Monday, March 14, 2016

Play Wonder Doll for $1

Hello Doll Friends!

I realized as I was telling a friend on Facebook about Play Wonder dolls I hadn't ever posted a review about the one I got late last year... For $1.00! On eBay. The catch? "Shipping" was $17.00! Haha. I knew that going in though... I bid just the $1.00 and figured if it was meant to be she was one on my wish list and I think she's worth $19.00 shipped.

Isn't she cute? She came in this outfit minus the "fur" vest that is one I own and is made by Our Generation. 

She came wrapped in plastic like a mummy. Very safe!

Except it made her look like she was being smothered!

As you can see to the right of the brick column in my doll room, there were even still moving boxes in the room back in early January when she arrived.

See? One dollar! Sweet!

I did some research and found some photos of what she looked like new in her box. She came with all but two pieces of her wardrobe.

This reminds me of the Espari doll line that has a mix and match wardrobe ensemble included.

Her name was Emma but I changed it to Berlin.

She's lovely eh?

All ready for school!

Laptop in bag...

Phone and pencil...

Oh here is Odessa! Time to start walking to school...

Have a great day doll friends!

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