Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Tolly Tot Doll Holly Loses A Leg!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

One of my favorite dolls had an accident! I am not really sure even what happened? I was walking by where she was hanging on the Doll Wall and Holly Doll's leg looked like it was 'wonky'? So I look closer and it's because her left leg has broken off! What?! No one ever touches or plays with my dolls except me and so I am perplexed what happened. I'd changed her recently and bent her legs but I didn't notice her leg breaking off...?

See? Totally broken off!

As best as I could tell, she was completely unfixable (is that a word?). 

As I undressed her I realized that I'd forgotten or overlooked this little tear in the fabric of her body... Poor dear. I should've given her some stitches...!

She is a doll named after my real sister Holly and so I was really bummed out! 
I have to have a Holly in the Doll House! 

I guess I could've tried superglueing it but... I don't think I'd have been able to line up the little 'post' that broke correctly in order for it to work the way it should. So she'd have a 'fused' leg in all likelyhood if I went that route. Hmmm...

So as I was bumming out about it, I glanced over at my other Tolly Tot Dolls and saw the beautiful repainted Tolly Tot Doll that my sister friend Frann sent me a while ago... (Which I am aghast to say I couldn't find a post about..?! I hope I made one!? If not, thanks for the beautiful doll Frann!) I hadn't ever settled on a name for her because nothing had ever 'fit'. Suddenly I knew exactly what I'd do! I'd make the Tolly Tot Frann sent into Holly Doll! She has bangs and that is actually more accurate to my real sister, as she's always had bangs. 

Here they are side by side with the 'new' Holly dressed in a Nascar jersey and jeans, which real Holly would like I think... 

 Tolly Tot's are such beautiful dolls. I love them.

I've decided I am going to keep the broken Tolly, at least for now. Svetlana has an artificial leg and I am thinking I might take the leg that broke off and turn it into a 'prosthetic' leg... Hmmm.... I could maybe attach some elastic to it in some way so it can be held on? Any ideas? I'm pondering.. Maybe I could paint it a different color because sometimes I see kids with prosthetics in 'fun' colors? Obviously I couldn't keep her as 'Holly' Doll but I just can't stand the thought of her ending up in a bin somewhere. She's so pretty! So she has a handicap, it sure doesn't stop Stevie or Svetlana from enjoying the Doll Life. Eh? 

Better run!

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Magic Attic Club Doll eBay Score!! Meet Megan!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

I've always wanted to get a Magic Attic Club Doll... I got thier catalog back in the 1990's and loved it just as much as the American Girl Doll catalogs I also got. Being a woman in my 20's at the time I never ordered anything from either one, thinking, at the time, I was 'too old' for dolls. What silly thinking was that? Anyway, they are more rare than American Girl Dolls obviously because they went out of business long ago. They are always rather expensive on the second hand market on eBay and I'd never taken the plunge to spend such a large amount of money on a second hand doll. However, I knew if I ever found one at the right price, I'd certainly bring one home to the Doll House. 

Low and behold, this last week I did just that. 
At least I think that's who she is? Maybe she's Alison? My sister friend and I have been trying to figure out which we think she is since I sent her a photo about the minute I won the auction on eBay. In any case, whichever one she is, I got her for a great price. I am sure the reason is that she was listed as a Tolly Tot's Doll not a Magic Attic Club Doll. I keep Tolly's in my search engine on eBay because, well, they are some of my favorite dolls. However, when I saw this little beauty listed, I knew she wasn't a Tolly but figured the rest of the Doll World would see the same and I'd never win the bid. I literally threw in a ridiculously low price and forgot all about it thinking I'd never win the bid. Until I did! I almost passed out! Well, maybe not but I was very shocked. 
I got her for only $14.99 plus $10 shipping! 

When I got her home I figured out why the seller thought she was a Tolly Tot. She is wearing a Tolly Tot outfit and the tags were in it. A really cute outfit at that. I love her shoes!!!

She was in nearly perfect shape, as if she'd been owned by an adult collector. 

Here is her outfit. I might just list the key knecklace on eBay because I don't really care if I own it and I bet they are rather rare... I need to start listing things on eBay here and there to weed out my massive hoard collection and recycle some Doll Mad Money. Someday...

I think this might even be her original rubber band in her hair? 

Which brushed out so nice!! She's just lovely!! Here she is wearing the outfit that came on Hannah (at least that is what I think I am going to call her), my My Salon Doll. They are nearly identical in body type and it fits like it was made just for her. 

Magic Attic Dolls were sculpted by the famous doll maker Robert Tonner and are very beautifully done. I am so glad to have one in my collection! 

So glad I got her! I think I will keep her 'given' name since she's got story books and the whole works...

Better run!

Monday, January 14, 2019

PZAS Toys Doll Clothes Wardrobe Sets Are An Amazing Deal!!

Doll Friends!

I've recently discovered some doll clothes that I think are just fabulous... Well priced, well made, cute & classic styles, coordinating wardrobe all for a reasonable price! 

I got the  PZAS Toys Doll Underwear Set first and it was on sale for $5.50 with the $4.00 off coupon that's still on there as I type this... They arrived in this adorable little 'suitcase' box! What a great gift this would be to a doll lover!! So many of my dolls have gone without undies because I just don't have enough pairs for everyone. So when I got this box I just went around my doll room picking up dolls that were going commando and put them on. I think when my Doll Mad Money is renewed I will pick up a few more sets especially if they keep that coupon on there! 

Here is how they are packaged when they arrive, don't they look just like the Hanes or Froot-O-Loom panties you see at Walmart? Love it!

Each pair is different and there are even some 'fun' panies like the darker purple flowered ones and the pink-zebra print ones. They come mostly in regular cotton but the pink-zebras and a few others were 'silky' material. I love that they even have little bows! Such attention to detail! They really are well made. 

Here is Electra modeling the white ones with a pink bow. Tolly Tot's (the brand Electra is) are a bit on the slim side, somewhere between American Girl/Our Generation and Journey Girls. 

So I tried them on one of my more 'full bodied' dolls to see how they fit and... They fit great! They are stretchy and so accomidated her just fine. So cute!

So next I figured I'd try some of their actual doll clothes... I started with the PZAS Toys Doll Clothes Seven Outfit Set. I forgot to take a photo of the front of the box but just imagine the same front as the panties box only it said "Complete Wardrobe Makeover Seven Outfit Set" Or something along those lines instead. 

I was blown away by the quality and the fact that each outfit was in it's own plastic bag! You could even buy a set and break it up between several girls to make fabulous party favor gifts for a doll party or something. 

When I saw how great a quality the seven outfit set was and the fact that the ten outfit set was had an $8.00 coupon on it...

And two days later I had the PZAS Toys Doll Wardrobe 10 Outfit Set in hand...

Same box type as the other two only larger. 

And again, every outfit was packaged separately inside a larger clear plastic bag. Awesomeness!

Then... As I was taking them out, I thought the prints looked familiar... I was delighted to discover that several of the fabric prints that were included in the seven outfit set were in the ten outfit set! How totally cool!! Talk about coordinated oufits! 

Aren't they just fabulous classic little outfits? And with the coupon they were like $2ish an outfit! Unreal. 

So naturally I grouped the like patterened fabrics together in the modeling groups. Here we have Brooklyn, Svetlana and Pamela modeling a pretty pink grouping. 

Here we have Frann, Lake (will-be-renamed), Myfanwy and Heather modeling a blue and teal grouping...

the tops and dresses all have velcro closures in back.

Here we have Panda, Pastel, Dare and Susannah modeling a flowered fabric grouping. 

Claretta, Dora, Courtney and Samantha-Noel are modeling these last few outfits besides the swimsuit. The two red patterned outfits actually seem to have a pair of matching panties in the panties set! How fun!

And Meeka is modeling the swimsuit! Dora and Samantha-Noel jumped in the first photograph so she'd feel less awkward... 

It's a cute swimsuit and fits well. 

So I don't think you  can go wrong with these adorable sets! 

Better run!