Sunday, February 26, 2017

Guest Doll Post! A Ball Joint Doll!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends,

My sweet daughter used to love the American Girl type dolls... Alas... Girls grow up and their tastes change (and then change back when they are in their 40s if it's me you're talking about... LOL!) Her more recent doll focus, after loving the Monster High and that sort of doll for a while, are Ball Jointed Dolls. She bought her very first one with her very own Christmas money in December. She asked me if I'd like to have her make a guest appearance on the Blog and I said "Of course!". I need to get a few more photos of her but this is the first. From what I understand, she's a bit shy and hasn't told my daughter her name yet but when she does, I'll be sure to let you know!!

Isn't she cute?! She's about 10 inches tall and her eyes can both close and look side to side. This isn't the outfit she arrived in, it's one my daughter came up with from her fashion doll clothes collection. I think it's pretty cute. 

Ok... Really out of time now and will have to skip washing my hair for church! LOL!
Till next time!

Newberry 18 Inch Doll Amara Joins The Doll House!

Greetings And Salutations Doll Friends!!
Some girls like diamonds... Somes girls like flowers... This girl likes dolls and my husband knows it. So... when he wants to treat me, what does he do? He buys me a doll of course! I love that he loves me for who I am and supports that. Lucky girl, that's me and I know it. Not trying to brag here just expressing that I know him for the blessing he is. 

So... Look at the beautiful dolly he came home with yesterday! My husband has a job that requires him to be 'on-call' every few weeks and sadly he ended up working half the day. Then, what does he do? He runs into Kmart after my mentioning that there was a doll I liked there. He is so good about noticing when I mention such things. (Hmmm... Perhaps that could be why I do mention them? Who knows, I am not manner of therapist or something... Why over-analyze things here?! Heeheehee)

Isn't she beautiful!! I am so utterly stoked to have her! As I mentioned in a prior post about LOTUS dolls there was a Doll named Brooklyn  from the Newberrry Doll line  at Sears Canada. At the time, there was no way to get her in the states. Trust me, I looked and looked. Or perhaps I missed, somehow, that Kmart had her? I suppose that's possible but I can't imagine it. Because, seriously, I almost became obsessed with her and had to talk self out of buying her on eBay for three times the cost. Haha. Don't you hate it when something you like is not available for you to buy? I know I do. I suppose it's the 'sign of the times' that I think I should be able to buy anything from anywhere in the world, huh? 

Here she is in the box when she came home. Isn't she pretty! So that's how I happened to mention to my husband about her recently... I'd just happened to look at Kmart online for something else doll related and there she was!! Her name was different, she was called Amara and not Brooklyn but... She was the same doll!!

When I mentioned her to my husband I honestly wasn't fishing for him to go buy her. Really!! I was just excited that she was even available for me to buy

But, as he so sweetly does so often, he listened and remembered.

As seems to be the case with most of the LOTUS dolls I've gotten in the past, her box is very simple. Just a few words to describe her and that's it. 

She was only rubber-banded into the box in three spots, very easy to get out of the box. As I've come to expect from this line of dolls, the clothes are all pretty great. Basic, simple fashions that are well made and lend themselves to other looks. Just by removing the scarf on this one, for instance, gives it a different look. The jeans are unadorned in any way and so, I expect, will be used for the boy dolls in the doll house. Yes, I realize that girls wear unadorned jeans too but when you have as many boy dolls in the Doll House as I do, you have to get the clothes for them from somewhere! I've even added a boy or two since I did that group photo! So, you see my problem! 

Back to Amara... I don't think she's going to keep that name but I have to call her something! Her hair was sectioned off in clear rubberbands to keep it tidy in the box. 

She is so pretty! As soon as I got her hair loose from it's ties I had to run her over to the window and take a photo of her in the sunlight!


My husband also knows me well enough to know I'd be curious about the other dolls they had there! He snapped a few photos for to me to see. I was surprised and delighted to see my Lisa Doll! When I bought mine, ironically enough, at Kmart back when I got her, they were marketed under the name 'My Sweet Girl'...? So, who knows when they changed over to make the name brand the same for the US dolls as for the Canadian dolls but I am so glad that they did and that, when they did, Amara/Brooklyn came to the US with the rest of the name! 

The outfits remind me a lot of the Journey Girls or Espari Dolls that, from what I understand, have their face sculpts from same place, LOTUS dolls. At least I think that's right. Speaking of Espari dolls, I suspect they are being discontinued because Barnes & Noble are going to start carrying American Girl Doll items there and, as far as I know, AG stipulates that no other doll brands can be carried where they stock their dolls. Kind of silly, I think. What's wrong with a little competition but... Not my place to say I suppose. 

The dolls are all very cute but I am super happy to have the one that my husband got me. Although, now that I know the whole line is at Kmart, I might just have to find myself in the same part of town as they are when I go in... You know... Just to peek.

Better run!
Time to get ready for church!

**UPDATE June 29, 2017** I named this doll Radel after one of my life long friends. Just wanted to update you on her name!

Recent Doll Sized Dish Thrift Store Finds!

Hi Doll Friends!!

When you're out and about thrifting, don't look only in the toy section for doll sized accessories... Often times you can find 'real' dishes' that lend themselves to work really well in the Doll House. Then again, always look in the toy section because you can often find 'toy' tea sets that are perfect for 18inch dolls as well...

See the table above? All the dishes are thrity finds. 

Here is a mixed-lot tea set I recently got at my local thrift store for only $1.00! As you can see, it's is a mix of items from two or three different tea sets... But plenty and perfect to mix & match with doll sized dishes I've thrifted before. You see what I mean? Just because a set isn't complete, don't write it off! The clear oval 'bowl' in the corner of photo was only 5cents! I think it's meant to have had a lid but I think it'll make a pretty serving bowl for fruit.  

I also recently found these 'real' dishes for the doll house. I had found two of the depression glass bowls the week before at the same Goodwill but must've missed these two. Now I have four of them and they could make really pretty plates for a fancy party. So gorgeous! The two little cordial goblets are so pretty and only 39cents each! My favorite of all are the little sushi plates. I am not sure what they are actually made for? Sauces? To lay your chop sticks on? Not sure. In the Doll House they are going to make the most adorable sushi plates though!! 

Here are the dolls with some of the tea sets... I also recently found the little 'bowls' they each have some fruit in... They are actually called 'salts' and that is exactly what they held on fancy tables in the old fashioned days. They were only 25c each. The little butterfly tea pot also came from a thrift store... Again, not 'made for' dolls but nearly perfect for them, right? See the fruit in my 5cent bowl? So pretty!

Since I had gotten all the new dishes I decided it was time to sort out and re-organize the doll dish hutch I got for free once at a garage sale... Sometimes it pays to go while people are packing up! I was looking at it, wondering if my husband would think I was stark raving mad to bring it home (this was back when I was first getting 'in' to dolls and worried more about such things... Now my husband knows I am Doll Crazy but he doesn't mind... Hahaha!) Anyway, so the guy who owned it saw me looking at it and nearly walking away from it (even though it was probably only marked like $5, I was thinking of the 'space') and he said "You can just have that if you want it, I don't want ot drag it back in the house." Well.... For that price... how could I not? So glad I did because it's the best little dish cabinet for my dolls! I actually very rarely photo it because it's more where I store things and less 'doll furniture'. After I got it all sorted and re-organized I thought you might like a peek. 

Here is Angel Doll (Madame Alexander) showing you the dishes... I have quite a few as you can see. 

See how 'tall' the cabinet is? Even so, I think it looks cute with the dolls because it just looks like a huge 'built in' cupboard like in a 'real' house. It holds a ton, which is good. As you can see, there is also storage below but I didn't sort that out and so we'll save that for another day! Hahaha. I am reasonably sure the cabinet was 'made' for the bathroom of a real house. Isn't it neat how 'non doll' items sometimes lend themselves perfectly to doll needs? I love it.

So, as you can see, despite not having 'complete' sets for much of these, by combining sets here and there I can serve the multitudes of dolls who come to parties  and dinners in the doll house. 

So here it is, all sorted out... But what is funny is later in the day yesterday after I got it all sorted out, I ran by the thrift shop again (I'm telling you, you never know!) and, recalling I'd wished I had better 'crates' to sort with, I was on look out for wood boxes to use as shelves. I found one!!

So I brought it home and re-did the top shelf. Much better! Do you collect doll sized dishes too? I'd love to see your collection!

Better run!

Spring Cleaning In The Doll House!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

Recently my sweet sister-friend Frann sent me another amazing care package of beautiful doll clothes made by the amazing and talented Goofy, our favorite Doll Clothes Designer! The parcel arrived just in time for the Fashion Show in the Doll House and were featured in it. 

Also tucked into that parcel was this adorable vacuume cleaner!! It is perfetly sized for the dolls! It makes me grin when I look at it because it is just so clever and cute. Dolls have a house and houses have to be cleaned, right? It's handle is perfect in that you can put the dolls hand in it and it looks almost like she is holding it to push it along. So cute. 

Bernie Doll (Custom OG) volunteered to do the first go with it on the carpet. She really loves to tidy up and vacuuming is her favorite chore of all because she likes to leave the 'lines' and make it look just perfect. 

It works like a charm! It actually has a place in the bottom for batteries and I don't have the right sort but when I get some, I'll come back and let you know exactly what it 'does' when it it has batteries... 

Isn't it the cutest? What's neat is that the colors are perfect to match the Walmart Doll Kitchen we have in the Doll House. Matchy-matchy is always fun! So, thanks again Frann!!!!! You spoil me and the Doll House but we love all the sweet things you sent! (Oh! Lil's said to say she loves the soups!!) 

Since she'd cleaned the floor in the living room and bedroom, Bernie decided the kitchen may as well be next. 

I found this adorable little doll sized mop at the thrift store just this week for only 50cents! It is made to be a 'real' duster but was basically brand new I think it makes a perfect doll mop. Now all I need is a broom! Haha. Need. Ok... I suppose that's relative but... 

Better run!
Till next time!

More Body Snatching Going On In Doll House!

Greetings And Salutations Doll Friends!!

As you may be becoming aware, I tend to love to 'customize' dolls... When I see a second hand doll at a thrift store and happen to like the face sculpt, I often wonder if it will lend itself to 'becoming' an 18inch type doll. Ever since my very first custom Tolly Tot boy I've done more and more body transplants as I find dolls with lovely face sculpts but less than ideal bodies when it comes to posing and modeling clothes...

Recently, you may remember, I very recently customized this little fella... I just think he has the cutest face. However, as you may also recall, I wasn't entirely satisfied with his pale pale face not matching the skin tone of the body I transplanted on him... 

Then, recently, I discovered another Heidi Ott Faithful Friend at Goodwill for $2.99. I do believe she is a Maggie Doll and I was so glad to find her! As I was researching to make sure I was right about her name I ran across this blog about them that has several photos of the different dolls they originally produced. As I've said before, I adore the face scuplts on Faithful Friend dolls. I also think their hands and feet are beautifully sculpted too... Unfortunatly they have the dread 'soft body' that is my least favorite sort. They can't stand without a doll stand and can't sit properly in a chair without looking all 'slumpy'. So... despite it being a shame to lose those gorgeous hands and feet, I think the best solution is to give them a body transplant. Since Our Generation Doll bodies are generally the ones I find the most often second hand, they are generally also my 'go-to' for bodies for them. 

As you may have guessed, I have quite a lot of dolls. So, recently, I decided I needed to thin some out... As I was considering which dolls to re-home, I decided that, while I think she's pretty enough, I didn't really have much sentimental attachment to my darker haired Pen Pal doll. I mean, I loved the wig I'd put on her and she was cute enough but I didn't really 'love' her... So I'd put her in the 'box' of dolls that are going to find new homes. She wasn't there long... All of the sudden one of the things that 'bugged' me about her, her very very pale complexion, made a light bulb go off in my head! The pale boy doll sculpt would make much more sense on that body! Then... It all came together in my head. The boy would steal the Pen Pal Doll Body, then the OG body he had been on could become the body for my new Heidi Ott doll... As a bonus, the Heidi Ott doll needed a rewig... Her hair was a mess. Ironically enough, I'd wanted to re-wig her with a dark wig because she is slated to be a doppelganger doll of my Aunt Dora. The adorable bobbed wig the Pen Pal doll was wearing wasn't glued down yet because I'd never felt 'settled' on her keeping it. You might be surprised how often this happens in doll house... Until I am absolutely sure a doll is 'perfect' with a new wig, it generally doesn't get glued down. You know, just in case... *giggles* So, my Dora doll had the perfect wig already!

Aren't they adorable?! I'd like to report that the Heidi Ott doll body was put together with the Pen Pal doll head... But it looked ridiculous!! So I am ready to just toss the Heidi Ott doll body in the rubbish... Is that terrible? It makes me feel bad for some reason. Is that crazy? Haha. I think I am going to keep the Pen Pal doll head. Saying I eventually find another, more pale, body transplant for it, I think it might make a really cute boy doll someday. I have a bag where I've kept a few other doll heads for same reason... That sounds kind of creepy doesn't it? Ah well, perhaps it would be less creepy if we think of them as those sorts of real people who have decided to freeze their heads when they die in hopes of getting a whole new body someday when the technologly rolls around? In cyro-stasis as it were. Right? 

So what do you think of the 'new' Dora and updated boy... (He still hasn't told me his name, shy little fella!) I think they look fabulous. 

Better run! I have three more drafts I want to get done before I get ready for church!
Have a great day!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Another Doll Make-over; Part Two

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends,

Technical problems have abounded these past few days or this might've been posted here earlier. If you happen to have 'stopped by' this blog post for the first hour or so it was posted you probably found it a blog post of few words! Why? Because I had to resort to posting it 'wordless' from my phone in order to get it to post at all. For some reason my Blogger app on my iPhone don't seem to get along too well. So annoying! Oh well... As a person in my 40s I remember when such technology was strait out of Star Trek so I will stop complaining about occasionaly glitches. Haha! 

On to the dolls! As I mentioned in a recent post, I made over an Engel Puppen doll a while ago but forgot to finish the blog post after just posting the initial photos of the 'surgery' portion of the process. *giggles* So... Without further adieu, I happy present the made over doll!

Meet Ashbee! 

He loves biking so much he even has a bike on his shirt. 

I think he is such a handsome boy doll. 

Since I needed to take Ashbee's photos and also had this 'new' fishing pole I'd gotten as a thrift shop find it only made sense to kill two birds with one stone and have Ashbee model the new fishing pole. 

I'd gotten the adorable fish in the mesh bag in a prior Thrift Store haul and had wanted to either make or find a fishing pole since then. The 'box of lures' is a Christmas ornament I found at a thrift store as well but I can't seem to find when I got it in my past postings. It was in perfect shape when I found it buy my dog found it when it'd fallen off the shelf once and decided she liked fish too (she broke the little fish on the front of it, it was red, can you tell?) I was not too happy with her that day but... Such as life with dogs sometimes, eh?

I think the poles 'handle' is too big really and maybe the scale isn't perfect but all in all, it think it looks pretty spot on and adorable. I lived in Hawaii when I was in my early 20s and we sold HUGE fishing poles and reels in the sports department there and so I know there are large ones. Usually for deep sea fishing but... Hey... Good enough, right? Haha.

I am usually pretty picky about the modeling of my dolls when photographing, adjusting their clothes and hair and accessories with painstaking (think OCD) detail.... So I laughed as I was editing these last photos... Ashbee doll has a bit of a lazy eye sometimes. No big deal because you can just move it with your finger and set it to rights and it'll stay. However I didn't notice before I took the photos and so didn't adjust it. Phooey. However, then I re-thought it. I actually have a 'lazy eye' myself... Not noticable really to anyone who doesn't know me really well and see it sometimes. It's usually when I am super tired... Once in a blue moon it'll show up just a bit in photos. So.... After thinking on it, I think Ashbee having a lazy eye is kind of cool. We all have our own 'crosses to bear' after all, right?

I also recently got this adorable denim ensemble at The Flea Market Toy Booth for a couple bucks. It was rather dingy when I found it (not a lot of people wash their doll clothes I am finding and if they get played with they get a bit dirty) but I washed it and it came out pretty nice. So cute! It's being modeled by Jordan Doll and I think it reminds me just a little of the styles the new American Girl doll Tenney might wear. I really like that doll... I am not sure I want another AG but if I get one, she could be the one I want? I also think I might like to eventually get Logan but I will likely have to wait till they make more since from what I understand he is on back-order. (How could they not know he'd sell like Hot Cakes??! Silly!) 

Anyway, Jordan saw Ashbee with the fishing pole and wanted to learn to fish too!

Was no time at all before she had a fish of her own. Awesomeness!

Well, I better run! 
Till Next Time!