Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Queen's Treasures Cake & Cookie Set for the Doll House!

Hi Doll Friends!!

I've been meaning to come and tell you about these cute Queen's Treasures Doll Cakes and Cookies Set I got with some Christmas money last month... 

By way, I do tend to spend every cent of my mad money on doll items and so I realize it must seem like I get them constantly, especially at Christmas time! LOL Mind you though I am super thrifty in nearly every other aspect of my life... I buy my clothes second hand, albeit all very lovely and practically new at 2nd hand shoppes for next to nothing cost wise. (I can't tell you how often I get a basket full of clothes for $5 at my most local thrift store! Who can pay full price and not cringe?! I digress) I am never one to go out for fancy coffees or to get my nails done or that manner of thing. Not that there is anything wrong with any of that! Just explaining my constant instream of Dolly items being the fruit of all my fun money that I get from cutting corners elsewhere if that makes sense. Teeheehee. 

Back to the cakes... I got a set of Queen's Treasure's Cupcakes last October and thought they were so pretty and top notch. So when I found a sale on a set that included those same four cupcakes, a set of four other smaller cupcakes, as 'cake' and a cookie set when I also happened to have that much money burning a hole in my pocket from my Christmas money I had to buy them, right?

Please excuse these photos. I decided to photograph them at night and the light isn't hte greatest... As you can see though, they are very cute and each came with a 'bakery box' to put together to store the treats in. 

Here is the back of the packages. From what I can tell from the Queen's Treasures website, they must not have this large set for sale anymore? I can only find the cupcakes and cookies separately and can't find the cake itself at all. Perhaps they just ran out and will bring them back when they make more?

They all came packaged in a plastic tray that holds them well but those trays do not fit in the boxes once they are put together... So I didn't keep them, just the boxes.

I know I already had three of these but six is a nicer amount, eh? When I set up the Sweet Shoppe again, I'll need to have mulitples that would make sense in a bakery setting, right? 

The cookies are adorable! Love the Gingerbread men!

I haven't gotten nearly as many photos of them 'in the house' as I would like but I am sure you'll see them a lot in upcoming postings... I just love doll food! So much fun!! What is your favorite of the little sets I got?

Better run! 
Till Next Time!

Monday, January 23, 2017

My Famosa Nancy Collection So Far...

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

I've been working on making posts about various collections of dolls  I have in the Doll House. One of my favorite but also one I realized recently I don't pull out very often, are Famosa Nancy dolls. 

I've done several posts about them in the past... Here's a list in no particular order if you're curious starting with one about how I found my very First Famosa Nancy Doll from eBay!

Then there are:

For whatever reason though, for the last little while, they haven't made it off the shelf. So I decided to pull them out and show my current collection. I posted in the blogs listed above where I got each of them all except one and I am reasonably certain the last one I got was also from a thrift store. 

I think they have the cutest faces!! They can wear Journey Girls shoes almost like they're made for them... They are a tiny bit big but not so big that they fall off. They stand very well both in shoes and out of shoes. That's one thing I love about them, how sturdy they are on their feet. A lot of people might not like their hard plastic legs but for what it's worth, I think that is the reason they stand so well. 

Here they are with one of my new Adora Dolls to show you how they are, size wise, compared to 18inch dolls. They make great sisters or friends I think. 

They have the prettiest eyes! Have you ever seen a Famosa Nancy in your travels or on eBay? Maybe you have one of your own in your collection? If so, I'd love to see her!! 

Better run, my family is needing dinner cooked. 
Till Next Time!

More Baby Sitting Club Photos with New Baby Bed!

Greetings Doll Friends!!

When I finished up the posts about the Baby Sitting Club at the Doll House and the Gi Go Babies I had planned to pack away all the 'baby sibling' gear and babies for a while and focus on other things. As luck would have it, I found one more new accessory for the baby sibs that I had to show you. 

I had looked at this Circo Baby Doll Bed set back when they sold it at Target for like $20ish. I didn't buy it then because I wasn't as 'in' to dolls and I didn't want to have to store it. Since then I've apparently thrown caution to the four winds on that score! Haha. So I always thought, with regret, that I hadn't picked up one back when they were cheaper and readily available at Target. However, perhaps it was providence!!

Because I found the little bunk bed part at Goodwill in perfect shape (like new I am telling you!) for only $1.99!! I already have a few Circo Baby siblings that I'd purchased 'alone' or with other sets so I didn't really need any more of those and I have also found little 'riding' toys elsewhere... 

So I had to add the baby bed to my Baby Sitters Club scenes before I packed it away! What do you think? 

I also moved a lot of the babies around but little Heidi doll I tend to always pose reading... Just cos I think she is so adorable holding a book. 

I also left Jacxine pushing the Battat baby because I thought they looked so adorable and 'real'.

I forgot to add this cute toddler sized doll my daughter gave me from her own dolls when she was clearing out into the scene... I'll have to tell you more about her another time because she's pretty cute! 

This little cheerleader also didn't make the cut into the Baby Sitter Club scenes before because, well, I kind of forgot I had her and the other one above... I would never say I have too many dolls but maybe I am getting close to having 'enough'? Teehee. Probably not. Hahaha.

Isn't she cute? Better run! Monday has arrived and I have cats to herd... Oh, I mean kids to get to school. Have a great one!

Till Next Time!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

My Life As Doll 18 Inch Doll Carrier Bag From Walmart

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

So... I decided a while ago that I didn't think I really wanted to buy a 'carry bag' for my dolls. I have loads of tote bags and it just seemed a bit silly to buy a whole new bag when I have plenty that will 'do the job'. Still, lately, whenever I would take Frann Doll on field trips with me to all manner of cool places like parksball fields and even shopping I would end up having to totally re-style her hair at the destination because she'd get jumbled around in the bag I'd have her in. Not to mention, as I say, she would get jumbled around and, well, not to be funny but she'd just look plain uncomfortable in the tote bag too! You know?

So I looked around at all manner of 18 Inch Doll carrying bags... I settled on starting with the My Life As Doll Carrier Bag because I happened to be at Walmart with my husband yesterday and, well, as you may know, he does tend to like to treat me and so he said "Why don't you go pick yourself out a new doll or something?" As you also know, I have no shortage of dolls. So instead I decided to buy a carry bag for the dolls. 

After getting it home, I have to say I am pleased I got one. It is pretty well made and has 'padded' sides to keep dolly safe and sound inside... 

I don't think I'll likely ever use it but it even has a telescoping handle like a regular suitcase. Cute!!

Here it is with it retracted. 

In the front it has a nice pouch type pocket to carry an extra outfit if you want to change your doll on the road. 

Here is the tag that comes on it. 

As you can see, it came with a cardboard insert where the window is to show you what your doll will look like in the bag. It has a little velcro closing strap to 'belt' your doll in and keep them from jostling about... Lovely. 

Here is Frann Doll in the bag, all ready to take a new adventure! I think I will likely get one or two more carrying bags at some point because now that I have one, I really love how protected it makes the doll and when I take them out in the world, I want them to be safe and sound. I think the next one I get will be the Our Generation Doll Carrier Bag. I want to see what the differences are... I am also intrigued by this one from Badger Baskets that holds two dolls... But I read the reviews there on Amazon and one of them mentioned a dolly getting stained from the bag so... *gulp* I don't know? I like idea of having two traveling together though. Do you have a doll travel bag? Do you like it? What are your favorite features? Let me know in comments!

Better run! Gotta get ready for church!
Till Next Time!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Vintage Gi Go Palm Pal Expressions 8 Inch Baby Siblings for American Girl Dolls

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

It's been a really busy week at work this past and it's not left me much time to post blogs or play dolls. HoHum!! Just came here to post this and realized I'd posted it 'in the raw' and with just photos instead of hitting 'save as draft' too. So... If you happened by when this blog post was just photos, I do apologize! 

With all that being said, on to the dolls... As I was writing this recent post about the Baby Sitting Club at the Doll House I searched and searched my old postings in vain to see if I could find a posting about these cute little baby dolls I kind of became obsessed with this past summer but... I guess I must've just become obsessed with them and didn't think to mention it on the blog? Who knows... But as they say, better late than never, right?

I found my first Gi Go Palm Pal Expressions doll sometime last summer at a Garage Sale for like 50cents. I must confess I originally just picked it up because I wanted the outfit they had on for my other baby sibling dolls for the Doll House. My husband saw that doll and said "I think that is the ugliest doll I've ever seen!" Because the thing about these dolls, I think, is that you either love them or you hate them. I have always loved them... I just get a kick out of their quirky little faces and funny little expressions. I also love that some of the babies look sad or upset because, well, that's pretty genuine to the real deal. Babies get upset, a lot.

So here is my current collection. I got like five of them in a lot on eBay at some point for like $10 (plus shipping) and have otherwise picked them up here and there for a $1 or less. I would just sort of pick them up and add them to the little shelf I kept by baby dolls on. 

Here is a photo (above) of what they look like in comparison, size wise, to other 'baby siblings' in the doll house. 

Then I decided to photograph them each one by one so you can see their cute faces. As you can see on the baby (above) this baby had a run in at some point with an accident because her little toes on the right are a bit disfigured. 

Still, she's one of my favotires because she just looks happy. 

I am a bit embarrased to admit this but I guess I never gave these babies a proper cleaning up when they arrived. As I was photographing them and then looking at the photos, I realized they were a bit dirty! So... I have them set aside and plan to give them a proper cleaning with a Norwex Enviro cloth later today. In the meanwhile, I knew if I stopped photographing at that point they'd end up back on the shelf with no blog post about them afterall. So... I photo'd them as is. So, don't judge ok? LOL Real babies get dirty faces too, right? 

This one just looks so funny!! She's like "What?!"

This poor little girlie isn't too happy at all...

Neither is this little girl... I think they're siblings? I had the one with the tag on and left it on there so you could see it but I've since removed it finally. Poor dear went along with that tag for like two decades. No wonder she's cranky!! I'm not sure if you can tell but some of the babies that are unhappy have permanent 'tears' on their cheeks... Cute touch!

Can you see her tears? Poor baby!

This clown one I wasn't sure if I even wanted to buy... Because clowns give me the creeps in real life. But a baby clown, I decided, is cute. I plan to pull this baby out more at Halloween time because they are already in their costume! 

Pretty cute!

This little fella looks hungry. Haha.

Another unhappy baby... But cute anyway!

This little guy (above) even has a bit of a runny nose... Totally accurate with real babies too! Always needing a tissue, some of them.

This is another of my faorites... Maybe because this one looks the tiniest bit like my husband did as a baby. 

This little darling too is a favorite... She just looks so happy!

It kind of amazes me how many face sculpts they must've created for this doll line... I don't even think I have a very large collection compared to how many were produced.

These little dolls are about 8inches tall, have 'bean bag' bodies with a vinyl face, arms and legs. They sit really well because of the way they are made. As far as I know they were produced in the 1990s. You can find them pretty easily on the second hand market, oftentimes 'brand new' as someone might've just collected them and never played with them might be clearing their collection. Fun!

Isn't she cute! Which is your favorite? Let me know in comments. Have you ever seen this dolls in person? Perhaps you collect too? I'd love to see photos of yours!

Better run!
Till Next Time!