Monday, December 28, 2015

Kmart My Sweet Lil Girl 18inch Doll Joins Doll House

Hi Doll Friends!!

So I am not sure if I've mentioned but I treaded back into the murky that is Facebook recently despite my having finally resolving to quit for good. The only reason is because I was a member of some pretty great doll groups there before I threw in the towel and deactivated my profile. 

There were only a small handful of things I missed about Facebook compared to bushels of things that unsettled me... Two of the things I missed most were my blogs Facebook page.. It's not like it was huge but it was established  and setting up a whole new profile just for the doll blog was too daunting! Then of course there was the feeling of being in a doll community of sorts via the groups there. So many creative people! 

Anyway... So my point in all of this is to say I love having "doll friends" but it can be dangerous too. Haha! Case in point? 

When they mention a pretty doll at a great price at Kmart... And... Well... 

Yeah... Here she is... Gorgeous!! She was $29.99 and I had Christmas money burning holes in my pockets!

The Facebook friend who told me about them mentioned that the hair wasn't all that great quality but she just scalps her dolls and wigs them... That sounds kind of fun. We shall see how I like her hair.

I was struck by how pretty she is! She reminds me of Journey Girls in the face... Her eyes don't close and, well, she is beautiful. 

She came in a pretty nice quality outfit too, considering her price point. This same caliber ensemble from the most popular doll line costs about the same as this whole doll cost. Blows my mind. 

I love the boots!!

I just couldn't stop photographing her. It's a hazard when you love dolls and write about them. My camera is chocka-block-full-up of photos of dolls... To the tune of 1,800+ since I got my new phone like a month ago. My dear husband got me a phone with 64g so I don't have to worry about running out. He knows me well. I do clear them out once I post my blog though so... That number doesn't eve reflect the ones I've DX'd already! Clearly, it's an issue.

I think she looked so much cuter without the hat!

I have to say, upon opening her, I think her hair isn't all that bad. Given that I don't play with my dolls all that roughly (Ha! Mostly they get changed and posed for photos) I think it'll probably be fine just as it is...

Good job doll makers! They put some tissue around her beck so her red scarf wouldn't leave stains on her neck.

I love the gray shirt. I am sure it's going to make it's way into the boys wardrobe... That's the hazard of being a 'gender neutral' wardrobe item in a doll house with quite a few boy dolls and not ever enough cool doll clothes for them all. 

See what I mean? I kept snapping photos.

Here she is with Brianna (My Life As Doll from Walmart)

Here she is with my latest American Girl Doll that I changed into a boy. People so often want to see what a doll looks like 'next to an AG' and he was the handiest one to grab for photo. I haven't decided on his name yet. Ideas?

**Nude Doll Photos Warning!!**

I am really impressed with her I have to say. She feels sturdy and well made. 

Her hair is a bit uneven on the bottom but not unusual really....

She stands well enough on her own although on the carpet I will admit she was using the wall to hold herself up a bit. 

Here she is with Brianna for a body size comparison... Didn't want to go get an AG to compare her to but My Lif As Dolls are pretty common and similar in size to AG's. (I know, totally different body styles... work with me here! Haha!) 

They swapped outfits. Cute!

Here is the outfit she came in. Did I mention I love the boots? The leggings are pretty cute too. All in all, I think Kmart did a top notch job for this doll in it's price range.

Thanks for dropping by!
Till Next time!


  1. Oh!! Heather,
    I have the same experience as yours even though I don't know excact reason for you to deactivate Facebook. When I joined Facebook at the first time, I was really surprised at connecting lots of people, such as a teacher in language schol living in Burmuda, all his family and his aquaintance, my friend in University who had not met for decades and so on. Getting to connect more and more peope as time goes by. One day I saw my friend blog that another freind wrote comment and I was sick of knowing two many people's lives. I deactivated my two accounts at that time.
    Sometimes I like to see Facebook, but it requests me to join it again. So I tried not to open my account in Facebook.
    Since then, I have made a few doll friens, exactly 3 including you. Watching their blogs is enough for my spare time.
    Thank you, thank you for your pretty genuine doll stories.

  2. Yes, she's exactly like the doll I recently bought! I just love her expression. I sometimes feel like quitting FB too, but now I'm determined to stay on top of things and fight the good fight of faith. It's all a battle anyhow, but this time I'm going to try to keep a positive outlook no matter what happens in the world around me.