Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Journey Girl Kylee Joins The Doll House!!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!
As you may know, I have no shortage of Journey Girl dolls... I've gotten a few or customized a few more since I posted about my collection of them in June of last year. So an update of that post is certainly in order because this past weekend during my shopping spree, I added yet another beautiful Journey Girl Doll to my collection. As I mentioned in my shopping spree post, I found her on clearance for only $12.98!! I couldn't pass her up even though I do sometimes feel like maybe I might have a tad too many dolls. Teehee...

I've wanted to get her for a while now since she is one of the main group of the Journey Girls collection and the last one I didn't have. 

So I was totally stoked to finally find her for a great price!

As you can see, the moment I found her for $12.98, I grabbed her and put her in my buggy!!

I kind of forgot to take unboxing photos but you've seen many of them on my blog before... Here she is right out of the box. 

Her hair won't last long in that pony tail. Journey Girls have pretty great hair and so I usually always take it down almost immediately!! 

She became a model in an upcoming post about the Diner Accessories sets I got in the same shopping spree... Isn't she a natural!

Better run!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Mad Money Doll Shopping Spree Haul From This Past Weekend!

Greerings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

So this past weekend my husband, being the sweet guy that he is, hands me some money and tells me I should go on a dolly shopping spree. Who am I to say no? So, on Saturday, I made the rounds of two Walmart's, two Target's, one Goodwill and a Toys-R-Us to see how far I could stretch my money. Teehee. Like a challenge, even. 

I found so many amazing deals!!!

I specifically told myself when I set out that I was not allowed to buy another doll. I have lots of dolls...!! But I never had Kyla!!! She was only $12.98. This is not my fault. It had to happen! She practically followed me home. I have no regrets. *giggles* 

What was I saying about not buying any dolls? But these don't count right? Because they are dolls for my dolls and so kind of like accessories, right? I found these marked on the shelf for $4 each and picked up just one... When I rang up though, they rang up for only $2.50!! So, naturally, I bought four. Hahahaha. Only two of them are for me to keep though. One, naturally, is to be sent to Frann, one of the twins in the PJ's. We get a kick out of sharing dolly stuff and having twinsy stuff and so that had to happen. What about the fourth? Well... I think I am going to have a little drawing for that one!! The little School Girl dolly will be given away in a contest. I'll try and get the details posted about that as soon as I figure them out. Haha. It will involve finding my Facebook page Facebook Page and giving it a like and probably sharing a post from there. I'll come back and update this page with details when I dream them up. 

Then this is a new item at Walmart! It's clothes for the Mini's! The set was $9.98. As you can see from the post about doll tea party I have a American Girl Doll Julie Mini I got at a Flea Market and another American Girl Mini that looks just like my Lilly Doll as doll for my Heather Doll and Frann Doll. They didn't really have too much in the way of outfit changes because I knew Frann loved mini dolls and forwarded on the Our Generatio Mini Doll and Wardrobe on to her a while ago. I have a TON of doll stuff and so I was happy to do so! But when I saw this I thought it might be fun to have a few little outfit changes and more shoes for them. You know, so Heather Doll and Frann Doll can change out their dollies! 

I hadn't ever gotten a My Life As version because, lets be honest, I am cheap and $10 was always more fun to spend elsewhere. But four for $10? That's a fun price! So I bought one for Heather Doll, one for Frann Doll, one for real Frann and one for the drawing. All for $10!

When I went to the Target stores (I really did go to two different ones on either side of town!) I didn't really see much new... In fact both Target's I went to were very lackluster regarding selection. I was feeling the pain of the people I read about in my Doll Groups on Facebook who say they never have anything good at their local stores. Yikes! But I did find these two "Todays Special" sets. Why two? Because if you're going to have a diner, you need more than one table, right? So of course you need more of one of each of the napkin holders and condiment bottle holders for each table, right? As I said the other day in another post, I think that the Our Generation Diner at Target is neat but it's so huge that I think setting up a diner with my own furniture and these accessories will be just as much fun. 

I almost fell over when I found these sets marked for $4.00 but when I rang out they rang up as $2.00 each set!! Awesomeness!! I've always thought I should have more tacos than the two who came in my origial Fiesta set and now I'll have six!! Perfect for a fiest party now!! The baking set never really appealed to me at regular price but I think the apron is certainly worth $2. I was out of time and it was my last Walmart and stop or I might've braved the crowded line/store and gone back for the rest they had but.... I was done for. Don't think it won't haunt me. I could probably get three times that on eBay in the coming months. But lets get real, if I buy them, it's not to re-sell.
*giggles again*

I also got this hat and 'fur' collar set for $4.99. You can get one too, they are same price on TRU Website right now. 

I think the most exciting find of the day after Kyla was the My Life As Doll bed. I forgot to take a separate photo of it but you can see it above in top photo. It was only $5.00!! I've thought having another bed in the bunk bed bedroom would be a good idea because I have so many girls in the Doll House needing to sleep somewhere for sleepovers. So this will be great. Not totally in love with the color and may get brave enough to try and paint it at some point but... For $5.00 I'll take it. If they'd have had two I would've bought two because they stack! I should've seen if they were compatible with the newer My Life As Doll bed in white because they did have a few there but I didn't think to. If I run across one soon I'll measure and see. Because it'd be fun to have another set of bunk beds in that room!

OH! I nearly forgot! I got the Star Wars R-4 toy at the Goodwill for $4.00!! It's gonna be great to go with one of the dolls on Halloween!!

Better run!
Till next time!

New Journey Girl Ilee At Toys-R-Us!!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

I stopped by a Toys-R-Us today and this is what I saw... The new Journey Girl Islee is gorgeous! I hadn't ever seen her before but that makes sense because apparently she is new. Here is a link to her o on their website. 

Just gorgeous!

Here is the rest of what I saw....

They had the New York Kyla's on clearance for $12.98!!!! I didn't have one!! So.... As you may have guessed, I probably do now. So stoked!

I may or may not have picked one of these up....? For $4.99 that's a pretty good deal.

New dogs I think!

I went back and forth about if I wanted to get this hair set... I decided against but I think it's pretty neat.

Cute accessories sets but... A bit spendy I think. Even more than Our Generations I think?

I think the bike is pretty cute and if I buy another one to go with the Our Generation Bike I found at Goodwill I suspect it will be this one. Although by all accounts of reviews I've read, the OG one is much sturdier. Being an adult collector that's not as big a deal to me as it is to someone buying these to actually be played with... Still I'd like to check it out for myself. Haha.

Cute tent set. I may get another couple to take the dolls on a camping trip.

I am not sure about this Jeep... It was on a top shelf and so I couldn't really look at it but it seems like two Journey Girls can fit in... Wonder if two American Girls or Our Generations or MyLifeAs would fit. They all have much broader hips than Journey Girls do so? Do any of you have this jeep and can tell me?

I was really surprised to see Wellie Wishers at this store since they have Journey Girls? Maybe they are allowed to sell the Wellie's because they are 14inches and not 18inches? Eitherwise it was fun to see them.

So that's it for now...! I hope to get lots of blogging stuff done today since I am taking the day off with my family for the Eclipse. We will have total darkness at about 1:03PM. It'll be neat to see.

Have a fantastic Eclipse Day!


Sunday, August 20, 2017

Walmart In Store Report!!

Hi Doll Friends!!

Just some quick photos of the 'new' My Life As items I am beginning to see in my various Walmart stores locally... I know I get a kick out of seeing them and so figure you might too. 

Here are some of the new season dolls. I love the one in the footy PJ's. I already got the Soccer Player and the Ballerina... Teehee. Maybe someday I'll get the new boy doll but I have loads of blonde boys in the doll house so... Maybe not? What trips me out is that on the My Life As Doll website they don't show any of the new stuff? Weird right?

Here is the kitchen in the new colors.

These three sets are all new. 

There is a store... Walmart actually. I think it's cute but again, I could create a store with items on hand and not have one more item to store...

This plant stand is the same as the older Ice Cream stands they used to sell... I already own two of them and have been making my own plants and so I am not really tempted to get this at all. 

This is really cute. Not sure I ever need to get it because, again, I feel like I could pull off making something similar for less money. But who knows, if it goes on clearance someday maybe?

Because it is pretty cute.

New boy clothes!! I didn't buy any because I honestly think you could get boy clothes off Etsy for about the same money made by some little granny somewhere and support a small business too. Still, cute!

Accessories galore!

There is the new loft bed and laundry room set...

This is did like! They improved the carrier bag for the dolls. I have the older version and I really do think it's top notch...

But I love that they added this handle on the side. Maybe I'll get another one sometime..? Cos I am always traveling with dollies! LOL

These are new! Much like last years clothes sets for the large dolls, these were three outfit sets for the mini dolls they sell. Very cute styles! I actually picked one up because I have two American Girl Doll Mini Dolls and they are in need of clothes!

They also released furniture for the mini dolls. Very cute. I am NOT going there. I have enough doll stuff with just my 18inch dolls! Hahaha.

Still, pretty doggone cute!

I saw these charm bracelets on clearance but... Didn't buy one. 

It's hit and miss for sure. A lot of Walmarts still look like they had a fire sale. 

This set is cute.... I love the marshmellow roasting sticks!

In one store they had a TON of these dolls on clearance for $13... Tempting!! But with that many left I am going to bide my time and check back in a week or so and see if they've been marked down again... Haha.

Better run if I am going to get to church on time!