Friday, February 23, 2018

Dolls Go Shopping At Target!!

Greetings And Salutations Doll Friends!

When I went into town for work on Wednesday I knew I'd have a few hours to kill in between work and church... So I decided I'd bring along a couple of my favorite dolls and take some doll photos while I was out and about. In my last post, you saw me taking them to Flatland Church. Before I went there though, I decided I'd take the dolls to Target and check out whatever they might have in the Our Generation Dolls section.

So here are Frann and Pamela Doll trying out the pink retro cruiser... I have the Gray Retro Cruiser in at the Doll House... A couple of my favorite YouTube video's I've made have it in them; Frann & Heather's Morning Drive and Doll's Take A Camping Trip. I look forward to making more when the weather finally warms up again. It was fun to pose them in the pink one though. It reminds me of a Mary Kay car because it's pink. I've always thought they were so cool when I see them on the road. While I love my gray one more, if I ever see this pink one at a Garage Sale or Thrift Store, it's totally coming home with me because that would be so adorable to have little dolly road trips... I am rambling... Aren't Frann and Pamela cute in the car? 

Next they tried out the Jeep. This is an item that I've seen a few times second hand but back before I threw caution to the four winds with regards to having 'too many big doll items' and I didn't buy them. Why?? I remember one was in great shape and was like $6.00! Oh, the pain of Thrift Store regrets! Perhaps you know what I mean. Where you let your head and logic ruin a perfectly good Thrift Store find? I have a pretty large (albeit unfinished) basement. I could totally store my fleet down there. Right? *giggles-with-mirth* So if I see a Jeep (or two) at thrift stores in the future, I am so bringing them home. I don't think I'll ever buy one new though. I want one because I love Jeep's in real life but one design flaw, I think, is that there isn't as much room to sit for two dolls as they really need, I don't think. Notice I only put Pamela in there.

 I've seen two dolls put in there but it just feels very claustrophobic to me. 

Here they are by the cute tandem bike! I am a bit torn on how I like this. I know 'scale' is a tricky thing in the 18inch doll line... If you make it large enough for the dolls to use often times the scale has to be huge and too large for a practical toy. So, in this instance, the side car has nowhere near enough room for a doll to fit in it. It would be cute with a pet in but in the same way the Retro Cruiser's back seat won't work for dolls, neither will this side car... Still... Much like the Jeep, if I find this little beauty for a few bucks second hand, I'll overlook the flaw and let one of the Doll House Pets ride along in high style!

The Classroom! Oh. How. I. Want. This. But also am not sure I do... It's HUGE. I mean: HUGE! I don't think it's priced too high really because it comes with a TON of accessories.... Oh... To be independently wealthy have have a house large enough to house an entire Doll City! Haha. Kidding. It's probably best I am neither. Wouldn't want to end up on the Doll Sized Extreme Hoarders afterall. (I'm not making light of the very real mental health issue that can be hoarding... But I kind of have to keep that as a very real possibility if I am not careful with my own shopping habits. Right?)

Still... So amazing. I love that it has a door and windows and an outside. Here is a review of it from the amazing American Girl Ideas if you'd like to check it out. 

I had to take some photos of the dolls in the new color camper with it's adorable 1950s motif. I already have the camper and honestly like the 'gray' outside of mine but if they could redo the inside of mine with this adorable motif, I wouldn't complain. Cos Oh My Cute!

The Vet Clinic is also very cute. I like it because I think it could be used as a Doctors office if you just changed a few things around or added different accessories. 

The little 'waiting room' is so cute!! Again, the 'scale' issue is a bit touchy here. I honestly think that the chairs could've been a touch bigger but understand why they aren't. I have to remember that this is a 'toy' and parents tend to be wary of toys that are too big to fit into their childs bedroom in a real way too. It's a pretty nifty item I have to say... Again, probably good I do try to stay in a budget so I don't end up with All. The. Things.

Oh, this horse stable has tempted me. It's just so well made!! But, providence decided it would be better for me to have the smaller American Girl Doll version. So, I'll just admire it when I see it at the store. 

I have more than enough horses and ponies too, all gleaned from Thrift Stores. In fact I won't even let myself look at them at Thrift Stores anymore because I only have so much room. (I think at last count I have four large horses and four ponies? I'd have to go look in my stable for sure. Isn't that terrible!) Still, I love this American Paint Horse because it's just so pretty and unusual looking! Don't you think so? 

I already have a laundry room in the Doll House but figured I'd photo this one anyway.... It's pretty neat. 

There are new colors for the kitchen as well... I think I like the older version in red better myself. What do you think?

Here they are with a few of the dogs and puppies available. 

And with a few dolls I hadn't seen before...

(Is it just me or are the bangs on this doll a bit wonky?) She is cute but looks like I cut her bangs!

Love the outfit on this girl. 

And I had to take some photos of some of the clothing sets I don't think I'd seen before. This top one is my favorite of the newer ones I saw. Those boots!

Then I love this whole set too. The flats with bows on back are adorable and I love the cheese, grapes and baquette! 

A cute summer set!!

That hat though!? And camera!!

Cute vest and hiking boots!

I love the brown sneakers and headphones and hoodie... The hoodie would be for the boy dolls if I got this set... 

This is adorable too! Reminds me of Happy Days!

I love the top in this set... Toucans!!

Here are the dolls with some mini dolls. I probably have 'enough' mini dolls (is there such a thing? My dolls love dolls too afterall!) but the new 'tempting' thing is little outfits for them. They are pretty cute. 

I don't really plan to 'go there' with accessories for my mini's... Since I have the big versions of most of them, it's probably best I stick one one 'scale' with stuff like that. Right? If I really want to have accessories for the minis I could probably use some of my daughters old Barbie and/or Fisher Price Doll House stuff...

Dolls with the Wellie Wishers. Interestingly enough, Glitter Girls have never shown up in any Target store I have seen... I wonder if it's a contract thing since they sell Wellie Wishers? 

I also stopped by a couple of thrift stores while out and about. I didn't take the dolls into any of them because as much as I do love Thrifs Stores, they don't really lend themselves to Doll visits. How would they know I'd carried in my doll? What if they thought she was theirs?!! *Shudders* See what I mean? Still I took a couple of photos of things I saw... See the doll above? She is huge!! If I had to guess I'd say the shoes she is wearing are 'real' baby shoes... I should've measured her but I think she is probably about 24 inches tall. I think her face is so pretty!

Then I saw these little goblets. I have similar ones in the Doll House (you can see them here in my Thanksgiving post from last year) that I've found out thrifting and so I didn't pick them up... Another one of those moments where I go "Why didn't I get them!!" But I only have so much space! 

And once again I saw a popcorn popper that is doll sized and actually makes popcorn. I've been tempted by one of these more than once because it would be so cute in doll scenes from 'carnivals' or 'movie theaters' etc... Still... Space. I left it there. Proud of me? 

However... There was one thing I wasn't able to pass up! This adorable doll sized reproduction (I think?) cobalt blue depression glass set nearly jumped into my cart on it's own. It was only marked $4.99! My mom collected depression glass and I never knew they made small ones! So cute!! Can't wait to have doll scenes of dolls sitting around drinking iced tea or lemonade out of these beauties!

Here is Adalyn holding one of them... Just snapped off a few photos of them when I got home for scale...

Better run!


Thursday, February 22, 2018

Frann and Pamela Doll Go to LifeGroup At Flatland Church!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

Flatland Church is one of my favorite places on Earth. We've been attending there for about 8 years and I joke that they are going to have to carry me out of there feet first before I'll leave. Teehee. Yes, I have a morbid sense of humor. So yesterday, knowing I was going to LifeGroup in the evening, I decided to invite a couple of my favorite dolls to LifeGroup. 

Here are Frann and Pamela Doll at church before LifeGroup started... I decided to give them a bit of a tour since Pamela hadn't been there before.  

In the lobby by the cool benches....

At the awesome Awana Store! Kids learn scripture and earn 'tokens' when they do and they can spend their tokens in the store. My kids were in Awana for many years and it will always be a magic time in our lives... Kids grow up so fast!

Our Kids Hallway is so neat. I always want to play that ConnectFour Game whenever I see it! 

By the kids' stage...

Out in the lobby again...

By one of the Jesus paintings in the vestibule of the santuary...

In the lovely sanctuary. I love the set design for this series, all the ladders look neat. 

By the other Jesus painting in the opposite vestibule of the sanctuary...

They even took a peek in the oh-so-cool 'green room' where the worship team spends time sometimes before they go on stage... 

When my LifeGroup found out I had brought in some Dolls they insisted they should actually stay and be part of the conversation!! I love my church and my LifeGroup!! They just 'get' me. Haha. 

They had such a good time! If you'd like to see a video of their visit, you can find one right here

Better run!