Friday, November 24, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Doll Friends!!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with great food and lots of loved ones!! Sorry this isn't posting until Black Friday... I tried all day yesterday to get it to post and just didn't get it to go. Speaking of Black Friday, do you shop for it? I am much too crowd averse to try it myself especially now that there is the internet and I can usually get nearly as good as deals online as I can in stores. A lot of people love it though, all the fighting crowds and everything. If you're one of those, have a great time!! Or if you're like me, enjoy your shopping from your couch!


Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Doll Clothes Upcycles From The Sewing Machine

Hi Doll Friends!!

I just found this post in my drafts.. I guess I forgot to ever come finish it. I am not sure if I've told the story about why I started this little doll blog recently or at all? One of the big reasons is that in late 2013, the year my dear daughter was at the height of her American Girl Doll love. At the time though, I was still a stay at home Mom. So suffice to say that funds were a bit tighter back then. So I set out to find a way to dress my daughters dollies in style without breaking the bank. That's when I discovered the idea of upcycling doll clothes from baby and childrens clothes. I have made them off and on since then... Sewing is just one small aspect of my doll hobby and I only have so much time so I ususually go through a huge sewing jag and then don't touch a needle for six months or more. Haha. Recently I was inspired by some upcycling I saw on a Doll Group on Facebook. So I pulled out my rather huge bag of 'items to be upcycled' and set to work. Before I knew it, I had an entire Fashion Show of Upcycled Doll Clothes

So this is a post to show you a bit of the 'behind the scenes' in creating the items... I won't likely go in to a step by step procedure because I've explained how to do it in my prior posts so if you have any questions at all, just holler!

One of my favorite recently made items was made from a 'Childs Place' skort in size 5/6girls. It made two dresses actually... One for the AG or OG type of doll and one for the JG type (Slimmer). I love the bright colors!

Here is Hemalayaa modeling it. Isn't she pretty! I love how it came together with the jeans jacket.

I made this one over into a twinsey skirt to this one  I made a long time ago.... Again I was able to make two... Although one of them was for the smaller 14 inch dolls like Heart For Hearts

Another skirt made over into a doll skirt. I love the Hello Kitty motif!

This wild child dress made me smile.... I was pretty easy to make over...

See it modeled below by Leanne Doll? It's so perfect for her! 

This skirt was also enough to make two dresses... One for AG or OG type of doll and one for JG type. 

Here are Emily Anne and Sharon modeling the two dresses I made out of it. (Saila is in the middle modeling another upcycled skirt...)

So, if you need clothes for your dollies and are on a budget, run by a local thrift store and see if you can find a few cute kids clothes to make over. Or ask around! A lot of people have them stashed in some plastic bin in their garage awaiting a garage sale... Ask on your Facebook and I bet you'll have a few people say they'd let you come take a look and buy a few? Newborn baby clothes are usually always in good shape because they only wear them for like a week. Haha.

Better run!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Drawing to Win an American Girl Doll Tshirt and Leggings!!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends,

Recently I put an order into American Girl Doll and got a couple of pretty red American Girl Doll Tshirts for a good price... I chose the Tshirt that says American Girl Kansas City because that was the closest location to where I live. Since it was such a good price, I actually bought three! One of them I purchased with the plan of using it as a drawing prize! I also recently went on a bit of a doll leggings buying blitz on eBay. Well, I decided one pair of the leggings would be set aside to go with the tshirt in the drawing. Here are Frann Doll and Heather Doll modeling the tshirts and leggings I have. I decided not to give away a pair of leggings with flags all over them because I didn't think that would be a style that would please a broad range of people. So, I chose a pattern that I thought would also look cute with the top. 

So below is the tshirt and leggings that the drawing is for... Both new in package and of course the hanger is included as well so you'll have a way to hang up your new top! 

How do you enter drawing? Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy!! Just like last time, you just go and 'like' the PCR American Doll House Facebook Page and share the post there about the contest on your own Facebook page. That's it, super easy!

 I will draw the name of the contest winner on Sunday November 26, 2017 at  6:00PM CST.
*Contest only open to people in the United States or APO addresses due to postage costs!!*
(Sorry international readers, I only have so much money to devote to my little blog here)

Good Luck!! And remember, I plan to do a drawing every month so keep checking back to my blog here for details!

Have a fantastic day!

Friday, November 17, 2017

New Our Generation Accessory Sets At Target!!

Happy Friday Doll Friends!

I went by Target recently and noticed a few new accessory sets!! I want one of each of them of course. Haha! Maybe someday. 

Have a fantastic weekend! I plan to launch another drawing next week... I meant to this week but just got too busy and didn't get it accomplished. So stay tuned for that!

Till next time!



Thursday, November 16, 2017

Clock For The Doll House From Thrift Store!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

Perhaps you noticed in my recent posting about Doll Leggings that the grandfather clock that normally adorns the Doll House living room had changed. In it's place is this:

Clock that really works that I got for only $5.00 at my local thrift store!! Believe it or not, I literally walked around the store deliberating if I should buy it. I already have the other clock... How many clocks does a Doll House need afterall... But in the end, obviously, I decided I couldn't leave it there. So I moved the grandfather clock into Heather's Bedroom. Which is Heather's room? You can see in the first photo of Sasha in this post. I am sure I have other photos of the room in other posts but that was the first one I found easily... It's also in this post about the Doll Tea Partyand many other posts... Teehee). I just thought this clock matched the living room better. Isn't it fabulous??

Better run!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

More eBay Clothes Steals! Leggings In The Doll House!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

As I have mentioned in a previous post or twice or maybe even three times... eBay can be a great source for inexpensive doll clothes if you know how to go about bidding on them... As I've mentioned before, the key is to bid on a ton of different auctions... I am going to be lazy and copy and paste how I go about it from a prior post. Teehee.

Well the trick is to play with your search engines... Enter in "18 inch doll clothes" or "American Girl Doll Clothes" then tweak your search to "Auction" only and "Lowest to Highest" for your sort. It should bring up a plethora of doll clothes starting at as low as a penny for the initial bid price. Then, the trick to winning them for the beginning price (or within a few pennies of it) is to go and bid on every single dress you like even if it's six days out. Then... wait. It's kind of like fishing. I generally bid on like 20-30 different dresses and end up with about five or six that make it through at the initial bid price. Now the caveat is that you could very well get 'stuck' with all the dresses you bid on... But honestly I wasn't worried about it because for $1.00 each, I'll buy all I can get. They'd make great gifts! So that's it... That's how you get doll clothes on eBay for next to nothing. 

So recently I caught the eBay bug because there were seemingly new items being offered that weren't available a couple of years ago, the last time I went 'fishing' for good deals on eBay... Here is an example of what I got and how much I paid:

As you can see, I was willing to go a bit over $1.00 on a couple of items. But check out the leggings I got for 20cents!!! And the PJs for 61cents!! Isn't that amazing!!?

The PJ's are adorable too! Here is Handra in them from a prior post... They really are pretty good quality considering how much I paid!

I got a bit of an assortment of things in this first 'wave' of auctions won. I wanted to check out the quality of each 'type' of item before I went all in. I was pleased with most of it but what really made me smile were the leggings!! They were so cute!! Notice how much I got them for! As little as 20cents! Shipped! It almost feels like I am getting away with robbery... But it's there for sale and I am just buying it. Right?

So after getting the first few shipped less than the price of a postage stamp, I went a bit crazy and bid on a ton of them... And I waited. 

And as you can see, my fishing paid off. I got so many cute ones for nearly nothing. I need to go 'fishing' again soon.... These would make amazing gifts!!!

I really do think they are great. So... You say 'Auctions are not my thing... I prefer to just buy things without all the hassle..." Well, if you don't mind paying a bit more, you can find them on BuyItNow if you know how to tweak your searches for what you're looking for. Notice how many of the descriptions say "n135" or "N621" (see below) in their descriptions? Well, when you see a pattern of leggings you like, look for that number in it's description. Then, put that number along with American Girl into the search engine and bam! Up comes probably ten of that same item for sale... And usually a few of them will be BuyItNow. 

The ones above were all found that way, with their item number in the search. I really liked the pattern on them and so I wanted a 'sure thing'... And also examples of two different ways to get good deals on Dolly Clothes on eBay. Maybe you already knew how to do all this but... I've talked to several people who are often shocked when I tell them how little I pay for certain doll clothes and so maybe it's not as common knowledge as it should be. Teehee. I am here to educate doll lovers everywhere how to outfit their dollies in style on a budget! Haha. 

I really loved how some of the leggings paired up with the upcycled baby onesies I made recently... So, the oufit that Eunju is wearing (above left) cost a total of 45cents. I got the baby onesie at a Garage Sale this summer for a quarter and the leggings were 20cents. Awesomeness, eh?!

You may have noticed a couple of the pairs of leggings when Frann and Heather Doll went to the park if you saw the video on YouTube. I got the first pair for 46cents and then went and found a buy it now for the second... I knew they'd be adorable with the tops I got from American Girl recently. So each of these outfits were like $5! I love it.

The only caveat about these great eBay deals is you need to give them a few weeks to arrive... So if you're looking to give some away for Christmas, you'll want to order them soon so they'll be sure and be here in time!

Better run!