Sunday, July 22, 2018

Farvision Boy Doll School Uniform From Amazon!

Hi Doll Friends!

I've been on a bit of a mini-break... So I haven't posted in nearly a week! I didn't take the four days off from doll-ing completely but I did take the time off from the Internet for the most part... Well, other than shopping researching. Totally different, that. Right? 

Anyway, so over my mini-break, I had some parcels arrive in the post! Ever since the Fancy Spring Dance, I've been keeping my eyes out for 'dressy' doll clothes... So maybe the next time I have a dance the boys can come and not have to dress in 'jock clothes'. Amazon has had a line of dolls and doll clothes that have intrigued me for a while now. They are called 'Farvision'. So... When I saw their boy doll school uniform I decided I'd try out an outfit first. Maybe someday I'll get one of their dolls... We will see. I've been waiting for Amazon reviews of them but so far not much. Do any of you, dear readers, own a Farvision doll? I'd love to hear about it!! I digress... 

Aaaaand... I think it's pretty fantastic especially considering the whole outfit is only $14.99. I think I'll be buying more.... Teehee... I mean, they'd all look the same but I've been playing with ideas on how to make doll ties so.... We will see.

Here is the card included...

Kind of sweet! A little card!

Nice fabric...

Real buttons!! Nice!!

The inside tag...

The khaki pants... And belt!!

Velcro AND snap! Nice feature.

Real pockets!

Handsome outfit. Yes, I am sure I'll buy more... 

(look in left side mirror? LOL The mirror made his face look funny. Weird right?)

Better run!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Rootbeer Mug Keychain For Leanne Doll!!

Hi Doll Friends!

I have a life long sister friend named Leanne who knows about my little blog here... She was out shopping on the webs-of-the-world-wide one day and happened across a doll sized beer rootbeer mug. On an sweet and endearing impluse she sent it to me for the Doll House Village. Of course I have a doppelganger doll of Leanne and real Leanne loves beer rootbeer. When it arrived I couldn't have been more tickled. The way to my heart is via doll related gifts, just ask my husband! Teehee. However, Leanne had done same thing I've done more than once and not realized the 'scale' of the beer rootbeer. It was actually made for 1:12 scaled doll houses and American Girl Doll sized items are 1:3 scaled. So... A tiny bit small. No matter to me! I was determined to use it in some way for Leanne Doll! *puzzling I was* then *lightbulb!* I decided to make it into a keychain for Leanne Doll's keys!! Where to find doll sized keys though? Then one day at the craft store I found a little box of keys that were perfectly sized!! I wish I'd have taken a photo and somehow I've misplaced the packaging. What can I say, found the keys like a month ago but had put the beer rootbeer in a 'safe place' and it took me that much time to find it again. Teehee. So it was a super safe place! Anyway, but they were very much like these here. Then I needed another key ring or some way to make them all hook together...? Then last week, I found this 'Queen' charm that is actually made, I think, for a charm bracelet. To me though, it screamed 'key ring for a doll'! Specifically for my sweet Leanne Doll! It lit the fire under me to search more in earnest for the beer rootbeer. Then, low and behold, I found it in the last box I looked in! (Side note: why do people say that? Of course you don't keep looking once you find it right? So I have been saying it with 'irony' for years but irony doesn't really come across in print does it? I digress...) 

And it came together perfectly!! See the little heart shaped loop Leanne Doll is holding the keys with? Well, it was actually one of the keys but when I was trying to put it on Leanne Doll's hand I pushed a bit too hard apparently and the bottom of the key broke off. Duh. However, it went on her finger! Then I looked at it and it looked kind of like it was meant to be that way...? In anycase, I left it as it was so Leanne Doll would have a great way to carry her keys. 

Aren't they cute?! 

Better run!

Splash splash splash
(Inside greeting between me and Leanne)

Monday, July 16, 2018

Laura Ingalls Wilder Settling In To The Doll House!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

Where does the time go? How can it be Monday again already? Right? Speaking of time... Our sweet little time traveler, Laura Ingalls Wilder, is settling nicely into the Doll House Village! I am working on a YouTube video of the story of her arrival... It's going to be a long one I think. I am going to have the girls all welcome her to the Doll House Village wearing dresses and not using any 'modern' devices around her at first so as to not give her too much culture shock! I mean, she is still in the midwestern United States but, well, it certainly has changed a bit since her time here. 

In keeping with that story line, I re-dressed her in a dress I had in the Doll Wardrobe from one of my Heidi Ott Faithful Friend dolls. The Queen's Treasures actually makes a American Prairie Dress that is rather pretty but, knowing I had this dress that absolutely never gets worn by my more modern dolls, I knew I didn't need it really. I do like the Prairie Calico Dress they sell though and it's a bit less than the other one so.. Maybe someday. 

Doesn't the blue dress really bring out her eyes?! 

I also gave her a calico knecklace because I thought it would be time period appropriate and, when she starts to wear more modern fashions, it'll be a bit of her history in the outfit. Teehee...

I decied to have Diane welcome her to the Doll House. Real Diane love love loved Laura Ingalls Wilder so, how could I not? 

Diane asks her if she'd like to change into some clothes that are a little less warm for the season...

"Is it ok if I leave my doll here on the chair...?"

Stay tuned for the rest of the story...


Friday, July 13, 2018

Thrifty Shopping Score! Better Beauty Cases For Doll Accessories!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

Do you ever find something and wonder "How did I live without this in my life so far?" because it's just so handy and perfect for what you need it for? Well, I was lucky enough to come across one of those finds this week at Goodwill. I always keep my eyes open for all manner of things but one of those things is "shiny and new looking" no matter what it is. If it looks like it's brand spanking new, I'll pick it up and look at it. Cos, well, you never know. So when I saw these shiny and new looking purple bags, I picked one up... After I realized what it was and how cool it was, I grabbed up the other two before anyone else had a chance to see them. 

Side note: You have to be ruthless at Thrift Stores! If you're not sure if you want something, pick it up anyway and put it in your shopping buggy. You can always change your mind but if you leave it on the shelf, it's gone 9 times out of 10 when you decide you want it and go back to look... Word to the wise... I'd know from experience. Eh?

What did I find exactly? Well, I'd never heard of them before but they are called "Better Beauty Cases" by Joy Mets. Obviously they are made for makeup and beauty products but... They will be perfect for doll accessories too!! They were brand spanking new and marked $3.99 for large and $2.99 each for other two! So for $9.99 I got all three! Score!!

See, you open them up and there are all these smaller zippered pouches inside each one.The coolest part being that they have velcro on the back of each pouch so you can just grab one of them and not have to take the whole case... Handy! Also you can see at a glance what is in each one and only open the zipper to the pouch you want to get something out of instead of rifling through some big bag. You, I am sure, are clever enough to imagine how handy this will be for doll items!

 I plan to use the smallest one for my dolls eye-glasses. I am forever forgetting to even put eye-wear on my dolls because they are all in a box in a shelf and I tend to forget I even have them until I am done with half a photo shoot! It will be much easier to remember them if I put the 'eye glasses case' with the other doll accessories as a visual reminder to take care of my dollies eye health. 

The largest case will hold my doll socks! I've never ever found a good solution to storing doll socks and this will be perfect because I will be able to sort them by type and color and not have to rifle through a huge bin of socks to find the two I need. 

I plan to use the mama-sized medium sized bag for my 'misc' doll accessories... Think 'long fancy evening gloves' and doll scarves and such... I am so excited to be more organized and know all of the items I put in these cases will be used more often for my having easy access to them. 

Sweet! Right?

And... Here's what I didn't buy but had to show you... So I can show you that I don't buy every single doll or doll related item I find. I thought this OG doll was cute and in great shape (Her hair is amazing shape for textured/curly hair on a Goodwill doll!). However, I just had a bit of a doll purge (maybe I'll make a post about that soon...) and more than one OG doll moved on to greener pastures and so... She stayed there to be some other little girls find. I almost bought her for her cute shoes... She was only marked $1.99 but... Then I didn't for some reason...? (I'd have re-donated the doll... Oh well... I have lots of doll shoes)

This one almost got me. Because oh. my. cute! Right? But 1) it's really pretty large and would take a lot of room to store for an item that wouldn't really realisitically be used too often. and 2) it was marked $9.99. Not horrible but not a price that begged me to buy it even if I might end up on an episode of Extreme Hoarders

More doll beds... I thought they were a little nuts being priced at $7.99 each. They are only like $35 brand spanking new... But I am obviously used to really really good deals. Teehee. They did have mattresses and that can be rare in doll beds second hand so...

Another item that almost got me and honestly now I am like "Why didn't I buy that?!" It would've been such a cute corner shelf in the living room or dining room of Doll House. Darn it. Maybe no one else will want it and it'll still be there the next time I go to this Goodwill... Heeheehee...

A Springfield doll that I picked up and put in cart for a few minutes because I don't have the blonde haired blue eyed version but ultimately decided to leave at the store. I can't house all the dolls
I guess..

A cute little dresser in an interesting shape... But I don't need any more doll dressers. My doll bedrooms are chockablock full up already. 

This was cool! I am not sure if it was meant to be a doll bed or a dog bed. It was pretty big! If I had a huge house and a huge doll room I might've bought it just as a cool place to display dolls but... Nope. Still... Isn't it cool? 

Better run!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Laura Ingalls Wilder Comes To Live At The Doll House!!

Doll Friends!

She's been on my 'doll wish list' for a while now... But recently I decided to move her to the top of the list and so when some Doll Mad Money found me, she made her way to my house. Teehee. Isn't the internet amazing? Oh the tedium it would be if I had to go searching for a specialty doll store or to order from a catalog. Eh? I digress... 

So she arrived yesterday. Wednesday being my busiest day of the week, I only got a chance to open up her box and get her out for a very few photos. I have to say that one of the reasons little Miss Laura here hadn't ever made it to the top of my list was that I could never decide just how I felt about her face sculpt. It's really kind of different than many sculpts in that she has a permanent little grin on her face. However, of all of Queen's Treasures dolls she was my favorite. Then, recently Laura was in the news... I won't get into the whole reason for that because I do try and keep my little blog here politically neutral. But the amazing woman that was Laura Ingalls Wilder somehow managed to get her name dragged through the mud for having the audacity to have the worldview that was common to everyone in her world at the time. That annoys me. I'll hush lest I break my rule. Perhaps I already have? But I have loved Laura Ingalls Wilder books since I was a child and they were a particular favorite of my dear sweet mom and so... How to show support? How better than to have Laura Ingalls Wilder come to live at the Doll House Village? Teehee. I am planning a whole story of how she time travels and all manner... Fun fun! 

Side note... I looked up facts about Laura that I'd never thought to question before. I am a tiny bit perplexed why they chose to make her eyes blue when real Laura had brown eyes? I mean, this doll has some of the most striking blue eyes you've ever seen on a doll but I imagine they could've made striking brown eyes as well. Strange. (Nothing personal Queen's Treasures but that is rather odd. Don't you have search engines on your computers too? Heehee. Just kidding!) In any case, after getting her home I found her much more beautiful in person than I ever did in their stock photos. I mean, really, she's just pretty. 

So, I am sure you'll start seeing Laura in many upcoming stories from the Doll House Village.

Better run! Where oh where does the time go?

I give you, the unboxing, in photos:

What, oh what is this doll house? Hmmmm...

This little note literally made me laugh out loud. "I might stink but it'll wear off."
I just giggled again.
Too funny!