Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Our Generation "Into The Groove" Accessory Pack for 18inch Dolls!

Hello Doll Friends!!

Some guys bring flowers... My husband knows me better than that!

Because he came home with these yesterday:

He is too good to me!! *pinches self* 

The photo of the accessories pack on the right is a bit hard to see because of light glare... Sorry about that. Here is a some photo from OG website of the set:

It comes with a neckerchief, a brown hand bag, a set of sunglasses and a gorgeous hair clip! 

I just happened to have Carissa (Journey Girl Mikaella) out on the porch taking photos of her and Ash (custom boy OG) when my husband came home...

And so I ripped open the accessory pack immediately and tried them on her.

She looks fabulous!

I found it interesting that the neckerchief I got had a totally different pattern than one on website:

The one I got looks like a standard pink bandana and the one on website looks more like a retro pattern. I like them both but wouldn't have minded getting the one on website because it's more unusual.

All the pieces in the set were top notch like most of the OG line. The only problem, if any, is that the kneckerchef was a tad small! Very hard to tie on her neck, even for my grown up hands!

All in all though a great little set. I adore the sunglasses and hair clip! Carissa didn't model the handbag because it is brown and she had a black and white ensemble on. Accessories need to match, right? 

I had to go cook dinner then and got swept away by my Monday night... Back soon with review of the Carnival Playset!

Till then!

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