Friday, August 18, 2017

Our Generation Clearance Retro Sunglasses Set and OG Boxer Puppy

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

Earlier this month, Frann Doll went to Target... While she was there she picked up a few things and I am finally here to tell you about them.

The little accessory set was one that I just happened to find hidden in the clearance section the day I went. It was marked down to $3.50ish (they have weird end numbers on thier clearance and I can never remember what it is?). I was stoked. Then when I saw the little boxer puppy, I had to get her. We used to have a boxer and so they hold a special place in my heart. 

Here is Frann Doll with the items in their packaging. 

And here she is with the groovy sunglasses and cute handbag that came in the set! As you can see, behind her, the set also came with a Disco poster and an old school 'record'. So adorable and very 1970s, which was my era. 

Frann looks so pretty in the sunglasses doesn't she? 

The record comes out of the cardpaper sleeve. 

Here is Frann ready to walk Zoey, the new puppy. 

So cute!!

I actually took the set along with us when we went on a road trip about a week ago and at that time I got a doll from Walmart. I took a photo of her in the hotel room with the cute sunglasses on. Isn't she pretty in the sunshine?

So I am glad to have gotten the set on clearance. Not sure I would've paid the regular price of $6.50 but for about half that I was totally stoked to pick it up. The puppy was $3.99 I think. I am glad I got her!

Better run!
Have a great weekend!!!

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