Sunday, July 3, 2016

New Photography Background for Doll House!

Hi Doll Friends!

Since getting that flag of the beach scenes I started thinking of "backgrounds" for dolls... Where to get more? Because as much as I'd like to get out to all manner of amazing locals for my doll photos, the reality is that it's oftentimes hard to create the right setting! Getting the time, the right weather and light, having the family not be mortified by your taking photos while out with them, having to take your dolls out to different places and possibly get them dirty or damaged, fighting the bugs and wind etc etc etc... You see what I mean! It is all enough to make doll backgrounds of beautiful settings very appealing!

So I start to research... In no time at all I've discovered that, to my delight, I am not only one who wishes for something like that... Photographers of "real people" want great backgrounds too! Awesomeness!

There are SO MANY COOL ONES! This was my first choice. I thought it could pretendingly be the outside of the doll house! Or maybe a cottage for Josh and me to go on Honeymoon after our Vow Renewal? Isn't it fabulous! As you can see it only cost like $5.00 and it's a pretty nice sturdy vinyl. I attached it with clothes pins to top of a presentation board and it works like a charm. 

Better run and get ready for church!
Till next time!


  1. Wow! Background view looks real.
    You are also beautiful and you an Josh are perfect couple.

  2. Heather this is so lovely. What is the name of the eBay seller? Thanks.

    1. Hi Loretta!!
      I searched high and low on eBay to try and find an active listing for this background and only was able to locate one via a 'completed items' search! But the seller was same on both of them and I imagine once they get back from vacation they'll list some more. It really is a cute background! I loved the Lord of the Rings books! :) Here is link I found (mind you it's for completed listing but it will get you the listers name and description)