Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Vintage Battat Baby; A Baby Sibling for 18inch Dolls

Hi Doll Friends!!

I have several 8inch baby siblings for my dolls... One Heidi Ott, several Circo babies and some from ToysRUs. From what I understand, American Girl once made a baby sibling for one of their historical dolls... However, I never realized until recently that Our Generation/Battat also made baby sibling dolls!

I know because I found one at a Thrift Store! For only 50cents!

When I first picked her up I didn't realize she was a Battat, just knew she was right size for a sibling doll... Popped her in my cart, bought her and brought her home.

She came naked... But I had a spare out fit to put on her. As you can see she has sleepy eyes.

Isn't she cute?

She can stand, propped, and look just like a toddler. 

So of course I had to research! The following photos are ones I found of how she originally came.

There was a baby carrier so the big sibling could carry baby around. 

Looks like it came in two varieties in this sort...

With a different line, maybe a different year? They had three varieties.

You could also purchase outfits for baby separately.

This one was actually on eBay but too rich for my blood cos it cost like $20!

Cute clothes though!

Then I was surprised to see they had released a more modern version and it appears the baby face sculpt is different. Another thing to add to my "look for" list!

I'll have to do a post of all my baby sibling dolls soon! I have several... Imagine that? Teehee. As an older sister myself with brothers eight and ten years younger than myself, it just makes sense to have baby sibs in the house! 

This photo makes me smile! So sweet!

Till next time!

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