Tuesday, May 31, 2016

More eBay 18inch Doll Clothes For A Dime!

Hi Doll Friends!!

Well... I've been avoiding eBay lately but this weekend I got drawn back in somehow and decided to try my hand at getting some Doll Fashions for next to nothing. I've ordered dresses for next to nothing before shown in this post.  I described the 'how' of this in this post. This time I went for the little body suits you see I won below for a dime each, including shipping!

As you can see, I also ordered some other items for a bit more... The Supergirl costume had to happen for one of my dolls and I've been looking at the leopard PJ's for my Heather doll on Amazon for a while now but they are like $10 on there. $1.51 is much better deal! The socks should be fun too... It makes them about 55cents a pair and that's not bad for doll socks. (Hard to come by item!!) 

So... I am sure it'll be a few weeks before they arrive but it'll be fun to see them when they do. Naturally, I'll come and tell you all about them then! 

So go look on eBay and bid on a few of the cheap starting prices ones... You'll probably win at least a couple of them and for a dime each, how can you lose? 

Till Next Time!

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