Thursday, March 31, 2016

Victorian Marigold Market 18inch Doll Clothes at Hobby Lobby!

Hi Doll Friends!

Ran by Hobby Lobby the other day to grab my 40% off treat. If I am in town I always run by Michael's and/or Hobby Lobby if I am close by them because Dollies could always use another pair of shoes or a new ensemble if I can grab them for under $5. Right? I digress... 

So I get to doll section and what do I see? New items! The Marigold Market doll clothes line is making Victorian era costumes now! Nice!

The store I went to had two styles... The blue one is my favorite. I suppose the red one is more Southern Belle now I consider but... Eitherwise, very pretty dresses. The price point is two dollars more than the other Marigold Market sets. I didn't buy one because I went specially for something else...

I had noted that before Hobby Lobby launched their doll clothes line under the name Marigold Market they had them just on black cardboard hangers and they were $7.99. When they changed to Marigold Market, the packaging changed to a plastic bag with cardboard photo of outfit. The price also went up $2. I understand because the packaging would cost more and the plastic bag type  displays better. The same way real people clothes look less appealing on the hanger often applies to doll clothes as well. 

The clothes themselves were exactly the same... Luck would have it that they had one of the bathing suit ensembles left the day I went! So I got this cute swim suit for less than $5! Nice! I've been wanting to do a review of a few swim suit sets and so it was perfect!

I actually happened by two different Hobby Lobby stores in my errands that day... I know, lucky right? So I ran into second  one and got this Springfield swim suit for less than $5 too! 

Right next to the doll stuff in that store, I saw these little charms! I LOVE the cameo one! I am planning on making jewelry for the dolls from them... Just gotta figure out what to use for chain. Maybe a tiny ribbon would work? Hmmm... I'll be thinking about it!

I'll be back with the doll swim suit review soon!! Have so many blog posts to get written!! So many dolls, so little time.

That's it for now!
Till next time!

Sophia's 18inch Doll Sized Banana Split Set

Hi Doll Friends!

There are just so many fun things made for dolls now!

I've wanted to check out Sophia's Doll Accessories ever since I saw them on Amazon. They have all manner of fun doll food accessories! I eventually imagine I'll get the Birthday cake set because it is too stinking cute... But the one I decided to try first?

I went with the Banana Split Set because it was one of the least expensive. Might as well make sure I think they are good quality before I spend more right? 

Well I love it! The whole set is top notch! It has seven pieces; two banana splits, two plastic spoons, two lace edged white cloth napkins and a black and white table runner. 

It all comes in this adorable pink checked gift box that is sturdy and could be used to store them in. (If you weren't short on doll space all the time like I am!) 

It was so attractively boxed! Just this cute set would be a perfect gift for a casual playmate of your daughter!

It comes with an enclosure showing other Sophia sets available. Of course. Because planning!

Here is Florence enjoying her ice cream.

So is the newest doll house member who hasn't been talkative enough to tell us her name yet... Perhaps she'll feel a bit more comfortable with a bit of ice cream?

This really is a great set. At ~$6.99 on Amazon, it'd be a great item to add to your next order and make the 18inch doll loving person in your life smile!

That's it for now Doll Friends!
Till next time!

A Tale of Three Our Generation Dolls! Easter Gift From Best Husband Ever!

Hi Doll Friends!!! 

Guess what? Lent is over and I am free to buy dolls again! It's probably good I took the time off of buying them because it's made me focus on reviewing doll items instead of just dolls... Makes for a better rounded blog that way! 

My husband, sweetest guy on earth like he is, knew I'd been missing buying new dolls though and so for Easter he surprised me.

With not one, not two but three new Our Generation dolls! He knows my favorites (I may or may not have given him a wish list...) and apparently Target had a "Buy Two Get One Free" sale on Our Generation stuff. Wow!

He ordered them online and managed to keep them hidden until Easter. 

I've never ordered a doll online before from OG and so I didn't know they came packaged differently! I really prefer these boxes!! Simple and slimline, I think all my future OG dolls will come mail order because they are fabulous. I plan to keep the boxes in garage in case I ever need to mail a doll anywhere cos they're perfect for that! I digress...

I thought I liked the boxes before I opened them but then I really liked them! The only impediment to getting her out was that one cardboard insert to hold her in place. That's it! None of her sewn to the box hooked with a bunch of twist ties or anything. Love it.

They just come in a clear plastic bag.

Un boxing all three took like five minutes!

I love them! Of course! 

That's it for now doll friends! Never enough time to write all I would like because I have to go off and do the adult things... Haha! Adulting is for the birds!


Love her fur vest!!

Love her trench coat!

Love her whole ensemble!

So pretty!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter From The Doll House!!

Happy Easter Doll Friends!

It's a beautiful day in Nebraska! Perfect Easter Sunday weather. 

After church I was able to sneak outside and get a few photos of dolls dressed up in spring dresses I've made in the past.

I got the little Easter baskets at a Thrift Store sometime during the last year... I packed them away in my regular Easter ornaments and was so tickled when I ran across them! I'd forgotten all about them. 

All these dresses were UpCycled from baby dresses. So pretty and so simple to make! I hope your Easter was beautiful! Jesus gave us such a gift when He sacrificed Himself for us! He is Risen! In my heart and in the world if you look for Him. He is my Hero and my King and I love Him! 

Thanks Jesus!

Happy Easter!

Our Generation "Sick at Home" Accessories Set

Greetings Doll Friends!

Happy Easter! 
He is risen!

Alas, the weather was not too pretty yesterday. All gloomy, wet and rainy. So I didn't get pretty Easter photos to post for you. Yet! It may yet be pretty today on the actual day and I can take and post some photos later after Church. 

Meanwhile... I mentioned we have been sick in my house. My sons cough still lingers but no fever all day yesterday so I think we are on the mend!

I decided it was a perfect time to take some photos of the dolls with my latest accessory kit from Our Generation!

I have had it a month or more but somehow forgot to make a posting about it when I got it. It is super cute! I especially love the tea and the honey and honey spoon. 

The tea looks so real! The thermometer is so real looking too!

There were just so many fun details... I have little ice bags and hot water bottles just like this! 

The illness hit a lot of the dolls! 

Good news being that they are all on the mend already after some good chicken soup, tea, and plenty of rest. 

That's it for now Doll Friends! 
More soon!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

American Girl Doll Finds At Scholastic School Book Fair!

Greetings Doll Friends!

We have been hit with illness here at the real house!! Stomach bugs, fevers and coughs are all working their way through the house! No fun. Bound to happen sometimes I suppose so I'll just hope the worst has passed...

Meanwhile, last week, after parent-teacher conferences went pretty well, I told the kids they could each pick out a book at the Book Fair. Clever Scholastic Books have them at the schools once or twice a year... Not a bad deal on books if you're used to new book store prices but dreadfully hard for me because I find books 4/$1 all the time... But the kids earned a treat and so off we went.

Then... Low and behold what do I see at the checkout desk? Erasers... Shaped like what?

Like X-box joysticks (do they call them that anymore) or controllers and little iPhones! They were only 99c each! I bought three of the joysticks and two phones. I should've bought more now I think about it cos dear daughter didn't see them till we were home and wanted a phone and son wanted a joystick. Have I mentioned I am a sucker for my kids and can't say no? Haha.

I haven't had chance to take very good photos of them with dolls yet. (Illness!) but they are perfect!

My son lives on his Xbox as much as we will allow him to and so his doll was first to get a joystick!

I just sort of handed the phone over to my Lilly doll when she already was surrounded by accessories. It's very much like my real life Lilly though to be multitasking just like this... Although I will say I've never seen her be on a phone, a laptop and a bongo all at once before. Haha! The bongo is new too... More on that in another post! In the background on the desk you can see I put other joystick next to my Josh doll because my son is a gamer just like his daddy! So Josh needed one too!

That's it for now! 
Till next time!