Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year!!

Hi Doll Friends!!

Happy New Year!!


Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Recent Goodwill Sights and Our Generation Finds!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

I haven't posted a 'thrift store sightings' in a while... I've been trying not to go quite as often so I don't end up having to buy a new house in order to store my dolls. Haha. So the following are the items I saw and left right there for someone else to find as their treasures. 

This doll stayed there. 

This wheelburrow stayed there. Cute though right?

This cute Disney Princess and Me doll stayed there. I used to have several of them in my collection but they are currently in a box in my basement slated to be gotten rid of. They are pretty but despite being 18inch dolls, they are much slimmer and so it's one more kind of doll clothes and... Well.. You know. The desk stayed too! That was kind of hard because it's cute... But I have three student desks! 

More Our generation gals... I nearly bought the one on the right for her cute dress but talked myself out of it because I've gotten a ton of doll clothes recently.

This gal isn't my 'type' of doll but she was too pretty not to take a photo of so I could show ya'll. Such a beautiful face!

Oh, this bed was so cute!! I put it in my cart for a few minutes even. But I have like seven beds including my bunk beds and so.... I left it there. But I did buy a few things... Teehee...

I bought this Our Generation Amya because I had her on my wish list for quite some time as a new doll... I love her white hair with turquoise highlights! She was only $1.99. Sadly, after getting her home, I realized that she'd been poorly treated and like half her hair had been pulled out. Rats. Her hair was the whole reason I liked her...

Then I found these two. I cleaned up the Madame Alexander doll and sent her on to Frann. I stole the outfit off the Our Generation doll because it's so cute. I re-donated the doll... (I know... How horrible to steal her clothes and take her back.... But I have so many dolls!!)

The very next week after I found the first Amya with most of her hair pulled out who did I happen to find again?

This one's hair was still in its original bands and so after I combed it out, it's perfect! She's nearly new! So I donated the other Amya back to Goodwill. 

See? Her original hair band was still attached! Crazy! Only $1.99! Score!

Maybe you noticed her already? She did some modeling in this post about my last drawing.

She's so pretty! 

Better run!

Bumbleberry Girls 14 inch Dolls By Lotus!!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

Recently I've been on a bit of a 14inch doll kick... Since American Girl released Wellie Wishers, other doll manufacturers have decided to get in on the market too. I heard that Lotus, one of my favorite doll manufacturers came out with one... But I'd never seen it in person? 

So when I saw the Lotus Dolls at TJ Max last week I looked very carefully and, low and behold, there was only one but... I found one!! She was literally the only one there and I didn't even pause, I bought her. She was $16.99. 

She is so cute! She is built more like a Battat Little Friends than Wellie Wishers and Glitter Girls because they have a soft torso. More on her soon in an upcoming post!

Have a great day!

UPDATE April 9, 2018:

Hi Doll Friends!

I just realized I never really did a full review of this doll to show you what she's like... I just got a new Bumbleberry Doll so I'll do one sometime soon. Wanted to update this post to say that this little lady was named Juliessa after a young woman I know in my real life. Isn't it a beautiful name?


Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas!!!!

Merry Christmas Doll Friends!!

I hope you and yours have a peaceful, joyful and beautiful Christmas Day!!

Much Love!

Friday, December 22, 2017

Sophia's Doll Clothes Sets From Amazon 100K Celebration Gift!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

So... I mentioned a few days ago that my sweet sister friend Frann bought us a new twinsy doll to celebrate the blog reaching 100K hits. Well, my husband is also a great supporter of my writing this blog and wanted to buy me a celebration gift too. He told me I could pick out whatever doll or doll items I wanted and gave me a budget of $100ish. I've kind of gotten a lot of new dolls recently and so I decided to poke around Amazon with the '18 inch doll' search and I happened upon something I'd not seen before... Hmmmm? Sophia's little 'wardrobe' sets? How have I missed these before? I've bought a few Sophia's doll items before; the Banana Split Set and Doll hanger set and was pleased with the quality of both of them. The hanger set included a pair of doll panties and they were really nice and my favorite doll hair brush also came in that set. So... When I saw these little doll clothes sets with what was virtually a whole wardrobe in one (think packing for a vacation) and each of them was really reasonably priced! What?

Naturally now that I'm coming to tell you about them the prices have gone up? But I was able to get all four sets for $105 and so I ordered all four sets I found. Yes... I know... But: "Nothing exceeds like excess." right? As you can see, I've had them since December 5th... I wanted to get here to tell you about them weeks ago so perhaps you could've gotten them as gifts for Christmas for the Doll Lover in your life (even if it's yourself) but sadly December has been running me a bit ragged this year and I just didn't get the photos of my dollies modeling the clothes for you until now. I need a clone. Haha. I suppose everyone does this time of year. The holidays are lovely but oh so much to do! Anyway, so here are the sets I got:

Mix and Match Fall Set by Sophia's

Spring Into Summer Set by Sophia's

Fifteen Piece Doll Clothing Set with Accessories

Pretty In Pink Doll Dress Up Set

So quite a lot of clothes for $105.00! Especially considering one outfit from American Girl Doll can cost like $35.00! One set even came with Ice Cream Cones! How fun!

So here are some of the dollies from the Doll House modeling the clothes. I didn't put the ensembles together exactly as they were pictured in the Amazon photos and added some of my own accessories and sometimes other clothes items to make the outfits complete... What can I say, I don't like to copy cat other peoples ideas on how to wear a garment. Haha.

You may notice that the outfit in the middle here was in two of the sets... So I am planning on sending that one off to my sister friend Frann when I send on her Girls and Co. doll! So naturally my Lorilai is modeling it for you! 

 I wanted to show you some of the accessories that came with the sets more closely so, here they are:

See the ice creams? See her glasses?

Then there were also sunglasses, a little flowered purse/glasses case, a pink glasses case and two paper Sophia napkins. Pretty cute accessories!

The only item I didn't like was in one set, there is a black polka dot skirt and I thought it was made rather poorly and was a bit flimsy. Also, a few of the tops had to be put on over the dolls head and I think that would be hard to do for a child. Otherwise I think the quality and mix-and-match possibilities with even one set make these sets a great deal even if you have to pay a bit more for them than I did. They aren't perhaps as good a quality as Our Generation or Amerian Girl doll clothes but if you're looking for a set or two of clothes that would give your little girls doll a fun little mix and match wardrobe? One or two of these would fit the bill rather nicely.

Have to run!