Sunday, December 10, 2017

Maru and Friends Tanya Comes Home To The Doll House!

Hi Doll Friends!!

So... I recently added Maru from Maru and Friends to my collection after finding her on Amazon for only $99.00 (with free shipping with Amazon Prime). I'd wanted her at the Maru and Friend Website price of $115 (with shipping) so when I saw her for so much less and I had birthday money to boot, I had to have her. When she arrived, I loved her so much that, when I got another bit of early Christmas money, well... I bought her 'sister' Tanya on Amazon for $99.00. She arrived on Thursday but I didn't get a chance to take her out for photos until yesterday afternoon. 

Isn't she gorgeous!?!?

I love how the box says "Open Happiness". They must know how doll collectors feel when they get a new doll! 

I also love how they come double boxed. So you can store their main display box in a box and keep it nice. Well done. 

Tanya came in a really pretty sweater and leggings with black boots. Much like I did with Maru, I am going to post this link to Confessions of a Doll Collectors Daughter's Review of Tanya. Never one to want to reinvent the wheel, I think she did a great review and is actually the source I found out about these dolls from. So shout out to Kewpie83!

 I just can't get over how beautiful these dolls are and how well made they are for the cost. I think I have at least one more Maru doll on my wish list for the future... Well, ok, maybe two. I think I'll eventually end up getting Valentina because she's lovely. I'd likely have picked her next but they didn't have her on Amazon. Then I also love Mini Pal Chad because I don't really have any 'small' boy dolls in my collection to go with all my 14inch dolls like Wellie Wishers or Heart for Hearts. So... Someday... Maybe...

I better run and get rady for church! Have a great Sunday!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Battat Giitter Girls Clothes Ensemble Sets!!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

Early last month, I discovered you could buy Glitter Girls on Amazon. After having searched in vain for them at Target's brick&mortar store, I might have gone a bit nuts when I found them all available right there to 'Buy with just one click'. The outfits are priced pretty reasonably and the fact of the matter is all of my 14 inch dolls haven't had the most diverse wardrobe because, heretofore, finding 14inch doll clothes at a good price can be problematic. So... When I found them, I felt like I was being a very 'good girl' only ordering two dolls. Since I was good though, I decided I would focus on getting some outfits... And I may or may not have gone a tad bit overboard... Nah! I have a lot of dolls who need clothes! Right?

Battat did such a great job on both the dolls and their outfits. I am really impressed! It's so nice that each outfit comes with a pair of shoes/boots too! I dressed a few different brands of dolls in them so you could see how they fit on all of them. Left to right above is: Glitter Girl Shara Wellie Wisher Adylyn, HeartforHearts Juliessa, Style Girls *not named yet?*, Glitter Girl *not named yet*, Wellie Wisher Suzi and Heart for Hearts Lauryce doll.

Here are the outfits as they arrived in the packages. They all come with a hanger too which is great because obviously the clothes are smaller for this kind of doll and 18inch doll clothes hangers are sometimes too big. I'd go into a full blown review here but 1) I am short on time today and 2) I don't tend to like to reinvent the wheel so to speak. So instead I am going to give you this link to American Girl Ideas Review Of Glitter Girl Clothes. 

Here are some photos of my girlies in the clothes.

Aren't they just the most darling clothes?

Better run!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Our Generation Aubrianna Goodwill Doll Makeover!!

Hi Doll Friends!!

As you may know if you read this blog often, I am a bit obsessed with doll makeovers and recently with rainbow wigs... Most of my doll makeovers are done on dolls I find at thrift stores because I feel like I am doing two things 1) saving a doll from a toy box nightmare or landfill grave and 2) I am saving money on buying them new as I'd be tempted to do if I couldn't ever find them second hand. The only trouble is that certain dolls are a lot harder to find than others. One doll that I've nearly considered buying new just to make her over into one of my rainbow haired beauties, is Our Generation's Aubrianna. She's so pretty and I just have thought, since I started making rainbow wigged dolls, that she'd make a great one. Then, last week at Goodwill, low and behold, who do I see laying on the shelf?

That's right! Aubrianna herself!! I grabbed her right up and walked strait to the cash register because I knew I'd found my 'find of the week'! She was sadly totally naked but was marked only $1.99! I just discovered, as I was looking for a linky for her on Our Gen's website, they must've stopped producing Aubrianna? I had no idea!? So I am doubly glad I found her!

I might've been able to restore her hair but I knew going in she'd be a rainbow wigged doll and so I didn't even bother trying... 

Poor dear had been subjected to a novice 'make up artist' at some point but I was pretty certain I'd be able to get it all off...

See? A steal!!

I think she's adorable!! I was a bit worried that the only rainbow wig I happened to have on hand, being pastel, would be too 'pale' for her... But when I put it on her I changed my mind! I think she looks adorable!! I haven't glued it on yet though because I am also drawn to this wig on Amazon when I originally thought of making over Aubrianna. So I may very well order it and change her up. What do you think? In any case, she's adorable in this transitional look.

Gotta run!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Madame Alexander Pink Snowflake Kelly 20 Inch Doll Goodwill Find!

Hi Doll Friends!!

Sometimes a doll 'finds me' when I am not even looking for her. Case in point? This adorable 20inch Madame Alexander Pink Snowflake Kelly I found at Goodwill last week for $5.00. I didn't even know such a doll existed but once I saw her, I picked her up and just couldn't make myself put her back down. 

This is her in a blue dress I bought for my daughter when she first got into 18inch dolls in 2013ish. I think it is such a cute dress and looks adorable on her. She is also sporting a new wig....

This is what she looked like at the store. Her outfit was complete but quite dirty... I suspect she was displayed by a collector but also played with a time or two. She was so adorable even looking a bit dirty and with a dried out tangly looking wig. 

As I carried her around trying to talk myself out of buying her ("You have enough dolls Heather, you don't need any more...." etc) I saw other things that were cute, like this rocking chair... I didn't buy it though, are you proud of my restraint? It was only $3.99! So hard to leave stuff like that at store but I only have so much room in the Doll House...

I also saw and Our Generation doll that I didn't buy but while I wasn't sure if I was going to buy the Kelly doll, I was considering just taking photos for the blog and telling ya'll about her and not buying her... So I took this photo by the OG I saw so you'd have been able to see the size difference. 

But I just couldn't get over her adorable face!! Madame Alexanders have a special place in my heart because Calla, my daughters very first 18inch doll, is a Madame Alexander. Then Heather Doll is also a Madame Alexander too... So, I obviously love the brand. 

There were also these three baby Madame Alexander dolls in the same spot I found Kelly in. I only remembered to take a photo for ya'll at the last moment when I finally decided to buy Kelly and get going... They were cute but luckily for my house, I don't collect baby dolls too other than baby siblings for my 14-20inch dolls

So I brought her home, cleaned her up, removed her dingy dry wig and... Tried on a few wigs...

Ultimately I decided on this one. I think it looks similar enough to her orignal style but also bright and shiny and pretty. 

Isn't she pretty?! Had you ever heard of this kind of doll before? Let me know in comments!

Better run! 
Till next time!