Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A New Custom Springfield 18inch Boy Doll

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

I've considered buying a Springfield Olivia doll for a while now... But not to keep as a girl doll, to customize into a boy! I just never took the plunge because they are always at Micheal's and I seem to always find some other thing to spend my Dolly money on. However, this past weekend, I went to Micheal's with my 50% off coupon to pick up a pair of shoes or something (I generally always go pick up a little doll something or other with them, a fun $3-5 treat!) and low and behold they have the dolls on sale for $12.99 AND 20% off whole purchase. Perfect! I bought one and brought it home!

I was so eager to get started that I didn't even think to photo the doll in the box... Stole this photo of one in the box from the Internet. Haha.

The hair on these dolls comes all stitched together and I figured it made sense to just leave it on when I cut off the length of his hair.

I had originally planned to just try a hair cut and if I messed it up I could buy a boy wig. I actually kind of wanted this doll to have brown hair because I wanted a brown haired green eyed boy doll... However, I was actually pleased with my "Mommy Bowl Cut" after I was all done. A lot of little boys have hair cuts done by their mom... So, I thought it was perfect! After considering the face on him, he really doesn't favor who I was kind of using him to make a custom doll of. So he will stay a red head!

I still plan to remove his cheek color and darken his lips and add freckles (my first!) but I was pleased with him so far and figured I'd show you. The shirt he is wearing is a bit long, it's a newborn baby shirt, totally unaltered. I plan to shorten it but my sewing machine is packed! Other than length though, the shirt fits nearly perfectly. The pants I stole off one of those 1990s stuffed rabbits people had sitting all over back then. They were all I had in the house that even slightly resembled boy pants and so I went for it. 

My daughter says we should name him Ronald Weasley... I plan to make a Harry Potter doll as soon as I get moved, I even have the doll! So, that will work!

Isn't he great!
Till next time!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Vintage Effanbee Suzie Sunshine 18" Doll

Greetings Doll Friends!

So the last few months have been a whirlwind of finding a house, thinking it may be "the one" and then having it fall through. So last weekend saw us on yet another house hunt! More to confirm we wanted to offer on the one we just bought (well, pending inspections... Pray for us and that it works out!) than anything. One of the houses we looked at happened to have an Estate Sale going on in it at the same time! Score! The house was actually intriguing but we found out it had already been sold. Since we were there, I figured it didn't hurt to look around a LITTLE... Right?

I went up into the bedroom of this cute little old house and saw four dolls! Three of them were porcelain and, as you may know, not my thing at all. However, there was also this little lady!

Here is Susie Sun Shine right after I brought her in from the car. I set her next to Farley and the babies and she immediately fit right in! However, she needed a bit of a clean up! 

For a doll that is over fifty years old, she was in terrific shape! I don't think her dress is original but I think it was made for her specifically. It's very cute and very time period authentic.

I love her sweet freckles and cute expression!

Poor baby had her plugs showing because they'd pulled her hair into pig tails.

She sits very well.

This is how I know her dress isn't her original meet dress. They didn't have Velcro in 1961! 

Here she is all cleaned up and wearing the dress I gleaned from a Muffy Bear I got at Goodwill for 99Cents! (I donated the bear right back) Doesn't it look perfect on her! The shoes? Those are American Girl Doll shoes! They fit her perfectly! 

After a good cleaning up with water and a Norwex cloth, she looked great and I brushed out her hair and her plugs no longer show!

She loved all the babies! She'd never seen baby dolls before, she'd lived her whole life with porcelain dolls! Her she is holding a baby for the first time in all of her fifty years! Better late than never! 

I named her Eliza!

Till next time! 

Babies! Babies! Babies! Baby Siblings for 18" Dolls!

Greetings Doll Friends!

So I dropped in to say hi to a friend at my favorite Thrift Shoppe and low and behold I found these two little baby dolls! They were same size as Heidi, the baby sister doll I'd recently gotten for the Doll House! I brought them and all the rest of the stuff you see here and paid $3 for all of it! So the babies were 50cents each! I won't lie, I kind of bought the 2nd one intending to steal it's clothes and re-donate but then I decided it might be fun to have twin sibling babies in the Doll House!

Not bad for $3!! The babies were brand new. There were six on the shelf and I think they must've been used for decorations at a baby shower because they'd never been played with at all. Their hats were still stitched to their clothes! 

Aren't they cute?! I put Heidi's dress on one of the twins and put Heidi in a nightgown I got off a doll I re-donated (forgot to photo!) They are perfectly sized to be baby siblings for the Doll House! They are the Circo Mini Babies from Target and are about $4 new. So 50cents isn't too bad. 

Then... This past weekend we had to go to ToysRUs for a gift for someone and I found these cute babies!! I had intended to go to Target to perhaps get a few more Circo Babies because after I got the ones at the thrift store, I found out that, of course, other bloggers had long ago discovered the Circo babies at Target and them being great baby sibs for the 14"-18" doll set. The ones at Target come with accessories like a baby seat and a tub and so I may yet... But... Back to ToysRUs. I was in the baby doll area looking for the gift I mentioned when I saw these babies!

I am all about diversity in dolls and face molds and so I and to get them... There are a few others too... Hmmm... They are really inexpensive too! The dolls by themselves are $4.99 the set with the baby, high chair and bottle was $9.99. I've decided I don't like the high chair and won't keep it. It's too short. But the doll that came in it had the cutest face and it had the bottle so... I went for it.

I've decided that both of these ToysRUs ones are going to be boy babies. They are the tiniest bit more robust than the Circo Twins and so... Boys!

This little guy had the cutest face!

Looks like Farley has her work cut out for her! That is a lot of hungry babies!

Good thing Eliza joined the Doll House and loves babies!!

That's it for now Doll Friends!
Till next time!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Pettitcollins Doll Thrift Store Find!

Hi Doll Friends!

This cutie was $2.99!

I'll be back soon to write out the details but in the meantime, I'll let the photo show you this cute doll!

That's it for now Doll Friends!
Till next time!

Creative Sources for Doll Clothes!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

I've talked about it before but have found some recent finds to share and so am mentioning it again! When it comes to doll clothes, it pays to think outside the box. Case in point? Clothes gleaned from Teddy Bears and porcelain dolls purchased for next to nothing at Thrift Stores!

This is in my car... I already undressed and re-donated the Muffy Vanderbear I got the pink dress and bloomers off of. Haha! I never want to be tempted to keep them! So I undress the ones I buy merely for their clothes and re-donate them before I drive out of the parking lot. 

Most thrift stores sell stuffed animals for peanuts. Nearly every time I go to Goodwill, they are half price and so the Muffy bear I got the dress off of cost me 99cents! The dress is made so well!!

The porcelain doll is one I'd been watching at a thrift store for the entire time it was there. They go on 50% after three months and she kept being there and so finally I got her for $1.99! That is not too shabby for a very well made four piece outfit for the 14" dolls!

Here is Kim in the dress! Isn't she cute!!

I got these off a bear too. They were from a thrift store that sells stuffed animals 5 for $1.00! The sweater and hat are adorable!

They fit my Petitte Collins doll perfectly! I just need to stitch the ear holes closed. Teehee. 

Here is the outfit from the porcelain doll on my Famosa Nancy Doll! So cute!

That's it for now Doll Friends!
Till next time!