Friday, December 25, 2015

Madame Alexander 18inch Doll Collection So Far...

Hi Doll Friends!!

Taking time off work can be a wonderful time to catch up on blog photos... Now let's see if I get them all written in before Monday. I am sorry to post them incomplete but it has stopped letting me post "drafts" and I post photos from phone and write in from computer so... Hope to be back soon!

Madame Alexander will always have special place in my heart because they are the first 18inch dolls I bought for my daughter when she turned four. Here she is with the first one.

Pretty excited she was! Can you tell? I got her two because like the day after Christmas they were all marked half off!

So here are the ones we have in house now. I have one of them as "my" doll even! 

The first one! She has been through a lot of play!

My daughter came up with interesting names when she was four. 

Named after GrandMary, my dad's wife, she came to the doll house here:Mary comes home blog.

Mary's homecoming story is right here. She is named after Jesus' mom. 

The story of the doll that I named after myself (because I am seriously pale as they come and my hair has always been white blonde...) is told right here.

Nicole was in very bad repair when I found her but she's now one of my favorite dolls... Probably because I spent so much time on her, fixing her up. Here story is a two parter!You can find part one and part two all about her. 

That is all I have.... So far. Do you have a Madame Alexander 18inch Doll? What do you think of them?

Till next time!

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