniture item and storage is alwasy something I need to consider. Look at that CHAIR though? So adorbs!

Well folks, that's it for this post... Plenty more to come so stay tuned! 

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