Saturday, February 27, 2016

New PJs from Marigold Market for Doll Slumber Party!

Hi Doll Friends!

It's been a pretty long time since I set up a 'doll room' and I haven't at all before in our new house with the 'bedroom' scene. It was all sun shiny outside today! Good light! It felt like summer! So I had energy to do something. Hmmm... Laundry? Housework? Dolls? Dolls! So... Afraid my real house took backseat. 

My inspiration came when I bought a new set of PJs at 40% off at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago.

Sorry for bad light! But this is the set. So I thought "I need to set up a slumber party scene!" So I needed to re-dress a bunch of participants into PJs... I have quite a selection of PJs and that was kind of fun! 

My first thought about pjs was that pants waist would never fit on! It looks too small for my wrist!

But after I got it on the doll, it looks pretty good and stretched fine to fit.

I like that the robe is lined to avoid any dye transfer. Nice. 

Here you see it modeled by Kathy standing with the other slumber party attendees. All in all a nice set although the shoes didn't fit this particular doll.

The dolls were all so excited! Ghost stories! Doing each other's hair! Playing with the doll house! Fun!

Going over agenda!

Party in full swing! 

Some times you just need to listen to some tunes by yourself.

Or read a book with a friend. 

That's it for now doll friends! 
Till next time!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Dollie Needs A New Pair Of Shoes! Ten Pair Set by Lotus

Hello Doll Friends!

So I was browsing Amazon the other day... Searching under "18inch doll accessories"... When what do I see but this:

Ten pairs of doll shoes for $25!?! The normal price is listed as $50 so they were half off! (Not sure if "sale" price is all the time or not?)

Pretty simple packaging. 

Manufactured by Lotus. I have two dolls by them!

Here are Crystal and Poppi wearing the sling backed flats. I only had time to take a few photos after opening package. There are a couple of different shoe sizes in package. Some fit Journey Girl slim feet and some fit American Girl or Our Generation doll feet or somewhere in between like these two little ladies.

The little garden clogs looked great with Seane's yoga outfit!

More soon on the other pairs! Hopefully we will get some sunny weather today and I can get some outdoor photos!

In a totally unrelated story, Alejandra has been really enjoying babysitting the baby dolls since she arrived. She saw me snapping photos of the girls in new shoes and asked me to snap a few of her with her favorite babies!

That's it for now Doll Friends!
Till next time!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Barnes and Noble Espari 18inch Dolls and Clothing Sets

Hi Doll Friends!

I stopped into Barnes and Noble this weekend too. Wanted to see if they had the Espari line of dolls on the shelves or just online. 

Was excited to see they have the clothing play sets as well! I love them! I couldn't decide for sure which I wanted or I probably would've bought one. They are $19.99 each. More than I generally pay for doll clothes but theirs are neat in that they can create multiple looks with one set. 

For instance this Summertime Fun set can make all these different looks:

See? The overall shorts are even reversible! I was torn between that set and this one:

Cos look at that cool "leather" jacket and boots! There are lots of sets!

Naturally they had the dolls too! Was fun to see them all "in person"!

I only photographed the ones I don't own. 

Yet! This one will be my next one! Isn't she lovely? Love her cute red sweater outfit too!

They also had a few other hair accessory kits but I forgot to take a picture of them. I am pretty sure I'll be getting one of the two outfit sets I like soon! If I can't buy dolls, might as well outfit the ones I have a home with some cool new duds.

Gotta get my day started... Never enough time! Till next time!

New Disney Princess And Me 18inch Cinderella

Hi Doll Friends!!

Long time, no post! So sorry. Can't account for reasons other than February and it's "dragging-myself-along-till-Spring" nature. More than half way through now! Thank Heavens!

So as you may recall, I've given up buying dolls for Lent. That doesn't stop me from looking! I went into town yesterday evening for a meeting and on way figured I'd stop in at ToysRUs... I mean, can't hurt to look right? Also, I am fasting buying dolls, I said nothing of doll clothes or accessories! Ha!

So I round corner to where the 18inch dolls usually are and what do I see but this:

Uh oh! I am being tested! LOL Kidding. Isn't she gorgeous though?! I have a few a Disney Princess and Me Dolls; Belle, Rapunzel, Aurora and Ariel. They are really beautiful dolls! Not my favorite variety because I find their bodies to be a bit too fragile. My Aurora's leg broke off just from gentle play and for a $50 doll, that's crazy. Being an adult collector though, I can buy fragile dolls if I want to! *stamps foot* Haha.

So she will be on my wish list! Not sure I'll ever want to pay "new" price for her (all my other Disney Princess dolls have been found 2nd hand for $10 or less) but I'll be looking for her.... 

More soon friends! I have loads of photos in camera and ideas in mind... But gotta slug through last bit of February and I am sure I'll rally back to a higher energy level! Hope this finds you having a wonderful day!


Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Photos By Request For Frann

Hi Doll Friends!

February generally sucks the life out of me... Every year I forget how much it affects me until I get round to it again. Am sure I haven't mentioned it before here but I was diagnosed with bipolar and PTSD about five years ago after stuffering from their effects most of my life. It was good, being diagnosed, because it's helped me to figure out why I have struggled and helped me start to heal. Mostly I consider myself in "remission". However, February is a tough month for it for some reason. It's the same month I went into the hospital for it four years ago this month... So... My point is, February isn't really my month. 

All that being said, the sunny days, when they come, help lift my spirits out of the pits. Today, it is sunny! So, I remembered Frann requesting I take more sunny naturally lit photos and decided to take a few dolls out and take some! So, my beautiful friend Frann, here are some photos just for you!

The group. From left to right by type/brand: Our Generation, Tolly Tot, Our Gen, HeartsForHearts, Kmart brand doll (can't think name?) American Girl and Famosa Nancy. 

And playing with filters:

Here you can see the shadow of my hands and more of the porch of my house.

That's it for now friends!
Till next time!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Beautiful Day for Photo's!

Hi Doll Friends!

It was really nice out today... In the 50s with clear sky and no wind. So after I was done working for day, after I picked up kids from school, I took a few dolls out on the front porch for photos in the natural light.

Here is my three most recent Journey Girls with my only Karito Kid (tallest one)

And in black and white...

My two Battat Little Ones and Journey Girl Mikaella.

Chatting after photos...

That's it for now! Gotta go eat pie with my daughter!


Playing with photo filters