Monday, December 28, 2015

American Girl Doll Sized Dresses and Accessories for Pennies on eBay!!

I Greetings Doll Friends!!

I am sure I've mentioned that I spend time (too much) on eBay 'researching' 18inch dolls, accessories and clothing sources. I have been around eBay for quite a long time... Was a seller clear back in the days when it took you 10mins to post anything because the photos took so long and that's after you developed them from film and scanned them in to your computer. I know! Like clay tablets!! However, my long time on eBay has gleaned me some skills at navigating the waters there to find pretty good deals. 

The trick is to tweak your searches. When you're looking for really cheap doll clothes, for instance, you should put in '18 inch doll clothes', then tweak it to only look at auctions and then tweak it to list the auctions 'lowest to highest' and, trust me, you'll likely come upon some rather pretty items listed for 1cent plus shipping. That's right folks ONE PENNY. Watch the shipping though.... The one's you want to look for are the one's with 99cent shipping. Then... Go bid like a mad person on everything you like... I literally bid on about 40 dresses for the 'sweep' of dresses I got below. I bid one cent on most of them but obviously more for the wedding dress (because I really wanted that one for my 'me' doll becasue my 25th Anniversary is in 2016!). The trick is to bid on anything you find interesting and would pay a dollar for... Or whatever your 'comfort' number is for paying for a doll dress. Just be sure to know that you could end up with all of them! But in all likelihood you won't. But a few might slip through for a penny!

I personally don't really buy a lot of doll clothes because I make them. So I hadn't really gone 'fishing' for them before, but the same process works on anything on eBay really. I've gotten a couple of boy doll wigs for 99cents plus shipping (usually $3.99 which means I got a doll wig for $5. Unheard of!) 

So... The catch is it seeming takes FOREVER for your items to come. I ordered these weeks ago and still no sight of them. I am not worried though, generally they always show up eventually and if they don't, eBay has my back. 

I also got a bunch of accessories at great prices! I am always in need of more shoes for my dollies... I have lots of clothes and, honestly, lots of shoes too but... We are girls! We need shoes!! Lots of shoes!! Right? Some of the accessories look just like the Our Generation accessories. I plan to compare the red plaid bag because own the OG version!

So I'll be back when they arrive to let you know what they are like! Good luck with bids yourself! 

Till next time!


  1. Thank you for your precious tips on eBay.
    The shopping site that I usually use are Amazon and Disney store. I am a little old and it takes me to get used to doing something new. I am practing surfing eBay at the moment and I haven't found as good items as you got. I will do as you recommended and find something good someday.
    Congratuations~~ your 25th Wedding Anniversary~~
    What a coincidence!! I got married to my husband in 1991.
    You too?

  2. Dear Heather!
    I am not sure if you can see my blog because its engine site is Korean one.
    Though, I'd be happy to visit my blog and just see my dolls pictures. HaHa~~~
    I am a bigginner in blogging and my blog is so humble.

  3. Hi Frann!!!! How totally awesome!!! I love your blog! It's lovely! I wanted to leave a comment but couldn't figure out how... I added to my bookmarks so I can become regular reader! Your dolls are so pretty! I do love the Disney Animator dolls! I have a few myself but as you know, I have so many of the other type that I try to keep from wanting to bye "one of all of them!" and keep it down to my favorite few. Your doll clothes are amazing too. I wish I could knit. Just haven't ever been able to despite many people trying to teach me. Haha. Well, I better go and get ready for work. Chat soon friend! Love and Hugs! Heather

  4. *buy not bye (can't find edit and it bugs me when I misspell!! LOL)

  5. PS I love the "Goofy" clothes too! So cute. Thanks so much for sharing. 😍

  6. Dear Heather, Happy New Year!
    Hoping that you had good New Year Holodays!! I also came to work after 3 days' taking off. Thank you for your visitign my humble blog and expressing sympathy for my dolls and my friend, Goofy. I tried to take part in bidding, but I was noticed outbid soon. I am sure that I am getting used to bidding on eBay soon and get a good deal. I ordered Madame Alexander 18inch doll and some items on Amazon. I'd like to have the same doll as your "you" one in order to prepare fantastic wedding dress some day. Ta-dah.

  7. I'm so glad you found out about these! My friend bought several for her granddaughters for Christmas and I thought of you. Keep up your doll passion! Love!

    1. Thanks friend!! It's always awesome when your friends support your passions! XXOO