Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Journey Girls and Espari Doll Collection So Far!

Hi there Doll Friends!

Another installment of my Doll Collection Series... This time with Journey Girls and Espari Dolls!

*May 31, 2016 I just realized I'd never posted this or finished it... It's a great photo of my Journey Girl Collection when I started this post... But I've gotten a few more since then. I'll have to come back and update!

*Update June 4, 2016*

I was just talking to the Journey Girls Facebook page admin. (Fan page) Mentioned my blog and she asked for addy and my first thought was "Oh! I forgot all about updating that post!!" So it lit a fire under me and off I went to the Doll Room to take a portrait of all my (current) Journey Girl and Espari Dolls. I group them together because they are so much alike! Do you agree? 

The Espari dolls are the far left red head, the far right brunette and the third from right with red/white headband. Otherwise they are Journey Girls. 

That's it for now Doll Friends!
Till next time!

Girlfriend Lunch At The Doll House

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

I finally got the kitchen set up in the Doll House after making my new background the other day!

So, naturally, some of the dolls wanted to have a girlfriends lunch!

Here is Myfanwy cooking up some vegetables for lunch... She cooks all vegetarian food to keep things healthy.

Jen is bringing the tomatoes.

Patricia talking to Myfanwy...

Everyone is getting things ready!

Susannah is grabbing the bread. After lunch they are going to put away the groceries.

Baby Oliver is so cute and all the girls love him to bits!

Lunch is served!

Delicious as usual Myfanwy!

Group shot!

**May 31, 2016: I thought I'd posted this a month or more ago... But I went in today to update my 'tags' in my Blog because I've been really bad about doing that for a few months and realized I'd never posted this...! So... Guess it's good I take an hour or so to go through my posts sometimes huh? Glad I found it and got it posted because it's a fun post**

Till next time!

Girls Of All Nations Doll Midori!

Hi Doll Friends!

As I mentioned in this post I recently discovered a whole collection of Dolls Of All Nations Dolls at a Thrift Store. I am trying to keep my doll collection in check (stop laughing right now!!) and so decided to only buy one. That was tough!! Haha!

I decided on 'Midori' from Japan because 1) She is adorable! I love her little kimono! and 2) Midori is my favorite drink when I do have a cocktail. Midori Sour to be precise. YummO!

I've gotten her out of the box but haven't had chance to photograph her yet. Wanted to update you on which I bought though since I'd promised in that initial post about them to tell you! Time flies!! So... I'll be back in a future post to look her over. 

Till next time!

Clothes From Frann Made By Goofy!

Hi Doll Friends!!

As you may recall from my recent post about the amazing gift from my friend Frann I got some really beautiful doll clothes as a gift. Frann tells me that her friend Goofy makes them and made them especially for 18inch dolls by using a dress form and doll she gave Goofy just so she could size them correctly. Amazing! I wish I had such sewing skills!

Here is Heather Doll in the wedding dress. Isn't it gorgeous?? I just ordered a tuxedo for my Josh doll so I can take photos of them together in them. So excited! 

Here are Heather and Frann Dolls in the formal dresses. Frann and I discovered that she and I both got married the same year, 1991! So it's like she is my Matron Of Honor twenty five years later in the doll house! Neato!!

Here are the dresses on hangers... So pretty just even hanging up!

I love them!

As you can see, they are top notch!!

The bodice of both dresses is in a 'furry' type fabric with makes it look so rich and pretty!!

Each dress has snaps, not velcro!! NICE! Snaps are better I think because they don't snag the clothes with the velcro when you're putting them on and taking them off. 

Each dress is lined as well!! So lovely!! The wedding dress has a really pretty orange floral fabric and has underskirting to make it full. 

The black and white one is made the same way... So well done!!

I adore the veil!! It's polka dot patterened just like the outer skirt of the dress!

So sweet!!

The hoodie she sent is so totally adorable. My daughter insisted it needed to 'belong' to 'her' doll Lilly... Haha! So I dressed her doll in it of course!

It also has snaps in back to make it easy to put on. 

Such a cute outfit huh?? LOVE the socks!!

The Korean dresses she sent just blow me away!! Look at the details!!

Each dress has four pieces; The under dress, the outer skirt, the embellishment and the hat. All so cute!! I love love love them! My husband went to Korea in 1993 when he was in Army and so it's always felt a bit 'closer' to me because of that... Not to mention lots of my friends have lived there via the Army in the past as well. Now I have a real friend there though and it's taken on a whole new 'life' for me! I love the internet! Makes the world a lot smaller!

As you can see, the dresses were also very well made in the most lovely fabric!!

I didn't think to 'review' the polka dot dresss she sent as I was going through them yesterday but suffice to say it's made just as well as all the other lovely items!! Frann also sent some handbags she made but I am going to have to show them to you closer in another post. 

Thanks again so much Frann!! You're the best!

Till next time!

More eBay 18inch Doll Clothes For A Dime!

Hi Doll Friends!!

Well... I've been avoiding eBay lately but this weekend I got drawn back in somehow and decided to try my hand at getting some Doll Fashions for next to nothing. I've ordered dresses for next to nothing before shown in this post.  I described the 'how' of this in this post. This time I went for the little body suits you see I won below for a dime each, including shipping!

As you can see, I also ordered some other items for a bit more... The Supergirl costume had to happen for one of my dolls and I've been looking at the leopard PJ's for my Heather doll on Amazon for a while now but they are like $10 on there. $1.51 is much better deal! The socks should be fun too... It makes them about 55cents a pair and that's not bad for doll socks. (Hard to come by item!!) 

So... I am sure it'll be a few weeks before they arrive but it'll be fun to see them when they do. Naturally, I'll come and tell you all about them then! 

So go look on eBay and bid on a few of the cheap starting prices ones... You'll probably win at least a couple of them and for a dime each, how can you lose? 

Till Next Time!

Our Generation "Sadie' and "Evelyn" Thrift Store Rescue Doll Make-Overs!

Hi Doll Friends!

I do so love to 'rescue' dolls from Thrift Stores who have been treated rather poorly and bring them home to give them a makeover... I mentioned to you when I found this Our Generation Doll thrift shop find a couple of weeks ago. Then I found Our Generation Sadie at a thrift shop just the other day... I cleaned them both up right after I got them, brushing out their hair and whatnot but hadn't had time to shampoo and 'hot dip' their hair... Till yesterday...

Here they are, all ready for their shampoo. They originally came named Evelyn and Sadie but I will likely not keep those names. You know me, I like to name my dolls myself. 

As you can see, I already brushed out their hair...

I always cover up the eyes on dolls with sleep eyes because I don't want water to get in them and ruin them... My husband laughed and told me she looks creepy... LOL But better looking creepy during a shampoo than rusted out eye sockets, right? 

Here they are all dried out and looking much better...

They are posing with a chair I bought at Goodwill over the weekend for $3.99! Such a cute chair!

The dress "Evelyn" is wearing is a vintage doll dress I bought recently for 99cents at a thrift store. I think it looks very cute on her! Love the pattern of the fabric. 

The "Sadie" doll I dressed in an Our Generation dress that came on my Our Generation 'Joy' Doll, my very first brand new Our Generation doll! 

I think they came out rather nice. Do you think so? 

More soon.


Monday, May 30, 2016

Our Generation Sadie Doll Thrift Shop Find!

Hi Doll Friends!!

I love Our Generation Dolls. However, buying new ones can't happen anymore because they are sold at Target. *


I don't shop at Target anymore because... Well that's another post for an entirely different sort of blog. 

So... Secondary market will be my only source for Our Generation dolls for the foreseeable future. 

After church yesterday I stopped at Goodwill to have a look-see... Who do I see in the "distribution cart" (the stuff fresh from the back just coming out on floor to sell) but this little lady:

Our Generation Sadie! Her hair is a bit of a mess... But I'll fix that. So nice she has much of her original outfit on!! 

Here are stock photos of her as she looks new:

I also went to the thrift store across street from that Goodwill and l found these cute little coasters... Naturally in the doll house they will be plates or maybe even plate chargers for fancy meals!

I have enough for eight dolls! LOL So pretty!

Well, I got Sadies hair brushed out but she still needs a shampoo so I am gonna go do that... 

Till next time!

Memorial Day Greetings

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

Hope everyone has a lovely and peaceful Memorial Day! 

God Bless the brave souls who paid for our freedom with their lives. God Bless the United States of America!