Monday, March 27, 2017

Susannah and Myfanwy Bake Frann and Diane a Birthday Cake!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

Birthdays abound in the Doll House! This weekend we celebrated two very important people in the Doll House!! Both Frann Doll and Diane Doll had birthdays this weekend and so a party was in order! To have a proper birthday party, you need some cake, right?

Luckily, in the Doll House, we have a resident baker! Susannah Doll loves to bake cakes and decorates them beautifully. So she was excited to get to work on cakes for Frann and Diane's birthday. She decided she should make two cakes so they'd each have their own special cake. Since she was in the kitchen, she also whipped up dozens of cupcakes for the party as well because, she says, they are just so much easier to serve. 

Myfanwy loves to cook and, while baking is less her favorite thing than cooking savory dishes, she loves to lend a helping hand to her friends! So when Susannah said she'd make the cakes for the party, she insisted on helping! Aren't friends lovely? Susannah had already made a few cupcakes before Myfanwy arrived... See them under the pretty cupcake dome? Did I mention she loves to bake?

Here they are whipping up the cakes so they can go into the oven...

And Susannah is almost done frosting the second cake!

Just as they were finishing up LaQuela dropped by to get instructions to some mutual friends' houses and Myfanwy's van. They were coming to the party but needed a ride... LaQuela always likes to be helpful too and so she volunteered to go pick up everyone who needed a ride in Myfanwy's van. LaQuela was afraid her car was a bit too small for everyone!

She stayed for a quick cup of coffee and then was off to play Uber driver!

One of Susannah's favorite things about baking is that it's something you do in advance of events. So you get to enjoy the party along with everyone else... So it was nice to have the cakes done and kitchen cleaned up because the party was starting soon! LaQuela was so impressed with Susannah's beautiful cakes that she said "Maybe you can make my wedding cake someday!!" Susannah was humbled but also felt good to be appreciated.

Soon enough Diane and Frann arrived back from their walk... "Surprise!!! We made you cakes!!" Myfanwy said.

Frann and Diane had known that a Birthday Party was scheduled but no idea that Susannah and Myfanwy were going to make the cakes for it! They were so touched. The best gifts are ones that are personal like that, right? 

So it was such a nice surprise!

When they found out that Susannah had made a special cake for each of them, they were even more impressed and touched. "You didn't have to do that! But we are so glad you did!" They both said because they both know how delicious Susannah's baked items are!

"We really hope you like them!"

"Of course we will! So will the guests! You are both too kind!!" 

Myfanwy had one of the cakes in the Tupperware Cake taker Heather Doll owned. Heather Doll is a bit obsessed with Tupperware and this one of two such cake takers that she owns... Isn't it groovy? The handle makes it really easy for Myfanwy to hold all by herself....

"Thanks Myfanwy!!!" Diane had to give her a big hug... 

Hugs all around! 

Already Frann and Diane were enjoying their party and it was just getting started. 

Heather Doll had gone to pull out the festive polka dot tea set from Dollar General to use for the party...

Frann and Susannah were catching up... Interestingly enough, Susannah knows a bit of Korean and so she was happy that Frann was letting her practice the bits she remembered. She'd learned Korean when she was younger in hopes of becoming an interpreter but unfortunately, while she was good at speaking it, she struggled with listening, translating and speaking while still listening... If that makes sense. Still, she enjoyed being able to use her second language a bit with someone who is fluent and also patient for her misprounciations occasionally... Heather Doll loved to listen to them speaking because she finds language so fascinating and was honestly a bit jealous of them both knowing two languages. Perhaps she'd have to study herself! 

Frann was getting a cold drink for herself and Susannah from the fridge..

"Would anyone else like anything cold to drink?" 

Meanwhile Myfanwy was opening the cake box... Isn't it such a lovely cake! Susannah does such a good job!

Diane came over to see if she needed any help. 

The rest of the story of the party will have to come in the next post because I am out of time for now.... Stay tuned for next post of the Birthday Party!

Till next time!

Outtake blurry shot! LOL

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Patti Doll Plays Guitar!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

I have a friend named Patti who loves to play guitar. Ever since I found her and gave her a make-over I've meant to get some photos of her with one of the many guitars I have gotten from the Dollar Tree. She is my first doppelganger doll made after a friend who actually plays guitar in real life... So it had to happen! Right?

So here she is, finally... Patti and her guitar about to play us a nice song. As I am posting this, I notice that, apparently, poor Patti has been sitting in the same outfit since I made her over. Time flies! When you have as many dolls as I do *blushes* it happens sometimes that they don't get their clothes changed as often as you'd like. So I'll have to give her a fresh new spring outfit today sometime..

One of the reasons I was spurred to action about getting a post about Patti is that she gave me a couple of doll sized gifts! If you look at the back of the chair she is sitting in, you'll see the beautiful red doily on the back? I got that as a Christmas gift from Patti. She made it just for the Doll House! Isn't that nice!Then, if you look over by the bed in the red tote bag? There is a little doll sized Gospel of John she gave me 'just because' this past week when we got together for coffee and Bible Study. I love it! John is my favorite of all the Gospels! Patti knows me so well. I meant to post a closer up photo of it for you... I'll come back and add one later. I've been having technical issues with the Blogger App again and I am just going to get this posted 'as is' for now in interest of getting it posted!

Here is Patti playing us a pretty song... She is so talented!! I have the best friends! 

Speaking of, I have the best Doll Friends too! Thanks for being one!
I better run and get ready for Church! I hope this finds you having a wonderful Sunday!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Frann Doll Visits Build-A-Bear At Oakview Mall

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

For a while now I've wanted to do some doll photos at the mall... I finally realized it wasn't likely to happen unless I just scheduled it in instead of thinking it was just going to happen by some magic or something. So the other day, I made plans to go by the mall on my way home from work. I was happy that when the planned day arrived, it was sunny and pretty outside so there'd be good light even. Hip-hip-hooray!

So here is Frann Doll ready to get out of the Jeep and go into the pretty Oakview Mall. If you read my last post you may notice she is wearing same outfit here that she did in that posting. I pulled out a change of clothes for her to bring with me that morning before I left for work but apparently forgot to put them in my bag. Oy! So Franny had to wear the same outfit twice. Rats. Oh well... She didn't seem to mind all that much. She was just excited to see the mall and get a bite to eat!

Frann went to the food court and looked around... She decided that Burger King was the best place to have lunch. 

Frann got a burger and fries from Burger King. Then she noticed the Smoothie Shoppe and decided to get one of those instead of a regular soda from BK. YummO!

Frann took her time eating lunch... She loves 'people watching' and the mall is a great place for that! So many different people all going about their shopping. Real people are so much more interesting that TV, right? 

French Fries from BK are so delish!! 

What a nice place for lunch.

When she was done eating, it was time to go shopping...

First she needed to find a kiosk with a map so she could find the store she wanted to go to in this huge labyrinth of a mall! 

Such a pretty place and what great light coming in the enormous sun light!

Before she found a kiosk, Frann happened upon an art display! What great luck! She stood and admired the beautiful original art for a few minutes before going on.

"I really like this blue etching piece with the white frame"

Did I mention the mall is huge? After walking a while and realizing she'd taken a wrong turn and gone down the wrong hallway, Frann decided to take a moment to rest on a bench in front of Sears.

Finally, Frann found the shoppe she had come to the mall for! Build-A-Bear Workshop!! 

As I've mentioned in prior postings  about them, Build-A-Bear clothes are some of the few you can walk into a store and have a huge selection of clothes that fit 18inch dolls. Mind you, only the t-shirts work just as they come and those have to be 'large oversized t-shirts' but it's still fun to be able to go in and pick out a t-shirt or two right off the rack out of the huge selection they carry. As I mentioned in the prior posts, with just a small alteration here or there the clothes can fit just right but not everyone likes to sew. 

Frann was amazed by the selection.... She only took photos by a few of the 'walls of clothes' but there was so many cute things!!

Just about every motif you can imagine or super hero you admire or sports team you are a fan of had a t-shirt or other clothes item to represent it. How to choose just a couple?!

When Frann saw the Star Wars clothes she knew she'd have to come back another time to buy a gift for Vito Doll because he absolutely loves Star Wars and has done since he was knee-high-to-a-grasshopper. Yes... Christmas shopping must happen here. 

Naturally there was a huge display of Disney Princess themed clothes... They seemed to think of everything! Frann picked out two tshirts after much thought as to which two she liked best.

On her way out of the mall, she decided to stop and 'people watch' again... It might be a while before she makes it back and so she wanted to squeeze every drop of enjoyment out of it while she was there!

All too soon it was time to go home for dinner..! Here she is waving goodbye to Oakview! 

As we were leaving the mall, Frann noticed the Applebee's... She said "I have heard of that place, I will have to visit there sometime too..." Sounds reasonable to me! 

As we headed out we noticed that we'd need to gas up the car... So we filled up the gas tank and headed home! 

What a fun day at the mall!!
Hope this finds you having a fantastic day too!
Better run!
Till next time.