Sunday, October 11, 2015

Vintage Precious Moments 14" Vinyl Doll Sara and Abby: A Review

Hi Doll Friends!!

I used to really love Precious Moments. My mother had a gift store in my teens where she carried a lot of their figurines, cards and stickers. I recall seeing dolls of Precious Moments back then too, not at my mothers store but at the mall. Cute but not my thing because they had fabric faces. 

Fast forward 20+ years into the future. My daughter and I are at a garage sale that was a lot more like an Estate Sale. They had lots of dolls but mostly they were porcelain and, as I've probably made you aware, I have a real disdain for porcelain dolls. I can't help it. A doll you can't actually play with makes no sense at all to me. I digress...

Then we found this cutie and her blonde variety marked for $3.99! These were made entirely out of vinyl!?!? I had to buy them just so I could look the over!!

So I started taking photos for a review of them and the week that I did, we had a sudden acceleration of the time line of our move and I, in a scramble, packed these dolls up. So, a real review won't be happening until we get moved. That is supposed to happen around the first week of November so... We will see....

These are photos of the pack of the box. They were produced in 1991, which is the year I got married and also graduated high school. So, it had to happen... 

And I took one photo of Sara and Abby (the blonde) and a shorter Precious Moments doll my daughter found at a thrift store recently too. I am telling you, dolls just FIND US!? We can't help it!! They follow us home! Well, sort of. 

They really are pretty cute. 

That's it for now Doll Friends!
Till next time!

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