Saturday, July 9, 2016

"Our Gen" Clothes on eBay: A Review!!

Hi Doll Friends!!
As I wrote about here, I recently came across what seemed to be currently styled OG Clothes on eBay! Intrigued, I'd bought about three sets and they arrived and were lovely. One thing about eBay though is that not all auctions are created equal. Some of the items arrived a little bit less than perfect...

Don't get me wrong, some of what came was top notch and cute as a button too!! Such as this ensemble I had to immediately dress Frann in because she is who I imagined wearing it when I bought it. It's so fashion forward and classy. Perfect. 

The outfit on the right is from two of the items that arrived, for instance. The skirt is in perfect shape and so is yellow jacket other than it missing it's buttons. 

Here is the way they arrived. All in plastic bag by ensemble as they were purchased. All looked pretty up and up... Until I opened a few of them... To find flaws...

All in all they were pretty great. Some of them were mighty wrinkled but a trip across the ocean in a plastic bag will do that to a garment and so no harm, no foul. Mostly I am delighted with the separate pieces... As separates, they are going to make some really cute outfits when paired with items from my rather expansive doll wardrobe. (Not trying to sound braggy there, I am 43 years old and dolls are my thing... LOL It's just a fact). I only mention it because while I am going to find some fun outfits out of all of this, together as a group, it'd be tricky to find things that looked 'correct' together. I mention it in case a Grandma is out there wanting to buy a fast wardrobe for her granddaughter or whatever. This would be a good way but also buy a plain white tshirt or two to go with it and it'll work out fine. 

I hung all of them on what used to be my doll bed... "Used to be my doll bed?? What happened to it?" I got a new one! Post to come soon! But the old doll bed made a perfect little 'closet' to show you what I got before I took it down stairs to become a shoe rack again in my daughters room. Isn't it nice that it was my doll bed for years but with the removal of a few zip ties, it goes back to its original purpose...? Neat! Anyway back to the clothes...

So as you can see, I got some pretty nifty items and quite a lot of them...Aren't they cute? 

I love most of them!

See, here are the wrinkles I mentioned... And... the flaws...

This top looks like it got wiped on the bottom of a warehouse floor or something.... It's on the inside of the lapel and will likely come out? But it's pretty filthy...

And the adorable coat has a bad stain... Again, might come out? 

This top had a wierd flaw... Both velcros are the 'soft' kind and so it won't stick as it has no 'loop' type. I just tucked it into the skirt and the top closure works so... It works ok.... But it's a flaw. 

Both these items had flaws.... but interestingly enough that there are two of them...! I only ordered one? It was in same bag so I presume when they pulled the lots to make the auctions, they accidentally grabbed two yellow jackets and put them in the bag. So... Flawed but bonus? I have buttons so that's fixable...

This bummed me out though... A hole!! In blue and white shirt. Bummer! I must add though that I contacted the seller and they say they are sending replacements!! I sent them photos of flaws of course. So... Hopefully it's only a temporary setback and will be set to rights!! So my 'review' of them is to say that they really are the top notch OG items you'd normally get at the store but generally matched up oddly in ensembles, a bit wrinkled and with a flaw here and there that, if you tell seller about, they will send a replacement for. So... All in all, a pretty good deal!! If you're looking to bulk up your dolly clothes wardrobe on a budget, this might just work for you. Just don't expect them to be as perfect as if you picked them up at the local store!

Have had a chacne to review this dress yet but it's SO CUTE!!

This was so nice! They had covers on the sticky side of velcro to keep it from snagging garment! So that and some of the others were all top notch in that regard!


Frann looks so cute and happy in her new duds!!

Better run! I said I'd blog until 10AM and it's 10:05AM!
Till next time!

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  1. Hi! Heather, all clothes look good. And thank you for giving Frann Doll the first chance to put on them. I feel that I were in front of the hut with beautiful garden.
    How could you adjust the hems of both sides of pink outfit? Cannot find the unmatching part.
    I finished one of office work that had had on the brain for days, which means I can enjoy all weekend reading your posting. LOL.