Saturday, March 26, 2016

American Girl Doll Finds At Scholastic School Book Fair!

Greetings Doll Friends!

We have been hit with illness here at the real house!! Stomach bugs, fevers and coughs are all working their way through the house! No fun. Bound to happen sometimes I suppose so I'll just hope the worst has passed...

Meanwhile, last week, after parent-teacher conferences went pretty well, I told the kids they could each pick out a book at the Book Fair. Clever Scholastic Books have them at the schools once or twice a year... Not a bad deal on books if you're used to new book store prices but dreadfully hard for me because I find books 4/$1 all the time... But the kids earned a treat and so off we went.

Then... Low and behold what do I see at the checkout desk? Erasers... Shaped like what?

Like X-box joysticks (do they call them that anymore) or controllers and little iPhones! They were only 99c each! I bought three of the joysticks and two phones. I should've bought more now I think about it cos dear daughter didn't see them till we were home and wanted a phone and son wanted a joystick. Have I mentioned I am a sucker for my kids and can't say no? Haha.

I haven't had chance to take very good photos of them with dolls yet. (Illness!) but they are perfect!

My son lives on his Xbox as much as we will allow him to and so his doll was first to get a joystick!

I just sort of handed the phone over to my Lilly doll when she already was surrounded by accessories. It's very much like my real life Lilly though to be multitasking just like this... Although I will say I've never seen her be on a phone, a laptop and a bongo all at once before. Haha! The bongo is new too... More on that in another post! In the background on the desk you can see I put other joystick next to my Josh doll because my son is a gamer just like his daddy! So Josh needed one too!

That's it for now! 
Till next time! 

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  1. Haha. You have sharp eyes for dolls. Even being erasers, they look real.