Sunday, July 31, 2016

Rocking Horse Goodwill Find!

Doll Friends!

Look what I found at Goodwill for $1.99!! Nearly perfect size!! Isn't it cute!!

Just had to show y'all. I am sure you'll see rocking horse in a future posting from the doll house!

Till next time!

Thanks So Much Frann!!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

Time has flown!!! It's already been a week tomorrow since I got the most amazing gift in the mail from my wonderful friend and reader Frann!

Here are FrannDoll and HeatherDoll wearing two of the amazing dresses that arrived!! Aren't they beautiful! I love love love that she sent "twin" dresses for them to wear! I love that they are just the slightest bit different, the bodice of FrannDoll is black "fur" fabric and the one HeatherDoll is wearing is made fully of the adorable "kitten portrait" material!

Frann had mentioned that she was sending some dresses but there was no way I could've imagined that she would send me virtually an entire wardrobe! So many adorable clothes and bows and bonnets to match!! *swoon* They were all made by the amazingly talented seamstress Goofy! She made them all custom and original just for Frann (and me!) I was blown away by such generosity and thoughtfulness! Thank you so so so much Frann!! Mostly for your friendship! You've made blogging so much more fun. ❤️

Here is all the outfits she sent! So many adorable ensembles I don't even known if I can pick a favorite!! 

I love love love the character sweat shirts and ensembles she sent! Some have Goofy which is perfect considering the seamstress who made them! I thought it was such a coincidence too that one of the sweat shirts had the Peanuts Gang on it! My kids just went to see some family in California recently and just to happened to go to the Charles Shutlz museum!! Isn't that awesome! How did Goofy know we would need a "souvineer" sweat shirt? I love them all!

Then she sent these adorable sun and summer dresses!! Look closely at the bow that Crystal has on! (Far left) There is a tiny kitty face on middle of bow! To match dress perfectly!! I love the apple dress for Becky because she is a doppelgänger doll for my good friend who works in a school! The little tennis dress is perfect because I had just planned to make a tennis post (note that FrannDoll and HeatherDoll are both in tennis costume up there in photo of them by box of all the amazing outfits all packaged up so nice!) So having an extra tennis type dress is great!! The orange print sun dress is fabulous too! It has a matching bow and everything!!

I want to take better photos but the time hasn't presented itself since Monday. The State Fair was in town this weekend and we also had houseguests so I didn't have much time to spend in the Doll House! Some of the dolls ventured out to watch the parade with us. You'll have to watch for the photos of it! 

Look at these two adorable  prairie girl dresses!!! I love love love them! I am planning a whole post around them even! The bonnets are fabulous! Coming from the middle of America where bonnets just like that shaded the faces of my Foremothers, they just make me smile. So stay tuned for a future post where they are prominently displayed! 

I put FrannDoll and HeatherDoll in same style shoe but a different color. I think it's great that they both match dresses so well.

The bonnets are even reversible! As you can see I turned the orange flowered bonnet inside out so it was orange on outside and floral print inside! So cool you can do that!

And of course I had to add some black and white photos too! I think they look so neat!
Thanks again Frann! You're the best!!!

Better run! Early morning tomorrow! Will be posting more and better photos of all the outfits because they are so top notch and cute as a button! 

Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Makeovers! A Box Of eBay Dolls Get Makeovers!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

As you may have noticed, what with all the re-wigging of dolls lately and all, fixing up dolls who've been mistreated is one of my favorite things to do... 

Normally I find my "makeover" dolls at thrift stores or garage sales... On eBay, even a doll with a "price" of 99cents is going to cost around $10 to ship. When you can get a brand new doll for around $25, it's kind of hard to spend about half that for a doll in bad shape.

However... When you buy a "lot" of dolls, it can make more sense. Including shipping, I paid about $8.50 each for these dolls. That's a tiny bit more than I generally like to pay at thrift stores but... 

One of the dolls was a Disney 18inch and I've wanted one for a long time... She cleaned up really nice!

Her hair was a mess and she was pretty dirty when she arrived.

One of the other dolls was a TollyTot. TollyTot dolls sadly aren't made anymore... But they are lovely. My very first 18inch doll was, in fact, a TollyTot my daughter had gotten at a Garage Sale but never played with. She became my "fit model" and so will always be a favorite doll. 

I already have a blonde TollyTot that looks almost like this ones twin... Only difference is this one has bangs. So, it had to happen... I wanted a TollyTot to be the next doll I sent to my friend Frann and this one was perfect! Another twin doll!

There was also an OG that is one I was looking for. My daughter has wanted a "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" doll for a while and this one is a dead ringer. So she will be Buffy. 

The only doll I didn't know much about was this one. You may not believe this but she was so horribly designed and her hair was such a trainwreck, she went right into the Goodwill box. Her hair kind of "fell apart" when you touched it... Very weird. Her body couldn't pose and her face sculpt wasn't really to my taste enough to consider a body swap... So, see? I don't have to own ALL the dolls. LOL

They turned out great!! Buffy is lovely... Took a lot of brushing and cleaning but I love her! Need to get her more "Buffy" like outfit and some wood stakes. Haha.

The Disney doll turned out fantastic!! Isn't she pretty??

And the TollyTot cleaned up really nicely too...!

In case you were counting... Yes, there is one more doll I didn't mention from the doll lot. She was a 1998 Battat with hair that was not salvageable at all. So, as was my plan when I bought the lot, she was going to be used for a body transplant for a doll who's face sculpt I adore but who's body is subpar in its not being able to pose or look nice in clothes. So stay tuned for another body transplant post soon!

Till next time!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

City Park Visit for Dollies!

Hi Doll Friends!

On the way home from Ball Field, we passed the city park... 

Most of the dolls were too tired fell playing hard at the ball field but Sonali, Heather and Frann wanted to explore the park a bit.

They stopped in the gazebo to take a few photos. It was so pretty!

Frann looked over and saw the bridge and said "We have to go look at that after a few photos here!"

They climbed up on the banisters to get good photos. 

It was such a peaceful spot!

So green!

They found a huge boulder on way to bridge and stopped for a photo...

How cool! Frann and Heather both love bridges!

They make for such great pictures!

See what I mean?

That was all we had time and energy for... The heat got to us and so we all piled back into the jeep and went home for a cool drink in the air conditioning!

Till next time!

Dollies Visit the Ball Field!

Hi Doll Friends!

Well, it's the last day of our stay-cation! It's been a lot of fun! I've wanted to do more outdoor doll photography but it's hard to find the time when the light is good. So part of my wanting to stay close to home for the break is so I could take the time to take the Dollies on a few adventures... One place I've always wanted to take them is the beautiful ball fields we have in our town.

Here's the gang that went! When I mentioned where I was headed, Josh and Joe wanted to tag along too... Not sure if it was my imagination but I am pretty sure I may have heard them all singing "Take me out to the ballgame..." as we were driving there.

Frann said "Come on guys! Let's go look around!!"

The day was hot but clear skies... Perfect day to check out the ball park.

"Look at the row flags! How pretty!"

Hi girls!! Frann and Heather decided to dress "similar"... They both have cute doggies on their shirt and are wearing skirts. So much fun living in the Doll House with your best friends! It's like a slumber party all the time. Eh?

Josh and Joe wanted to go exploring but Heather asked Josh to pause for a photo first!

Lilly, Sueretta and Calla all dressed in their favorite new outfits to... Can't go wasting a reason to wear cute ensembles!

Sonali and Joe stopped for a photo before they all ran off to go play on the playground equipment. We forgot to photo them playing because no one wanted to stop for photos. They all had such a great time on their little "ball field trip" and all agreed it would have to be a place to visit again!

Till next time!!