Sunday, May 1, 2016

Vintage 1982 Sekiguchi Le Cheri 18inch Doll

Hi Doll Friends!

I swore of eBay a bit ago... But before I did, I got this beauty for 99cents!! She is from the same year as my very first Sekiguchi doll Magdalene only in a different color dress. I made a post about all my Sekiguchi dolls recently if you'd like more information about them. I also recently found a Sekiguchi 14inch boy doll too.

I hadn't planned on buying her, really... But when I saw the beginning bid price I thought "I'll bid on it on off chance no one else does..." And no one did! So she was meant to be mine, right?

Naturally shipping cost a bit... But to get a vintage Sekiguchi doll for under $13 shipped?! Awesomeness!!

She is basically twin of my very first Sekiguchi doll except she is in pink and my first one came in blue...

She still had her cork tag attached!

Numbered 488.

Her hair had never been taken out of original bands and they had long ago dried up and disintegrated! 

Here is her outfit... It alone is worth $13 because they are so top notch...

I've gotten her cleaned up since I posted this draft... Will have to come back and post photos of her soon and the boy doll... So many dolls, so little time!

Till then!

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