Sunday, July 3, 2016

More Thrift Shop Doll Discoveries and Makeovers!

Greetings Doll Friends! 

We went into town on Saturday and I went by two of my favorite thrift shops. Low and behold, at New Life Thrift (my favorite thrift shop in all the world for good reason!) I found not one but two 18" dolls!

They were in pretty rough shape but it was mostly just dirt and I knew they'd clean up well.

This is a Pottery Barn Gotz doll and an Our Generation doll.

The Gotz had some sort of white stuff (paint?) on her forehead and unfortunately her gorgeous hair had been cut in front and would be impossible to save. Shame because the hair on these dolls is top notch!

The Our Gen also had her hair cut but I think it's not so bad that I'll have to give her new hair...

They were $4.95 each. Not the best price I have ever paid but less than shipping would've been on one doll from eBay for both dolls. So, pretty good!

Not to mention the OG doll had on this cute dress.

They write the prices on things at this store with china marker. It's like a wax crayon... It will come off but with a lot of elbow grease. I wouldn't mind if they'd price things with stickers but that's how they've always done it.

They were so dirty. Whenever I find dolls like this I can't help but think "Who would DO this to a doll?!" But then I recall that some people see them as no different than other toys and I guess I get it. Still hard to see! That's one reason I love rescuing them from thrift stores. So I can give them back their dignity! Haha. 

The OG dolls hair was in really good shape other than the cut in bangs.

So was the Gotz but since they'd sheared off the front, it'd have to go!

The OG was incredibly dirty! I seriously think she might have been run over by a bike or something? She also had this small hole in her torso.

I performes surgery and stitched her up. She has a scar but better than a hole!

Here she is, all cleaned up and wearing a dress.

Here I am about to cut hair off Gotz. Was painful! But had to happen... I tried three wigs on her...

The first one was ok...

The second was my favorite! She will keep this one on until I get another one for her in same style and color because it's perfect! This wig is pretty but has not been treated well (it came in a bag of doll wigs I got at a Thrift Store a while ago...) and so I plan to replace it. But it looks great!! 

I tried this one on too... But 1) I plain liked the black wig better and 2) this wig almost seemed too small for her...? Which is odd because I thought Gotz and OG and AG heads were nearly identical in size. Who knew? So when I order her a new black wig, I think I'll order it in 11/12 instead of 10/11. 

She does look cute enough in it too though. By way, I have like five of these wigs because I get them for 99c plus $5 shipping sometimes and that's hard to pass up! When a $2 thrift shop doll needs new hair, it's hard to want to spend $25 on a new wig for them! You know what I mean?

However Gotz dolls are $100 new and so spending a bit more for a wig for her won't bug me as much. 

Do you agree the black wig with bangs is best or do you like one of others better? 

It's the 4th of July today which means lazy day off work... Hoping to get some more doll projects done! Cleaned out my dolls space yesterday, some, and sorted things. Always nice to get more organized! 

Happy Independence Day! 
Till next time!

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  1. I agree the black wig with bangs. Sometimes dolls pictures look different from the one that we see with the eyes. Gotz doll has the wide forehead on the picture. Bangs covers it and makes her cuter.