Sunday, December 27, 2015

American Girl Doll And Our Generation eBay Doll Restoration

Greetings Doll Friends!

I jacks wanted to make a boy out of an American Girl Doll because I like so many of the ones I've seen online. I knew I'd never have one unless a very inexpensive AG happened to find me but that is a pretty rare thing! 

Then, I was actually searching for an OG doll on eBay when I came across an auction ending soon with an AG and an OG both along with quite a few (some somewhat worn and others quite nice) clothes. I bid max I could allow myself to pay and put it out of my mind. Then I won! 

I should've known it was too good to be true. Or sort of. Because, when they arrived, they were the two dirtiest dolls I'd ever seen. It was like their former owner played with them in a sandbox. Which is never a good idea to do with any toy you don't want to get filthy. I was pretty dismayed when I looked them over closely... Just shamefully dirty and the eBay seller said they were: 

"The doll on the left is an American girl doll. Someone cut her hair shorter (not a bad job) and the doll on the right is an our generation doll. Both are in good condition. Included is three pairs of shoes and some clothing. A few pieces may be American girl. Also a few pieces show some really hard playing with."

So... I guess that could mean they were as filthy as they were? I haven't left feedback or contacted them yet but... Oh well! They were here and I just couldn't leave them that way!!! So I pulled out my handy Norwex cloths and set to work. I thought the AG was the dirtiest doll I had ever cleaned... Until I started on the OG! She was a hot mess. I actually thought she was beyond help because her hair was nasty dirty. It even had like chunks of dirt in it. Ewww! But, having nothing to lose with her, especially since it'd been the AG I was after anyway, I set to work. I covered her eyes with cotton balls held on with bandaids. It was a trick I saw in a makeover video somewhere... Keeps the eyes more protected from water and I needed to literally douse her with hot hot water and shampoo the dirt and grime out. I'd never has nerve to get whole scalp wet before but that was only way she was gonna get clean enough. So I scrubbed her hair, put in some conditioner and let it sit a minute and rinsed with really hot water. Then I combed her out with a wire wig brush... Pretty pleased with results of both!! What do you think? I named the girl already so I must like her. Am trying to think of a boy name... Do you think his hair is too long? I think he looks like a skateboarder and their hair is often longer...

Till next time!


  1. Wow, perfect makeover.
    As you said, the ex-owmer must have played with them in the sand box. They comes alive again by your magic hands.

  2. I have surfed eBay to find as good deal as you did, but I haven't done yet. I told myself to be patient. If I find a good one, I will do as you posted.

  3. Thanks for the sweet words of encouragement! They mean a lot. I am sorry you're not finding a great deal on eBay. I plan to write a blog about that very soon actually... I have some photos posted to it and everything but I need the stuff I ordered to come in so I can finish the blog. I have been on eBay for over a decade now and you learn some of the 'tricks' to finding great deals after that much time. So... I'll be back with some tricks!! Just need my items to get here from across the ocean. I ordered them Dec7 and so I am hoping they'll be here any time... (Not dolls in this case but very inexpensive doll clothes but the concept for finding great deals applies to both really..) Great to hear from you as always Frann!! Wish we could get together, drink tea and play dolls! <3

  4. HaHa!! I feel closer to you than real my neihbor who lives next door. We Korean usually live in apartment house that the front doors are almost attached, but I haven't seen my neihbor for weeks. I visit your blog so many times in order to read your previous postings, in my free time, before going to bed and so on. Happy to know you. Aslo wish to have time together.