Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Vintage Kelly Little Sister to Barbie 16inch Doll Joins the Doll House

Hello Doll Friends!

Guess what? I got another doll!! Are you surprised? I thought not. What can I say? I am like the Duggar Mom for dolls... I just can't keep from wanting more! At least I don't have to feed them! This little beauty is a Vintage 1994 Mattel Kelly, Little Sister to Barbie, 16inch doll. I have a lovely friend who works at one of my favorite thrift stores and I just happen to meander in on the day she got her 'showcase' items in. This lovely doll is in 'new' condition other than a little case of 'toy box hair'. I am not sure how she stayed in such great shape for a 20+ year old doll but all I could do was to snatch her up for her $15 asking price. Her little accessories and outfits alone were worth that much really... What did I have to lose? 

Here are the items she came with minus the little cat carrying sling that was also included. I wasn't even sure it went with her originally but after I brought her home I did some research on her and sure enough, it was original to her as well. 

Here is a photo I found of her online, in her original box. As best as I can tell, she is only missing the little pink rabbit and one slipper from her original items. She is very clean... I imagine she must've been gifted to an older child who didn't play with her or a collector because she is literally as clean as she probably was the day she came out of the box. Note that the online one I found lists her as from 2000, but the back of her neck says 1994 so that is the number I decided to land on, age wise. 

Kelly has a soft, nonarticulated body, like a baby doll, and plastic legs and arms. She has fully rooted, thick hair of pretty decent quality. Here she is in the Doll House. Summer (a Positively Perfect Divah Doll) is modeling her PJ's, they fit just right and you can see that her little cookies and juice box are next to her on the shelf by the bed. She and her accessories fit right in!

That's all for now Doll Friends! See you next time!

Vintage 1987 Victoria Ashlea Originals by Bette Bell 16inch Doll Little Sister for American Girl Dolls

Hello Doll Friends!

Well, I am going to just come clean with this post and admit that I, Penniless, am hopelessly addicted to dolls. When I find them for next to nothing, I can't help but bring them home. The trouble is, I have a talent for finding things for next to nothing! Case in point right this moment we have a this adorable Vintage 1987 Victoria Ashlea Originals by Bette Bell 16" Doll. When I first noticed her at Goodwill, it was for her cute dress. I wasn't sure how I felt about her really otherwise but I grabbed her up for the $1.99 they had on her and brought her home. 

Here is the mark on the back of her neck. She was a limited edition doll of 1000 made in 1987 but the ink on her personal number has blurred over time. So, she's one in a 1000 but we're just not sure which one. Not that it matters to me, I don't really buy dolls for their monetary value, I just collect them because I love them. 

Here is the tag inside her dress, which is made very well! As for how she is made, she has a soft, non-articulated body with arms that are cloth up to her forearms, and down to her mid thigh. She can't stand by herself and doesn't sit as well as she would if she had an armature. Maybe I'll put one in her sometime... We will see. She has nice, full, good quality wigged hair and sleepy eyes. She is 16inches  tall and can wear many clothes that are designed for American Girl Dolls, although they are naturally too long in the legs, so mostly skirts and dresses are able to be shared. 

The first thing I did when I brought her home was to change her clothes. No girl wants to wear the same outfit for over two decades! Here she is with some of my other dollies. Often people ask me what sort of doll is in photos so from left to right we have a My Life As (Walmart) Doll, a Vintage Mattel, my new dolly and a Just Pretend doll.

I still need to show you her 'details'... But I'll have to update blog when I get that part done....

I was so excited to show her off that I just snapped a photo in the 'real' world and didn't take the time to set up a room of the Doll House to photograph her in. Yet... 'Real life' has been keeping me far too busy of late, it's a Summer problem for all Mom's I expect. I haven't had a chance to blog nearly as much a I'd like but never fear... I'll be back more often as soon as life slows down. It always ebb's and flows like that. In the meantime, thanks for stopping by and I hope this finds you and your's having a wonderful beginning of summer!

Till next time!

TollyTot 20" Doll Ariel Joins the Doll Posse!

Hi Doll Friends!

Just a quick post here to show you my latest 'haul' from a thrift store. 

I got all this for $4. The dolls were 99c each and the doll bed was also.

I didn't know what to make of the Ariel doll. I'd never seen anything like her before. I am not going to lie, there are only two reasons I bought her. 1) I have a flat out weakness for Ariel. She is my favorite Disney princess and has been since my best friend in High School memorized The Little Mermaid when we'd basically live at each other's houses when we were teens. Then 2) I was going to steal her dress for my other dolls at the very least. 99cents for a sparkly doll dress is pretty good. 

Except for when I got it home, I realized it was attached?!?

It had 'lights' in the dress and when Ariel spoke when you push the button in her chest, they light up. Kind of creepy I thought! I thought I'd probably get rid of her because who wants a doll with a dress you can't take off. Pretty sure the prior owners had the same thought... Till...

I opened up her back panel and realized you could remove the dress by taking out the cable. We also took out the batteries because I am not a fan of talking dolls. As I looked her over, low and behold what do I find but that she is a TollyTot doll! TollyTot's are some of my favorite of all the 18" dolls ever made! I am loving her more and more as I look her over. 


Stay tuned! Belle is a recent find too!

PSS Did you notice the first photo had a one eye'd doll with a green dress? Well, look how amazing it looks on Lilly, my HeartforHeart doll! I have learned to always look at the dresses on dolls even if the doll itself is in bad repair. So pretty!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Vintage Mattel Emotions Cameo Sabrina 20" Doll

Hello Doll Friends!

Just found this draft buried in my blogger app. I can't believe I didn't post it! I got this beautiful doll from eBay for a song. 

She is 20" tall and has vinyl head and hands and lower arms. She is otherwise cloth. She came named Sabrina but I re-named her Diane. I love her!

Here she is with Florence my OG doll.

And with Salome, my Sekiguchi doll.

Both Sabrina/Diane and Salome were made by Mattel in the 1980s. I wrote about the Sekiguchi dolls in a prior post. They are some of my favorite 18" dolls! That is saying something!

Here is her tag.

Don't you love her little story?

She was made in 1986. She had never been removed from her clothes. Sadly she is currently packed in storage because we are in middle of moving! (This is being written Sept 11th, not when it shows as posted) So I can't show you the rest of her details till after we get settled again. In the meantime, she is getting at least a partial write up! I wish I had more time to devote to my little hobby here but I guess that means it's a good hobby, huh?

Till next time!