Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Horse Sleigh Goodwill Find!!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!
Well this week is flying by! Wednesday morning already! So... Yesterday being Tuesday, I went in to town for work and naturally dropped into a Goodwill on way home. As I was saying to a lady in line there when I got to chatting with her, "It's the thrill of the hunt! You literally never know what you're going to find!" What did I find yesterday you ask? 

I found this amazing doll sized wood horse sleigh!! It is fabulous!! It was only marked $5.99 which kind of surprised me because it's a heavy wood item and beautifully crafted. Score!!

I won't lie, I had a moment of hesistation as I grabbed it up and took it up to the register... I do try to be realistic about how much doll stuff I can fit into my house and not look like one of the people on Hoarders. Haha. No disrespect!! I know it's a compulsion some people can't control... Myself included obviously to a certain degree... I joke my doll's are Hoarders because it's beginning to be that they have one of everything. Teehee. At least it's all doll sized right? I literally very rarely have urge to purchase 'real' sized whatsits' now, it's all about the doll house when it comes to decor. I've been married 25 years, my house was decorated long ago! Haha. 

Anyway, back to the sleigh... It's so neat! It only fits one doll in it comfortably. I tried to sit two side to side and no dice... I might try some of the HeartForHeart dolls and see if two can fit because they are smaller. 

Frann Doll was the very first doll to try it out! She was excited! She's always had an affinity for horses and a sleigh ride in the snow sounds amazing! Heather Doll said "I know just the perfect thing!!" and off she went...

I pulled out the horse while she was off on her errand. *wink* and it was a perfect 'fit'! I am going to have figure out some manner of harnessing to make it look like they're hooked together and obviously in future, more detailed 'scenes' I am going to have to take of the saddle... LOL I looked at photos to edit them and I was like "well, it's obvious I am not a horse person or I'd have noticed strait off that the saddle looks silly with the sleigh there..." But then I figured that perhaps that would solve the 'problem' of only one doll fitting in sleigh! One can ride horse and one can ride in sleigh. Perfect! 

Heather Doll came back with a cute Christmas pillow and blanket to make it cozy for being out in the cold and snow! The 'blanket' is actually a placemat but I thought it looked like a small lap quilt. Perfect!

Frann Doll tried it out with the blanket and pillow and reported it was very comfortable!! Isn't she cute!!??

By the way, the horse is one I got this summer at a Garage sale and he (she??) has been tucked away in a closet awaiting a proper review ever since... I want to do good photos but I can't figure out what manner of background to make for photos with a horse. I mean ideally the photos would happen outside and the background would just be nature but... That's never as easy to orchestrate as you might imagine! Especially now that it's going to be cold. So I need to think of a good background to make for indoor "outdoor' photos. What do you think the background should be? Clouds? Clouds with grassy stuff at bottom? Maybe some trees? I haven't a clue and can't get a picture in my mind of how to pull it off and so poor horsie has been living in a closet. However, now that I had the sleigh, I figured I'd just do a plain white background (well, with quilt blocks) and maybe I could 'pretend' to be in a barn or something? Haha. Maybe that's the ticket! Do a 'barn' background!! I literally just thought of that as I was typing this out! I think I'll try it... Only now to figure out what a background of the inside of a barn would look like? What do you think?

Thanks, as always, for dropping by! It's so much fun to 'talk dolls' and even better to have people who 'listen' sometimes. So, thanks for that. Have a great day!!!!! 

Oh, and Jesus literally just whispered inot my mind (Holy Spirit talks if you can learn to listen to Him) to remind you that He loves you with all of His heart. 

Better run! 
Till Next time!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Latest Doll House Thrifty Finds

Hi Doll Friends!

Recent trips by the local thrift shoppes have gleaned some really fun stuff for the Doll House!

I don't know what I am going to do with all those white baskets! The size is perfect for the dolls Easter buckets! Maybe I'll paint them different colors so they'll have more variety? What would you do with them? The little milk jugs made me smile! I plan to re-paint them so they are more realistic looking... I love the idea of a milk man! I'd never leave the house again. (Kidding! Sort of...) The candy molds I plan to use to make treats from air-dry clay. I think the flowers would make cute 'cakes'. The stockings are vintage and so cute! The little 'silver' tray is actually made of plastic and came with the two little bottles on top. I don't really know, yet, what I am going to do with them? I thought they'd make cute 'decanters' on a 'bar' but am not sure if they'd look right? I am going to try and figure out how to make the 'screw on top' more fancy...? We will see.... The little Santa shaped bottle was a tree ornament but I am going to pretend him to be a syrup bottle or something on my dolls table. The little rug beater will look cute on the wall of the kitchen. The little angel went on the tree already! Can you spot her in the photos of the completed tree? The little glass coasters are going to be to hold up plates on displays in the Sweet Shoppe or for fancy dinners at the Doll House. 

I must have a thing for baskets...? How could I not though! They were 19cents each! They had more and I made myself stop with 'only' five so... That's something right? I LOVE the little 'fish'! I can't wait to make a fishing pole for the dolls so they can go fishing and bring home these cute fish. Aren't they cute? The little wall plaque says "I can't bear it without Jesus" (or something like that?) Again, they had like 10 of them and I made myself buy only one. I love the little olive forks!! I have another set just like them only with wooden handles. These will be fun to pretend a 'fondue' night or something since they look so 1960s. The little squarish pedestal dish I wasn't sure about.... I thought it'd make a cute punch bowl for doll parties or a base of a great centerpiece for fancy dinner parties. It was just too pretty pass up for 99cents! The little black 'stand' didn't have a price and the clerk and I were pretty certain it probably was part of something else but we had no clue what? (I didn't see any similar items on shelf...?) I am going to use it as a pie or cake stand in the doll house. The little white bowl is a Pier One (new!) I am going to use as a serving dish because it's white and could look fancy or casual either one. Same story on the stainless steel bowl... You can't tell from photo but it's a pedestal bowl and it'll make a nice piece for serving things or a cute fruit bowl. 

I saw this little darling at one of the shoppes and had a hard time leaving her there cos oh-my-cute! But I can't start collecting baby dolls or my house will be overtaken...! Haha. So despite her being only 99c I left her there for some little girl or boy to find. 

Most of the stuff in the photo (above) is self explainatory with regards to why I bought it for the Doll House... So many cute Christmas items! I love the tackle box ornament! I am going to use it with the fish from the earlier photo! All I need now is some fishing poles! I'll have to look up a DIY because how hard could that be? The little black box it actually a box that flips open to reveal drawers that slide out and a mirror. It'd make a great doll dresser for someone who doesn't have a ton of doll furniture already (like me). It was only 30cents though! So I bought it for my co-workers daughters who likes 18inch dolls and doesn't have many accessories to go with them. The Owl towel is brand new and will be a cute beach towel for the dolls come summer I think with it's bright colors. I love the three little terra cotta planters... I am going to try and make an 'herb garden' come spring with the dolls since herbs would look like perfect doll sized plants. Right? So they'll come in handy. The little 'Monsters Inc' toys are for the Doll House toybox. The round placemat will be a rug in the kitchen. I liked the little blueish Earthenware dish just made me smile... I am not sure if it's the right size exactly for the dolls but it could be a deep dish casserole or, again, it'd be cute holding fruit. 

The little 'puzzle' mat in the plastic bag is going to be for my eventual 'Baby Sitters Club' post I have planned in my head. I have a baby sister and baby brothers and sisters and a Battat baby sister in the Doll House. I also have a bit of a collection of another manner of this size baby dolls called Gi Go Expressions Dolls that I've been meaning to do a post about for at least six months! Too many dolls, too little time! Eh?

These items are not from the Thrift Store but I got them the same day at the Dollar General for $1 each. I probably didn't 'need' the pans but the little wok was so cute!! The poinsettia plants are the perfect size! I actually bought three but the other one was in a bag downstairs when I took this photo but I didn't know that (I thought I'd left it at the store!). So I got an additional red one... So pretty and so realistic looking! 

So... I realize there was not one single doll photo in this posting! So this posting can maybe be like a 'find an item' for future postings... Keep an eye out for them in my upcoming posts and you'll be like "Oh! I know where she got this!!" Especially that punch bowl... It'll be out a lot.

Till next time! 

My Collection of Our Gen & Tolly Tots and Journey Girl Dolls... So Far....

Hi Doll Friends!

So as I mentioned in my last post I decided to do updated group photos of each of the different 'kinds' of dolls I have. I knew if I were going to do it, I'd have to just pull all the dolls off the shelves and photo them in the outfit they are currently wearing or it'd never get done. If I tried to make them all match, I'd have to leave the project in my will for my daughter to do I imagine. Haha. So when you see some of them in their PJs or whatnot, don't judge ok? They were literally dragged out of their beds. (Kidding! They just got stored that way after sleepover scenes)

I decided to start wtih my Our Generation Dolls formerly known as Battat. As you will be able to see, since my last post about my Our Gen dolls, my collection has grown since then. Also, a few of the dolls have been re-named or re-wigged although I'd have to go check the old posting a little closer to tell you which ones.

Whats funny is I set up a 'backdrop' and then set up all the dolls... Then I realized that the spot I'd set up the backdrop that had seemed so perfect, um, well, I had no room to get far enough back to take the photo. Oy! I knew if I took them all down after spending the half hour (more?) setting them up, I'd never do it so I just did the best I could with somewhat weird angles. So, sorry for the rubbish photo angles!!


My Our Generation Dolls names are:

Back row (Left to right): 

 -Jamie J (redhead with purple gym outfit)
 -Bernie C (Short haired brunette with purple headband) *Customized 
 -Ashley D (Blonde boy in camo) *Customized
 -Gearhart C (Brown hair in Micky mouse hoody)
 -Vito C (Blonde boy in middle in gray) *Customized
 -Hector P (Brown haired boy with blue shirt) *Customized 
 -Sonali C (brown hair girl with pink headband) 
 -Mike (brown haired boy in yellow shirt) *Customized
 -Judy D (Blonde hair in beige vest)
 -Jenny B (Brown hair in white tank top)

Second row from back:

-Courtney S (Short haired blonde with pink bow) *Customized
-Katie G (Brown hair in Minions sweatshirt)
-Buffy S (Blonde with pony tails)
-Shantea W (Reddish hair in red shirt)
-Florence W (Red hair in pink)
-Sean C (Curly honey colored hair in black dress with flower)
-Holly D (Long brown hair in red scarf)
-Brandi K (Black hair in black dress with cats motif)

Third row from back: 

-Tina E (Reddish brown hair in pink)
-Stepanie A (Blonde in flowered dress with grey shrug) *This doll is a 15inch Battat Little Friend
-Cyndi B (blonde in green yoga jacket)
-Karrie K (Red hair in blue top) *Also a 15inch Battat
-Jennifer D (Honey blonde in burgandy scarf)

Front row:
-Grace V (Honey blonde in blue vest) *Customized
-Annie B (Red curls in flowered dress) *Customized
-Scarlett B (Dark hair in black and white stripes)

It seemed genius when I put it up because I did it in a space in my doll room where I wouldn't have to take down the whole living room, kitchen, dining room "Great room" I have set up in the lions share of my doll room. Except with this many dolls crowded into the scene, there was no room to get far back to take such large group photo. Oh well.... Better this than nothing and I'll set them all up again soon. 

Since I took them all out grouped together I am going to put a lot of my dolls away by 'kind' now so that then when I do photo shoots I can just pull one doll of each 'type' and 1) have a variety of face sculpts and such in each scene and 2) rotate the dolls more regularly... I try to take them all out once a month or so and change their clothes and brush or fix their hair but sometimes it doesn't happen as often as that. As you may can tell since some of these dolls have Summer clothes on and it's December already! Time flies!

I put all of the OG's away then moved the backdrop to a space where I'd have a bit more room to take photos! Lesson learned! I decided to pull out one of my very favorite kinds of dolls. Tolly Tots! My very first 18inch doll, gifted to me by my daughter when I got into sewing for dolls, was a Tolly Tot. Between that and how well they are made if they were still being produced they might just be my favorite kind of 18inch doll but given that you can only get them on the secondary market, I don't like to say that because I don't want to recommend a doll that isn't really even readily available. You can generally find them on eBay but not everyone likes to shop that way.

My Tolly Tot dolls are:

-Adam D (Ash blonde/gray hair in gray jersey) *Customized
-Holly D (Blonde with American Flag on shirt)
-Electra C (Gray/purple hair in owl sweater)
-Sasha C (Brown hair in red/blue PJs)
-Rose C (Brown hair in pink)
-Dakota C (black hair in black Addidas outfit)
-Josie D (Auburn hair in pink shirt 
-Jean Luc P (bald boy in striped shirt) *Customized (head from Tolly Tot baby doll)

Next come Journey Girls and Espari dolls. I group them together because I think of them as basically the same doll line... Their bodies are identical and face sculpts very similar. I love both types and am have the Limited Edition set of them on my wish list to my husband this year. 

My Journey Girls are

Back row:

-Lauren S (Blonde in pink boots)
-Emily Anne C (raven hair in red jacket) *Customized Espari doll
-Roseanna D (Brown highlighted hair in red/blue knitted poncho)
-Hemalayaa B (Black hair in Peanuts hoody)
-Adilyn A (Black hair red sweater)
-Susannah O (Red hair blue nightgown with pink flower)
-May B (Black hair in blue nightgown with frogs) 
-Carissa D (Blonde hair in Hello Kitty shirt)

Middle Row:

-Pam D (Brown hair pink shawl) *This is an Espari Doll from Barnes & Noble
-Carlene S (Black hair in OG Lettermans jacket)
-Aliyah A (Black hair with red barrette) *also an Espari doll

Front row: 

-Karen H (Reddish brown hair in red striped shirt) *Customized 
-Kristi J (Dark brown hair in pink vest) 
-Stephanie D (Red hair in brown jacket) *Customized

That's all for now friends!! I am planning on doing more different 'kinds' of dolls but it's a bit more time consuming than you may imagine. The Journey Girls and Espari's are still in same poses because I ran out of steam.... I meant to take a few more angles but then got pulled into other things (non doll related stuff sometimes makes itself a priority... Eh?) and didn't get back to it. So I'll take a few more angles before I take them back down to put them away. 

Till next time!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Kingsstate Doll 18inch Collection!

Hi Doll Friends!

When I madeover my rainbow wig Kingstate doll I decided it might be fun to do group photos of all the dolls with their own 'kind' of doll. So, since she was my inspiration I decided to start with my Kingstate dolls. 

Which, ironically enough, are all customized. Lets just say this sort of doll isn't made with the best hair! One of them, Paul Joseph came with an entirely different kind of body...?

These two (above photo) came from thrift shops...

Then my Melanie Kingstate doll has an entirely different look altogether. I can't decide if I think that the face scuplt is the same but her eyes are much different... So it's interesting how different the dolls can be despite all being Kingstate dolls. 

More Doll Collection photos on the way... I worked on photographing some of them yesterday!

Till then!

Journey Girl Doll Makeovers

Hi Doll Friends,

I just found this in drafts and figured I'd post it... It's when I was working on Journey Girl Doll Makeovers a while ago. I thought sure I'd posted it then but apparently not. I am just going to let it be mostly a photo blog since I've done doll makeovers galore!

I ended up, through a thrift store find, having two identical dolls... So... Despite it being hard to do because her hair was perfect, I decided to customize one of them! I've done many doll re-wigs before and it gets easier to do the more often you do it. 

Still hard to say goodbye to that beautiful hair!!

Into the trash it went though... 

I cut it all off down to the nubs and then cut as much of that off as I could. 

Seems a shame to waste the pretty doll hair but customizing comes at a price sometimes...

Here was my first wig try on. Isn't she pretty? I thought I liked her in this one pretty well and it stayed on for a week or so....

Here she is with her former twin. Isn't it remarkable how much different hair can alter a dolls appearance? 

Then I got a great deal on a lot of Global wigs on eBay. Then I got red wig (above left) and changed my mind and decided it was perfect!! That is the one that 's glued down... The other doll (above right) is another customized doll who started out life as a red head. Custom dolls are so much fun because they are generally totally one of a kind, just like people. I love that. 

Well, that's it for now Doll Friends!
Till next time!

We Got Annie!! Another Custom Doll Comes Home To Dollhouse!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

I don't know about you but when I was growing up the movie Annie was one of my all time favorites... It probably shows my age but I was about 10 years old when the movie came out and it was also about the time VCR's became common... So lets just say I've seen the movie so many times I can sing along with all the songs. Seriously... All. The. Songs.

Annie also became even more special to me when I was in the hospital in labor with my son... I promise this isn't TMI!! As I was sitting in my hospital bed, consuming ice chips, I flipped through the channels on the TV in the room looking for something to distract myself. Guess what movie was just starting? You guessed it! Annie! So it has added a layer of nostalgia and love to a movie that was already nostalgic and loved. 

So as I was 'browsing' in eBay one day I happened upon this adorable 'Annie' wig! Well, at least it was in my mind, it wasn't called that. I couldn't help myself... It had to happen. So I plunked down my BuyItNow money and waited for it to come in the mail. 

Meanwhile, recently I found this doll and one other at Goodwill for $1.99. I thought I'd done a post about them but just scanned through and can't find it? If I find it later, I'll come and add a linky. Eitherwise, I brought her home and cleaned her up. Her hair was in really nice shape and very thick and pretty. Still, she did't really work her way into my imagination and heart because, well, I already had two red head Our Generation dolls and she just felt a tiny bit superfluous. I suspected she'd end up as a body donor for a doll in need of a more poseable body. Until.... The Annie wig.

See? Here she is with my other two red headed Our Generation dolls. See why felt having her was a bit much? Her hair was a tiny bit different shade than the two others but... Still, how many long haired blue eyed gingers do I really need? 

Side note: Ironically enough, the redhead on the left ended up getting a different wig as well... I never glue them down until I am 100% certain that the wig is 'the one' and I changed my mind on this one. That story will have to be told in an upcoming posting... I am pretty sure when a doll in my house see's the glue bottle coming out, they breathe a sigh of relief though! Like "Oh good! I finally get to have permanent hair!" Hahaha.


I won't lie, cutting off all that gorgeous hair was hard to do!! However... 

It was so worth it!! I love her!!!! I even happened to have a nearly perfect Sandy for her! (Well, ok... Sandy was more blond and a bit more dirty but work with me here... LOL) I think he's perfect because he was a gift from Frann months ago. Yet another blog on my 'To Do' list... The pets! So many blog posts I have planned in my head! That's ok though, it's what keeps writing the blog so much fun! 

Isn't she perfect? (If I do say so myself... All I did was change the wig and clothes...) Obviously I chose to dress her in an outfit like the one she was wearing in the orphanage. I know she has her signature red dress but to be honest, the red dress was probably the one thing I didn't like about the movie. Haha. I thought it was plain and entirely the wrong color for her. So I plan to dress her in fancier outfits with the same era 'feel' to them but don't think I'll buy her the iconic red dress with white collar. Maybe, but I doubt it. Also, I'll certainly dress Annie in contemporary clothes and have her in scenes from the regular doll house... Annie should get to have fun and a sense of style too, right? 

Well, time to get ready for church! Better run!
Hope this finds you having a lovely day!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Another Doll Body Transplant and Makeover! Part One

Hi Doll Friends,

So this happened a few weeks ago... I keep meaning to get back to finish up the photos for it of the 'after' but I have decided it will just have to be a two parter... I have decided to re-wig the doll body recipient with a wig that is on the way and so I'll just post her 'after' photo in that one. Sound good? In the meantime...

I found another Our Generation Doll at a thrift store...

I've basically decided to always buy dolls I find if they are in decent shape... I love doing 'custom' doll so much that having a donor body on hand will never be a bad idea. As it is, I have so many dolls on the 'body donor list' that I won't have one 'on hand' for a while... Haha.

For the price of a fast food burger, how can I not buy them? Right?

You may recall when I got four Engel Puppe German Dolls for an amazing price on eBay last year... I love love love their adorable face sculpts! Their bodies, however, not so much... I mean I love the sculpts on the hands and feet but as you can see, they are soft bodied dolls. This manner of dolls never see's much 'play' in the doll house because they look awkward in clothes and can't pose well at all. So... I determined around the time I did my first doll body transplant that I would switch them all out as I found second hand doll bodies to do so. This is the third one I've transplanted, I only have the boy doll left now to go and he will be the recipient of the next doll body I find. 

As you can see, the donor doll's hair was a total mess... Naturally I didn't waste any time trying to fix it because I wasn't going to keep her once I gave her the other body. I donate all the donor body dolls (the head with the other doll body attached) to Goodwill. I figure maybe someone out there could use them for something? Right? Maybe they like more 'snuggly' dolls? 

So here they are 'post-op'! In case you missed the prior posts on this procedure you here is a link to one that has, if I recall correctly, links to most of the others. I've kind of lost track at this point how many I've done body transplants on... I'll have to gather them all together and take a group photo of all my custom dolls soon. I mentioned I have a wig on the way for this one... I bought a few wigs recently with thoughts of custom dolls. I really don't care fot the wig on this doll because 1) it has come 'loose' on the scalp where it's come unglued and so it's wibbly and weird when you try and brus her hair and 2) it's a very dated style, like a 1980s mullet or something? So she is getting a cute chin length bob with bangs as soon as it arrives. So stay tuned for that soon. She is gonna look so adorable!

On that note, I am super excited about another few wigs coming and am sure I'll go into full on 'doll makeover mode' when they arrive. I have decided to make a doll doppelganger of one of my favorite movie characters from when I was a girl and her wig is on the way... I hope she turns out the way I want her to!! I'll give you a hint as to who she will be: She has red hair has had a 'hard knock life'. Who do you suppose that is? 

Gotta run!
Till next time!