Wednesday, August 2, 2017

American Girl Doll Food From eBay!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

Look what arrived in the mail yesterday!! The items I ordered off eBay recently. They arrived much more quickly than I imagined they would since they came all the way from China! I ordered them on July 22nd and so it was less than two weeks. Nice!

All of the items are so cute!! 

As you can see, I paid $21.00 including shipping for all of the items. Not bad at all espcially considering a few of them are actual American Girl accessories. See the little gold sticker on the 'smoothies' cups? It's an American Girl sticker. 

The seller also included a freebie!! Awesomeness!! See the little box of crayons? It was a free item! It's an actual American Girl item too! Score!!

They are so adorable!

I love the shrimp kabobs! I have some kabobs that came in my My Life As Doll "Grilling Play Set" and a few more I got from Our Generation's Hawaiian Party set... But when you throw a Doll House Luau you need a lot of them!

I love the little strawberries! (or would you cosider them raspberries?) I get together with a friend for breakfast and Bible study once a week and I always bring berries as my contribution to the breakfast. So it'll be perfect for a 'scene' from that! 

These burgers are ginourmous! I love the details like the sesame seeds. My husband loves sesame seeds on his burgers so, again, perfect!

I love all three of these sweet treats and they'll be perfect for The Sweet Shoppe in the future!

Look at those sweet crayons! What a great freebie!!

So I'll try and get some of these cute accessories put together into a scene soon but I just had to show you when they arrived in the mail!

Till next time!

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