Monday, October 26, 2015

Vintage Effanbee Suzie Sunshine 18" Doll

Greetings Doll Friends!

So the last few months have been a whirlwind of finding a house, thinking it may be "the one" and then having it fall through. So last weekend saw us on yet another house hunt! More to confirm we wanted to offer on the one we just bought (well, pending inspections... Pray for us and that it works out!) than anything. One of the houses we looked at happened to have an Estate Sale going on in it at the same time! Score! The house was actually intriguing but we found out it had already been sold. Since we were there, I figured it didn't hurt to look around a LITTLE... Right?

I went up into the bedroom of this cute little old house and saw four dolls! Three of them were porcelain and, as you may know, not my thing at all. However, there was also this little lady!

Here is Susie Sun Shine right after I brought her in from the car. I set her next to Farley and the babies and she immediately fit right in! However, she needed a bit of a clean up! 

For a doll that is over fifty years old, she was in terrific shape! I don't think her dress is original but I think it was made for her specifically. It's very cute and very time period authentic.

I love her sweet freckles and cute expression!

Poor baby had her plugs showing because they'd pulled her hair into pig tails.

She sits very well.

This is how I know her dress isn't her original meet dress. They didn't have Velcro in 1961! 

Here she is all cleaned up and wearing the dress I gleaned from a Muffy Bear I got at Goodwill for 99Cents! (I donated the bear right back) Doesn't it look perfect on her! The shoes? Those are American Girl Doll shoes! They fit her perfectly! 

After a good cleaning up with water and a Norwex cloth, she looked great and I brushed out her hair and her plugs no longer show!

She loved all the babies! She'd never seen baby dolls before, she'd lived her whole life with porcelain dolls! Her she is holding a baby for the first time in all of her fifty years! Better late than never! 

I named her Eliza!

Till next time! 

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