Sunday, December 13, 2015

Dollar General $6.00 18inch Doll Review

Greetings Doll Friends!

Just got photos taken and uploaded... Will have to come write more detail later of course! I got this beauty for $6 at Dollar General. HAD to buy her just to tell y'all about her, right? Was just going to open box and take close ups of her and close her back up till after Christmas. Until I opened her and realized she has an all plastic body??!? What?? So then I was so curious about her myself I had to take her out and check her out myself. She is so interesting! Her face looks a lot like the Style Girl dolls I got at Aldi two years ago at Christmas time. I'll find a link to that post and post it here later. All in all I think this is a lovely little doll. She isn't for everyone though. She is a lot like, her body anyway, the cheap "fashion doll" Barbie knockoffs you get at dollar stores. The arms and legs are hard plastic and torso is a bit softer. I don't think she'd stand up to too much real play but she has the distinction of being one of the only 18" play dolls that could maybe live through a "swim" in the tub or pool. Although I wouldn't recommend it because water would probably get inside her body itself. One thing that really surprised me was the quality and thickness of her hair. It's lovely! It's more densely rooted than Springfield dolls and the hair is really soft and pretty. Her outfit is ok... Nothing to write home about but I've seen worse. Ok, sorry for abbreviated review but I have to get moving to get ready for church! 

Have a fabulous day! 

**UPDATED 12/15/15** 

Hi again Doll Friends!! 

Finally getting back here to write in this review! I tell you, life is keeping me too busy to play dolls as much as I would like. Here we go.....!

Here she is in the box! 

Her face is so pretty, I thought, at first, she was actually a 'Style Girl' because her face mold is the same. You can read about when I got my Style Girls in my Meet and Greet Post that I really need to update because my doll collection has exploded in the last two years... But I digress. You can also read more about my 'Style Girls' in post I just wrote about some doll clothes from that line of dolls I found at the store Tuesday Morning.

Here she is with the box open and no glare over her pretty face. 

I love that she has brown eyes and dark hair, wholly different than my Style girls!

She was super easy to get out of the box! Only four twist ties and she was out. 

Here are the other dolls available in her line on the sides of the box. They all look very cute. 

Here is the back of the box. 

And the other side...

The bottom of the box. 

And she's out of the box! Honestly, I hadn't planned on taking her out! Only planned to photograph her still attached until...

I discovered she has an all plastic body?!? What?!?!

She seems to stand pretty well on her own. 

Her face is just so pretty! 

The clothes, considering the price point, seem to be pretty well made...

The little 'shrug' is removable and leaves you with this cute little dress. So, two looks!

She comes with white undies. I like when dolls come with proper undergarments!

(Because it seriously bugs some people apparently!) 

Here she is in her undies...

And with them off. 

As I said, she is all plastic... Almost like the 'cheap' Barbie knockoff's from the dollar store when I was a kid. Her arms are hard plastic and her torso is more' soft. As you can see, I can press in on her tummy and it goes in. 

But look how cute!! She has a belly button!!!

She is a very 'light' doll, in that her body isn't heavy at all. I think she'd probably stand up to play pretty well, those old school plastic body type dolls always seemed to when I was a kid. As a bonus, she could wear a bikini and show off her cute little belly button!

Here is the mark on the back of her neck. 

This is one thing that really surprised me, the quality and quantity of her hair! It's really quite nice, especially considering the price point of this doll. It's very soft and thickly plugged and all in all, some of the nicer doll hair I've seen on an 'inexpensive' doll. 

I took several photos to try and capture how pretty it is and how densely plugged... Not sure if it comes across well but she suffice to say they did a great job on the hair!

Her feet are smaller than standard 18" doll feet like AG and OG. Her shoes were cute and made out of sturdy plastic.

She sits like a lot of dolls do, all spread eagle, but she can sit up on her own. 

All in all, my opinion is that if you see one a Dollar General, snap it up! They'd be a fantastic gift for a little girl looking to expand her 'cast' of dolls to play with. She's a bit different than many 18inch dolls and obviously not as nice as ones that cost ten times as much, but for what I paid, she is fantastic!!

I wanted to show you the 'flaw' I found on her eyeball... Just looks like glue got on it and it may clean off once I take her back out of the box after Christmas but it's how she came and, this being a review, I thought I'd mention it. 

Out of order photo! Again though, look at that great hair!

Here you can see it. In her left eye (from her vantage point) she has some 'spots' on her eye. They aren't noticable unless the light falls just right...

She also had a little 'dot' on her cheek. My Style Girl Isla (see below) has a similar glue dot. I've alwasy thought it looked like a tear on her cheek. 

And she's back in the box! Until Christmas!! Which is now TEN DAYS AWAY!?! What?!?! How is that possible?

Here are photos of my dolls from Aldi two years ago. They have exact same face mold as this doll but body types like more standard 18" dolls, with soft bodies and pose able arms and legs. 

Aren't they pretty? 
I'll be back to write the "written" portion of review as soon as possible! Life just keeps me too busy to play dolls as much as I'd like!!



  1. WOW! What a beautiful doll.I am glad you mentioned her body style.I actually do like that kind of body style.Thank you so much for the review. I hope y'all have a Merry Christmas!

  2. She is very pretty! I will come back and update with a photo but she has exact same face mold as the dolls I got at Aldi two years ago! I'll go and try and get a photo to post. I have two drafts that have "not uploaded" in last 24hrs so we will see. Technical problems are the worst!

  3. Just posted the photos of my other two dolls with this face mold. 😀

  4. Oh my, they are all so pretty!And the eyes are amazing! Thank you for the update to your post.I enjoy reading your blog and hearing about your dolls.I agree with you about technical problems they are the worst.