Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Our Generation Doll Ice Cream Truck and Jeep Goodwill Scores!!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

As I mentioned in my last post, I recently got a couple of amazing things at Goodwill. I had a reader exclaim the other day "You have such amazing thrift stores!" and I can't disagree. Something about living in a large metropolitan area in the midwest I guess... The land of plenty, really, and people are generous, even with their 'cast off' toys. There's more than one reason I think I live in paradise and that's one of them. I jokingly say "There are three amazing malls in the city and all three of them are constantly feeding the Goodwill stores". It's the truth, really. Trust me, I understand the difference between good thrift stores and Goodwill's and bad ones. I have two decent cized cities within an hours drive of where I live... One of them has amazing, clean, well run Goodwill stores. The other? Not so much. I literally don't even bother to drop into the Goodwill stores in the off chance I am in the 'other' city. Their stuff looks like leftovers from a pretty dirty garage sale and they mark it like they think they are TJ Maxx or something. Um. No. So... I am sorry to boast and gush about my 'finds' sometimes knowing that many of my readers don't have access to such amazing thrift stores... But on the other hand I want to encourage people to 'always look' for second hand items because, well, they are out there and it's a great way to get doll items you want without breaking the bank.
 *looks at the last paragraph and wonders where that came from*
Golly I talk a lot... On to the 'finds'!

This little Ice Cream Truck is a case of me getting something I never even knew I wanted until I owned it. It is so utterly cool!! It is in perfect shape other than not having come with any of the small accessories (food etc.). The steering wheel, when it turns, engages the 'turn signal' lights, it plays 'ice cream truck' music, it has working headlights, it has break lights that work when you mash the break pedal! On and on with the cool cool cool! I'd give you a 'full review' of all the coolness but, you know me, I don't like to reinvent the wheel... American Girl Idea's Video about the truck will show you much better than I can tell you about how amazing this truck is. 

So here is the truck after I got it home, outside my garage...

Isn't it nifty?? 

I decided I'd make a little story about Myfanwy Doll buying the truck. My friend Myfanwy is an amazing cook and we're always joking with her that she should open a diner or something... So when I was puzzling which of my dolls should own the food truck (because I am going to make mine a food truck, not just ice cream) I immediately thought it would be awesome to have it be Myfanwy. Perfect!

In my little Doll Story, I had David play the 'seller' be the seller of the food truck. Kevin, Myfanwy's beau, and Kevin, Heather's beau, came a long to look over the mechanics of the truck. 

Josh is a mechanical genius and looks over the truck very carefully... 

And everything seems to be in order! 

"I'll take it!" Myfanwy said to David. She sealed the deal with a handshake.

"I own my own business!!" 

"Congrats babe" Kevin said to Myfanwy

Now it's time to clean it up and get it ready to roll!!

((I also got a Jeep at Goodwill and this is where I am entering it into the story. Teehee))

Josh and Heather brought along a brand new air freshener for the truck when they came to help clean it well for it's grand opening!

"Thanks guys!!" Myfanwy said. 

Heather and Myfanwy set to work cleaning inside. 

Josh and Kevin added window cleaner to the windshield wipers and checked the oil and air in the tires.

When the guys had finished the mechanical stuff they took a little ride on the motorcycles while the girls finished up the cleaning. 

When you own your own food truck, you have to do windows!

Soon enough it was all spruced up and time for a refreshing drink. 

"We're all done! Did ya'll have a good ride?" asked Heather.

"Yes, it was fantastic! Lets go get a bite to eat at Calla's Diner! My treat to celebrate your new business!" said Josh. 

"Great idea! Let's go!" 

"Stay tuned for the next episode of "Dolls Days Of Our Lives" said the announcer. 

Wanna see the story as a YouTube video with more photos included? Here is Part One: Myfanwy Buys A Food Truck and here is Part Two: Friends Clean Up Myfanwy's Food Truck.

Better run!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

American Girl Doll Molly Scenes & Settings eBay Find!!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

Oh my goodness! I am so excited about my most recent eBay treasure find!! I've been coveting several of the American Girl Doll Scene's and Settings background books for, well, as long as I've known they even existed. They don't make them anymore and they are really large and therefore expensive to ship in the rare instance that they even show up on eBay. Being as they are made out of cardboard, albeit very sturdy cardboard, I am sure quite a few of them got damaged and/or *gulp* thrown away by their original owners. Sometimes it's easy to forget that many people in the world see dolls as 'just any other toy' and many people just toss out toys when their kids don't play with them anymore. So.... Suffice to say the Scenes & Settings are rare and expensive. Still.... I kept them on my watchlist on eBay just in case. You know, for research purposes and all... Teehee. Then, a week or so ago what did I see on eBay? A Molly Scenes and Settings that was in a price range I could afford and better still? Shipping that wasn't totally insane! I snatched it up before I could change my mind or someone else could buy it (it was even on a Buy-It-Now at the good price?! Woot!). It arrived yesterday and I love love love it. Now I want ALL the Scenes & Settings!! But for now, here is the one I found.

Here is Diane Doll modeling the front cover background... So realistic!! Diane Doll is who I kind of bought the Molly Scenes&Setting 'for'. Diane Doll is a doppelganger of my Mom and the 1940s are when she was born... So she always loved that era of decorations. So, these are perfect for her!

I just took a few photos on the fly... I am sure I'll get better ones going foward with better lighting and such... But aren't they fabulous??

I love love love the kitchen!!

So I look forward to many many doll stories being told with these backgrounds!! Do any of you have any of the AG Scenes & Settings? I'd love to see your photos!


Monday, June 18, 2018

Doll Thrifting Recently! What Did I Buy? What Did I Leave Behind?

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

Thrifting! One of my favorite ways to shop! It's like going on a treasure hunt where you know you might find a treasure every single time you walk in to the store. Like even a day after you've been there! Cos you just never know who is going to donate what. Addictive even, just a little. Luckily it's also not too expensive. Much less dangerous than being addicted to the mall or Target stores (you know who you are! LOL No judgement, we all have our thing!). So what have I spotted recently? 

More beautiful yet forlorn and forsaken porcelain dolls. They don't fair well at Goodwill or thrift stores unless they are purchased quickly. One of the very reasons I am not fond of them is that they are so fragile! A fragile toy....? Just never made sense to me. But some of their face sculpts are rather breathtaking and/or adorable. So I photo the ones I find most interesting such as those above. I really like the middle two girls (in white and pink) in the top photo. If they were made of vinyl, they'd be in the Doll House right now. So pretty! The one on the far left in the top is also adorable. Such a shame. 

Another doll stylist chair. I picked it up and walked around with it in my cart (It was only marked $1.99) but I ultimately put it back. I have two stylist chairs already and I STILL haven't made a Beauty Parlor post so... I guess I don't need a third. I need to get on that Beauty Parlor post, speaking of. Always so many things to do! 

I didn't even take him off the shelf. I have four large horses and more ponies than that. No! Don't touch it!! Hahaha!

Another cute chair.... But I have loads and loads of chairs... 

I liked this little chest and how it had feet but forced self not even pick it up. I only have so much room!

This beauty, however, went directly into the buggy. I love it. Can't wait to show you the end result... Just need to get photos done. I'll link back when I do (if I remember... If I don't leave a comment and I'll come back and do so...) 

This handbag had to happen. So cute!

This 'window' came home for a project too...

It had a little wood angel sitting on the stoop but I pulled it off for my project before I thought to photo. Sometimes I just set right to work! Teehee. Again, I'll have to link back to show you what I did with it. 

Uh Oh. Um... Yeah... So... I couldn't help it!! I bought every single thing except the My Life As Spinning closet. I ultimately decided I didn't have room for it and didn't think it would be all that good for doll photos and such anyway. Even though it was only $1.99. I literally walked around for about 20 mins deliberating... And, to be honest, waiting to make sure any more of the rest of whomever donated these amazing items might've donated more! Hahaha. The Our Gen Ice Cream Truck was only marked $5.99. It was marked 'as-is' so I assume they thought something was wrong with it? But I couldn't find a thing wrong.... Who knows? The jeep was marked $7.99 and the little My Life As fella was $1.99. SUCH A SCORE on all THREE! I've since made quite a few photos and YouTube Videos with the food truck and the jeep. They are going to be so much fun! My husband was a bit taken aback when he saw them... They are huge. Luckily we have a rather large (unfinished) basement where we can store big stuff like this when we are not using it. I think I am going to have to build a few shelves down there. Teehee.

Better run!