Thursday, October 19, 2017


Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

Recently when I was watching of my favorite YouTube channels about dolls I found a review of a new kind of 18inch doll! What?!? I was intrigued to say the least. So off I went to look for the doll and low and behold a few of my other doll related YouTube channels also had reviews! So I watched them all and decided I needed to bring one of these beautiful dolls home to the Doll House!

The line of dolls is called Starpath Dolls. They are actually 18.5 inches, which is a neat difference I think since actual people are all manner of different heights. Eh? They come with a book, kind of like American Girl dolls but with one huge difference. The books you get with these dolls can be customized to your (or your child's) own names and favorites so it is a story all about you! Awesomeness!!

As luck would have it, my husband, ever one to spoil me, handed me a gift card last weekend! Some guys bring flowers... my husband knows I prefer dolls! But he has lost track of which I own and so gifts me with money instead... He's the best! Ironically enough it was for nearly the exact price point of the Starpath dolls! So, as I am sure you can imagine, I had one ordered lickety-split! 

When I ordered her I assumed it'd be a couple of weeks before I got her since the book would need to be made... So imagine my surprise and delight to find her waiting for me on my front porch at lunch time yesterday! Super fast shipping! Amazon couldn't have even gotten her here quicker! Well done Starpath dolls!

Wednesday's are my busiest day of the week really because after work we go to church. Our church is an hour away... So by time we get home it's late and I am much too tired to "doll". So I only was able to get her out of box and take a couple of photos of her! I am hoping today the weather will be nice and I can get some more photos because she is so beautiful!! She seems to be really well made too! I'll look her over more closely today after work and compare her to a couple of other standard 18inch dolls like American Girl, Our Generation, MyLifeAs and Journey Girls. I've needed to do a side by side comparison for a while now anyway. So I'll try and get that done soon!

Better run! Happy Friday Eve!



Sunday, October 15, 2017

New Springfield Dolly

Hi Doll Friends!!

So last week I got a 50% off coupon in the mail from Micheal's... So last Thursday after work I stopped in... You know, just to look around and see what they had... Low and behold, they had a Springfield Madison Doll on the shelf! I've wanted to get a Madison for over a year but every time I'd stop in I either 1) didn't see her or 2) didn't have the money to spare at the time. Thursday night I happened to have $20 of Doll Mad Money and so, as you may imagine, Madison came home with me. How could I not buy her when she was only $13.20? 


When I first started collecting 18inch dolls, I kind of thought of Springfield dolls as inferior to other brands... Maybe it's because their hair quality is not really all that great. Or rather, the hair is ok but there's just not a lot of it. So the two Springfield dolls I own have both gotten wigs. They've both had a few different wigs actually before I finally found the "right" one and glued them on. One of them, Olivia, became my Kevin Doll and the other, Maria, renamed Gebhardt, new wig with braids and bangs and some new freckles. However, after collecting for a while now and comparing brands against one another based on price and quality, I've come to really respect the Springfield Doll line for what it is: good quality dolls and accessories for reasonable prices. Other than their hair (which, considering price point, isn't horrible, just thin) they really are pretty nifty dolls. So, I decided a while ago I'd get more Springfield dolls, with Madison being my first "next" wanted.   So I was stoked to finally find her!

When I got her home and out of the box I was distressed to find she had a "scar" on the tip of her nose! The boxes they package them in aren't all that sturdy and apparently her nose got crushed up against the front of her box and left a little "scar". I wasn't sure what I wanted to do...? When I find thrifted dolls they often have "scars" but it is because they've already been loved on, sometimes too much... But strait out of the box its harder to reconcile her already having a scar. On the other hand 1) I don't have time or opportunity to go to Micheal's all that often so returning her would be a big pain in production and 2) I kept thinking "what will they do with her?!" And coming back to that they'd likely 605 her! "605" is what Kmart used to call writing off broken or damaged merchandise when I worked there years ago and it stuck in my head. After they'd write it off, they'd throw it in the bin! Like, the trash! So, it pained me to know this little lady might end up there if I took her back just for the little scar on her nose. So I decided to keep her as is. It looks a little bit like a chicken pox scar and I know lots of people who have those. So, it'll just be an interesting detail in her pretty little face. 

I bought her with the intent of shearing off her hair and giving her a new wig since I still have two on the way to the house... However since the wigs weren't here yet I left it alone so I could take photos of her. During that process I kind of took a liking to how she looks with her original hair... so maybe she will keep it for a while? Who knows. I'm sure once I have wigs in hand and need a head to put them on, I might change my mind. We will see... LOL

Better run!

Have you entered this weeks drawing yet? See my last post for details!



Give Away Drawing For My Life As Doll Fiesta Accessories Set!!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends! 

As I promised when I posted my last drawing in September, I am going to at least try to have a drawing for an 18inch doll related item once a month here on the blog. For this month's drawing the prize will be this My Life As Doll Fiesta Set from Walmart. Back in August I found these sets for only $2.00 each and so I wiped them out. I sent one to my sister friend Frann and kept a couple of others (I wanted to have lots of Taco's in my Doll House cos I have lots of dolls!!). However, I knew that one of them was going to be set aside to be given away in a drawing. So... Here is your chance to win a little Fiesta Party for your own Doll House! 

How do you enter drawing? Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy!! Just like last time, you just go and 'like' the PCR American Doll House Facebook Page and share the post there about the contest on your own Facebook page. That's it, super easy!

 I will draw the name of the contest winner on Sunday October 22, 2017 at  6:00PM CST.
*Contest only open to people in the United States or APO addresses due to postage costs!!*
(Sorry international readers, I only have so much money to devote to my little blog here)

Here is Sueretta modeling the back of the blister package for us. 

And here are a couple of photos where you can see better detail of what's in the set. You get a pinata and some little candies to put into it, a pinata stick, two maracas, two tacos with removable 'stuffing', a pin the tail on donkey game with bandana and a little 'FIESTA' sign for your party! Fun! 

So good luck!! I hope this finds you having had a lovely weekend!


Friday, October 13, 2017

Penthouse Apartment For Frann Doll!

Hi Doll Friends!

So... I've been sort of finding some really great doll beds recently when I've been out thrifting. I used to have the idea that I'd only have one or two doll beds in the Doll House because of 'space' limitations. The way I have my Doll House set up/created, it's always on the floor of my doll room. So naturally that's always limited the space. My doll room is in the attic/loft room in our house and so the wall are all 'slanted'... So going with the shelf type Doll House hasn't ever been an option. However, recently I was looking at Our Generations Doll House and it occured to me that I might be able to go 'one story up' in my doll room... I think the OG house is kind of neat but honestly for play value, it's madly expensive. So I started thinking "What could I make a second floor out of?" My first thought was like a rolling cart but none of them were deep or wide enough and they were also wildly expensive. Then it hit me... A table! A folding table!! Then it's even portable! So I went to look.... I wanted one that had legs that were not too obtrusive so it wouldn't make the 'lower floor' rooms look goofy with big table legs coming down through them. I wasn't even sure they made such a table? But they do!! Not only that, the table I found was only $39.99! Comparted to $130, that's a bargain!

So I ordered the table and two days later it was on my doorstep. I love Amazon Prime!

See? Before I had the rooms on the floor... I liked that they were open from the top for photos because my doll rooms tend to be tall and ginormous but... I wanted a second floor. So...

This table is perfect!!!! It adjusts to 29inches tall and so the bottom 'floor' still has lots of light streaming in. That's one thing that always bothered me about the thought of doing multiple floors is that the bottom floors tend to be all 'dark'. But not if they are 29inches tall ceiling wise! 

At first I had it all as one room... But I dont' like the look of those legs coming down the middle of the room...

So I added a 'wall' (a cardboard display board from Dollar General that fits perfectly well under the 29inch table. I plan to use the other side of that room with the yellow bunkbeds as a small 'boys' room since I have so many boys in the doll house... 

I love how it came out and love that Frann Doll now has a penthouse apartment! I got the pink OG bed the same day I got her other new bed and just new it would be perfect for Frann's room so she could have over night guests if she wants!

I have to run!
Happy Friday!

Fall Slumber Party At The Doll House!

Hi Doll Friends!

After their class with Frann, some of the dolls decided to have a slumber party in the Doll House! They figured they could do some studying together and then tell fun stories before they fell asleep! If you'd like to see the fun in video form, check out the YouTube video here

Heather Doll ran to her room to grab a few things for overnight.

One of Heather Doll's favorite things are funky patterened socks... She has two drawers full of them! She decided to bring two pairs, just in case. Maybe someone else would forget theirs? 

All set! Even has her Julie Doll to bring with her!

They decided they'd all sleep in the Doll House Dorm Room so they could chat all night... 

Handra didn't plan to spend the night and so didn't have any PJs. No problem.

Heather Doll knew there was a brand new set in the locker just waiting to be worn. 


Tam wanted to spend the night but didn't have a way to get word to Patricia, her friend who was picking her up from class. So when Patricia arrived they came up with great idea that she should just stay and spend the night as well! Two more sets of PJs coming up!

"You're so sweet to lend us PJs!"

"My pleasure!! I am just glad you can stay for the party!"

Angela Doll finally arrived!! 

She was a bit late because she had to stop for the snacks!! 

Frann Doll read a book to everyone... She translated it all in Korean so they could hear how it would sound that way. She chose a book that she knew they'd know the story of "Oh The Places You'll Go" by Dr Suess. 

The girls were amazed at her ability to be able to read one language and speak another.... It inspired them to study their Korean Language even harder so they could maybe be fluent like Frann Doll in two languages too!

Soon enough everyone was tired and it was time to go to sleep! Aren't slumber parties the best!?

Better run!