Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Ikea Skubb Zippered Underbed Storage Case Great For Dolls!

Doll Friends!

Recently I went to a Rummage Sale at a local church... One thing I bought was a brand new Ikea Skubb Zippered Storage Box. It was only $2.00 even though it was still in the package! I actually bought it for it's intended purpose of, well, storing things under the bed. Namely in my daughters room, hoping to help her organize a bit better. Sadly, when I finally set about using it for that purpose the box didn't fit under her bed because it was too tall. So I set it aside thinking I'd just donate it to Goodwill since I don't have any other beds it would be appropriate for either. Then, when I was folding it down, I had a thought... "Hey, I wonder if dolls would fit in here?" Most under the bed boxes I've checked were small/short for dolls to fit. I know because I do have a shelf in my basement that fits standard cardboard underbed boxes perfectly and I store the dolls Christmas stuff in... They are too short for dolls to fit in any way except lengthwise. I know I've tried. Doll storage is one of my constant trains of thought when it comes to my doll hobby... For obvious reasons. LOL

However, this one seemed a lot larger than any underbed box I'd seen before...
So I gave it a try and.... They fit like a dream!!?!? Woot! I can fit eight or nine dolls in there very easily! There are 'hard' board inserts in all sides other than the zippered front and so they even stand very well. The case seems sturdy enough to even pick it up with the top handles (that are meant to be side handles if you had it under the bed) to move it. I found myself wishing I had like ten of them!! Because they could keep dust off the dolls but still give you easy access! How COOL!! So, off I skipped to the Google to see if I could buy some more on Ikea... Aaaaaand... 
They must be discontinued! 
I read that they used to be like $8.95 too and that's not bad for storage for nine or maybe even ten dolls if you tried! They can be found on Amazon Marketplace and on eBay but not for $9.00 each! And certainly not for $2 each!

So I guess I'll add them to my wish lists on eBay and Amazon and hope I find more someday for a good price. Meanwhile I'll be happy to have dust free storage for nine of my dolls. Here it is stowed behind a futon. Perfect! 

I also found this doll tent for $1.00! Woot! Just in time for upcoming Doll Camping Trips!

Better run! Where does the time go?

Monday, May 13, 2019

Doppelganger Dolls Of My Pastor and Pastor's Wife!

Hi Doll Friends,

I recently got a Boy Story Doll and the whole reason I wanted one in my collection is because he makes a perfect doppelganger doll for my pastor Bart. I had a doll for his wife, Jenn Doll for quite some time. However, I hadn't been able to find a Bart doll until I saw the Boy Story Doll and knew he'd be perfect! 

A few weeks ago I had some time before church on a Wednesday night and brought in both dolls to take some photos at church! 

I had so much fun taking the photos...! They are making me smile right just posting them. 

I was so glad that the worship team was practicing so I could get photos of Pastor Bart in the sanctuary with them...!

I couldn't figure out how to get the best lighting so I took several...

I think this one is my favorite. 

And here are the real Jenn and Bart! 
How do you think I did with the doppelgangers? 

I better run!
Happy Monday!

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Thrifting; My Most Recent Sightings and Purchases!

Hi Doll Friends!

More thrifting sights... And purchases... I'll start with the sights. 
I wanted this table and chairs!! (above) It was only $10 for the table and both chairs but... I have so many chairs and tables that I made myself put it back.

See, here it is in my cart. I did buy the doll carrying bag though. I find I can never have too many of those since I love to carry my dolls here there and the other place for doll photography

I also saw this salon chair by My Life As Doll...
But I left it there cos I already have two salon chairs. 

This little wagon was adorable but... Again... I have one. It occurs to me I might not have shown it to you...? Hmmm. I'll have to do that soon. 

This dresser was a bit large in scale for the dolls but I thought it was nifty and figured I'd show it to you too. 

This would've been perfect for Wellie Wisher sized dolls but... I have a lot of chairs...

Kind of cute but I have loads of doll furniture. 

I got these glasses from a good girlfriend of mine so I figured I'd show you randomly in the middle of this post. Hahaha. Isn't Fifer cute in them? 

Then there are the items I couldn't pass up... I can never turn down a grab bag of doll clothes...! These two were only $2.00 each! Woot!

I got some great stuff out of them! These are all 18inch doll clothes, one of them (the gray skirt) is even actually an American Girl item. How fun! The other items were all baby doll clothes and so not my thing. They'll be redonated to Goodwill. 

This little bag of doll shoes I bought just for the Disney Princess shoes. They will fit some of the Wellie Wisher sized dolls. The two pewter cats I bought for doll house decorations. The record player was too cool to pass up! It's actually a gramophone I think but it's missing it's little cone speaker. So I am going to remove the 'arm' that was meant to hold the speaker cone up and just have it be a regular record player. Isn't it swell?

The best part? It actually 'works'! I am not sure if this video will work or not, never posted one in a blog post before I don't think? But if it does, this is how it sounds!

**It didn't work!** Rats. Sorry guys...

Better go or I'll be late for church!

PS Happy Mothers Day!

Kindred Heart Paige Gets A Twin...!

Doll Friends!

Recently I customized my Kindred Heart Paige. When I went to Amazon to find a link to put on that post and what did I find but that, then, Paige had gone down in price to only $21.55! I impulsively purchased a second one! She arrived in short order and here she is with Lee Hye-bin! 

I bought her with with customization in mind... I won't lie, one reason Lee Hye-bin got her makeover was that I was never very thrilled about her hair. Her bangs were just... what's a good word? Flat I guess... Well, when Paige #2 arrived, I was glad to see that I thought same thing about this one. She even had unevenly cut bangs...! So I didn't feel bad at all about cutting off her hair. 

I started to make a little progression photography thing session where Lee Hye-bin greeted her... But then I didn't get it finished... I figured I'd share the ones I took. 

I decided to give her a 'natural' color wig and plan to name her after another one of my daughters favorite Kpop stars... I'll reveal the name after I tell my daughter! 

Isn't she adorable?!?! I love her!

I better run! I want to finish several posts this morning because I've been so flaky lately... 

Have a great day!

Saturday, May 4, 2019

MeiMei 16inch Doll From Amazon Less Than $9.00!

Doll Friends!

It wasn't my fault! I was innocently enough shopping researching on Amazon and noticed a 'suggested item'... A MeiMei 16inch Girl Doll for less than $9.00!? What? I was actually shopping for an office supply at the time but I impulsively popped her in my cart and two days later she was on my door step. 

She comes in a very plain box... Not like the beautiful box the MeiMei 18inch Doll I have living in the Doll House named Vonda. But obviously at the price point she is at it's no big surprise. 

Every other thing about her was top notch and right on par with my other MeiMei Doll though!

She comes in a plastic ziplock bag...

Her dress and shoes are pretty nice... 

Here is the sticker on her bag...

I finally got a chance to take her outside for some proper photos this morning...

She really is a sweet little doll...

Her face seems pensive... Like she's got something on her mind...

I think she looks like she could be Vonda Doll's little sister... 

I better run...
I hope you have a great weekend!