Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Our Generation Beekeeper Doll Melina Arrives At Doll House!!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

Happy Wednesday!! When I got my Juliet Doll, I loved her face sculpt so much that I knew I'd have to get the other doll that OG put out with the same sculpt. Naturally, once I decided I wanted her, she became nearly impossible to find online. She is the Beekeeper Doll from OG's Professional Doll collection. Her accessories are nearly as cute as she is! So I took to 'checking' Target online for her whenever I checked my emails etc and made the 'rounds' of my phone. (You know, Instagram, my blog, email, Pinterest, favorite blogs, Facebook (when I am weak, LOL I am trying to give up), etc etc etc.. you know, the rounds of modern day life.) So the other day I checked and there she was!! So, despite having gone a tiny bit bonkers in the arena of doll buying lately, I snatched her up without a second thought, chose 'ship to store' to avoid shipping costs and waited. She arrived Monday and I was able to swing by and pick her up after work yesterday. I am so so so glad I bought her. She is totally gorgeous. 

She arrived in a clear plastic bag...

Here she is early this morning... I needed to photo her in the box before I opened and then I forced myself to come and write this post before I allow myself to unbox her... So this post might be short. Hahaha!

At Target these beds were 50% off! I don't need another doll bed or I might've snapped one up. So cute!

This is a new motif in their other kind of doll bed. I think it's cute!

I saw the hotdog cart and even though they currently have a BOGO half off sale, I am proud to say I didn't buy it. I am sure I'll regret it at some point. It is really cute.

I want these twins!!! I keep talking myself out of them because I have so many dolls but I love that they are sold 'as' twins and have a whole story about them and being twins. How fun!!

Is this a new face sculpt? I couldn't decide. At first I thought she was the same old one but... Looking closer I am not sure. Her nose seems thinner?

Not a new sculpt but I love her ensemble!

I think this gal might be new too? Do you guys remember?

Naturally I stopped in to a couple of Goodwill's enroute home yesterday too... I saw these chairs... I don't need any more doll chairs at all... They were marked $3.99 each but are pretty top notch and so I didn't think that was too much... But I don't need any doll chairs. So, I compromised and bought two of them. Bwahahahahahahahaha. Seriously though, do you know how many dolls I have? They need to sit somewhere...!

Also saw these cuties... Love their outfits and their cute faces but... NO. I left them there. So cute though!

More sad collector dolls at Goodwill. *sigh* Poor dears.I actually have a few of the Precious Moments ones and I think they are really really cute. But they are in the basement in the 'get rid of' box because, ultimately, I had to choose a 'type' and stick with it. Or I'd own every Precious Moments doll ever made before I knew it. Hahaha. But they are so cute!!

Then I saw Jesus. It was all I could do not to bring Him home!! Had to keep reminding myself "I don't collect figurines, I don't collect figurines...." I love Jesus! 

Better run!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

March Drawing For 18Inch Doll Accessories!!

Greetings And Salutations Doll Friends!!

My oh my does time ever fly!! Somehow I flew through February and now over half of March without getting a new doll item drawing for my sweet readers! I kept thinking of it and meaning to get here to post one and just getting distracted by other blog posts and 'real life'. So... To make up for it, I decided to dig through my 'misc. doll extras' box and come up with a drawing with lots of stuff in it to make up for missing February completely. It's a pretty random lot but hopefully a bit of fun for the doll who wins it. 

Included are: Five baskets, two frisbees, a 'blender' from MLA (that has a button you push and it 'works', some 'dixie cups' (red ones), some clear plastic cups (mulit-colored), two 'gold' goblets, a 'pitcher' from OG, a 'trophy', a garden chalk board sign, a bunny rabbit, two parasols (they are a tiny bit small for 18inch dolls but great for Wellie Wisher sized dolls... I had them so I threw them in), a pair of black ballet slippers, and a few plastc toys for the Easter basket (a unicorn, a dinosaur and a fairy). I think that's everything...? Please ask questions if you have them! 

How do you enter drawing? Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy!! Just like prior drawings, you just go and 'like' the PCR American Doll House Facebook Page and share the post there about the contest on your own Facebook page. That's it, super easy!

 I will draw the name of the contest winner on Sunday March 25, 2018 at  6:00PM CST.

*Contest only open to people in the United States or APO addresses due to postage costs!!* (Sorry international readers, I only have so much money to devote to my little blog here)

So, good luck!! 

Have a fantastic day!

Sunday, March 18, 2018

My Life As Doll Dress Suprise Gift From Hubby

Hi Doll Friends!!

My husband is so sweet to me... He was in Walmart the other day and wanted to surprise me with something.

So he brought home this beautiful My Life As Doll Dress. Heather is holding it and plans to model it soon... Isn't it beautiful? 

Better run!

Ilee and Valeria and Our Generation Collection Updates...

Hi Doll Friends,

Recently I've had a few blog posts I posted somewhat 'incomplete' in vein of just getting them posted.. Sometimes I am so excited to show you something that I can't make myself take the time to take additional photos or what not. So... Here are links to three posts I've updated today. 

Journey Girl Ilee has more photos on the post about her coming home to the Doll House. 

Our Generation Woodworker Doll Valeria got some more photos too and a new name. She will be called Blue. 

 Our Generation Collection... So Far... is finally done!! Or as done as it is going to get for the foreseeable future. I think going forward I am simply going to add new dolls to that post because that took some doing. Haha. I knew I had a lot of Our Generation Dolls but underestimated how long it would take to get them all photographed. Teehee.

So go check out the post updates if you're so inclined. 
I hope you're having a wonderful weekend! (or weekday if that is when you read this..)

Belated Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends,

I meant to get this posted yesterday but was having trouble getting the photos to upload... So, in the spirit of 'better late than never' I am saying Happy St. Patrick's Day a day late... Or 364 days early too I suppose. Teehee. I hope you had a wonderful one!

Juliet looks so pretty in this green dress I thought. She's wearing a little green hat I got at (in a pack of five) at the Dollar Tree. 

Till next time!

Friday, March 16, 2018

New Our Generation Beach House!

Oh Doll Friends...!

Look what Our Generation has gone and done now... Tell me I don't need it!! It is so adorable though. what do you think of it? Here is link to information about it from Target.

Golly... Too. Many. Cute. Doll. Things.


My Life As Doll Aquarium Adventures Accessories Set From Walmart

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

A few weeks ago my sweet husband brought home a suprise gift... Because he's just sweet to me and he saw it and thought I'd like it. I sure do love that fella! I'm so lucky to have him. The set he brought me was the My Life As Doll Aquarium Adventures set. It is one of the new sets this year and it is so cute!

Here are Lorilai and Prism showing off the new aquarium. 

Here is the set in the package it comes in. 


Another less 'shadowy' photo of same...

The back of the box. Angie was kind of thrilled to see her photo as the model for the set. Teehee. She's such a pretty doll. 

Here is what some of the pieces look like in the blister pack... 

As you can see, the fish (and shells) all have little plastic 'buttons' (I can't think of a word for them...? I literally sat here and thought about it... 'posts'? 'bumps'? 'pegs'?)... Whatever you may call them they can attach to the sides and bottom of the aquarium whereever you want them to go... Kind of like the ships in the game Battleship fit into the playing board in that game. Clever idea really. 

As you can see, the aquarium fits into the dolls bedroom perfectly!

Here is Prism holding the fish food. It has a handle and so the doll can hold it by themselves without any clear rubber bands to help. 

And the little fish net is also very doll friendly. Here is Lorilai ready to capture some fish so she can clean the tank... 

I think it's pretty nifty and looks pretty realistic. If you keep a real fish tank very clean, it can look like this... 

From the top...

See the little holes for the fish and shell pegs to fit into? The little plants also have pegs so they can be moved where you want. 

All put back together... It's a really great set I think especially considering it's only $8.00. It'd be a great gift for the doll loving person in your life too! 

So cute!

So if you see this set while you're out and about, pick it up for the doll loving person in your life. Even if that person is yourself. Teehee. They'll be happy you did. 

Happy Friday!