Thursday, August 10, 2017

New My Life As Doll 'Meal' and 'Cleaning Products' Accessory Sets

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

As I mentioned in a recent post, My Life As Dolls by Walmart have come out with some new accessories sets. Last years sets were awesome but you could only ever buy them if you were lucky enough to find them at the store. They didn't sell them online last year... They must've had a lot of suggestions to change that because this year, low and behold, you can actually buy them online! Better still? You can skip shipping charges if you order them to arrive at your local store! Nice! So, I ordered my two favorite sets to be delivered to my closest Walmart. They were ready by the end of the day I bought them! How cool is that? So, that day, last Friday, we went to pick them up on our way out of town for our little road trip. 

Frann Doll came along on the road trip and so was naturally the lucky doll to model the sets when we got to our hotel room that night. I didn't want to open them until we got home because I didn't want to accidentally lose any pieces. I was so excited to actually get my hands on the exact sets I wanted that I had to take some photos of them!! I was eventually able to find most of the accessory sets I wanted last year but it was after pounding a lot of pavement looking for them at multiple stores over months. So being able to order the exact ones I wanted and go and pick them up on same day was awesome!!

The set's themselves are super cute! I can't wait to get them open and show them to you in a scene in the Doll House!

The cleaning supplies are so totally adorable!!!

A couple of cleaning rags, spray bottle, sponge, laundry soap...

Even a squeegee! Can't wait to put the dolls to work with this one!! Hahaha. It's be great with my aweseome vaccuume cleaner from Frann! The Doll House is going to be so tidy now!

As you can see, there were little shipment stickers on the actual product when I picked them up. I understand why they do that but if I were giving this as a gift or something I don't think I'd like that. What do you think? I think they could use clear plastic bags with sticker on the outside but I suppose not everyone is picky about such things. If it means I can buy the small accessory sets online, I'll take it. Haha.

When I went to pick them up I naturally had to stop in the doll section!! They are all kind of a mess right now because of the older stuff mixing in with the newer stuff. Fun though because you never know what you'll find!!

These were apparently not very popular. I thought about picking one or two up at $4.00 but even at that price the set just didn't really appeal to me. I have a few aprons, a few oven mits, a few baking pans and plenty of spatulas and such from other sets. So... Even I skipped them. If they'd have been $2.00 I might've picked up a few... LOL.

I am so surprised that any of last years boy dolls made it to the clearance section!! But here one is. I already own both of them already so... I didn't pick him up.

Golly, I guess this cheerleader doll wasn't a hit either... Look how many there are!! So tempting to buy a few to customize but I held off...

These little girls were having a ball looking at all of it! Look on the bottom left, there is one of the new dolls with a cute pair of footy PJ's. Adorable!

It was about this time that I spotted her. Check out the beautiful new ballerina doll! She was in the wrong spot, I knew when I saw her... But I may or may not have bought her anyway. I am reasonably sure she has a new face sculpt not released by My Life As Doll's before and I absolutely love her.

They really need to figure out a better system for clearancing out and then restocking new items. Because if I didn't know dolls like the back of my hand, I would've totally thought this was the doll that was marked $13.00! See, it even says ballerina on the tag! Am sure that more than one doll has been purchased at the lower price due to the mess ups. I know I bought one that way recently... What could I do? The little stock guy offered!! Haha. This one though I knew was wrong and so I just coughed up the money for a new one when it rang up at that up front. 

This chair never tempted me before... But on clearance for $7.00, I totally picked on up! How could I not? It'll look so cute in my modern living room in the Doll House.

I'll be back as soon as possible to show you all the new items as I get a chance to get them opened and photographed!!

Have to run!
Happy Thursday!
Till Next Time!


  1. Oh, lucky you! I want that Asian ballerina SO BAD. But all of my local stores are "out of stock", and you can't order her online. Their website said there was one left at a store near me so I excitedly placed my order, only to have it canceled the next day because they really didn't have any after all. When I called customer service to figure out what was going on, they said that if the website shows that there's "only 1 left!", that pretty much means they haven't updated their website and there are really none available. Wow. Thanks, Walmart. I wonder why you can't order all of their dolls online and have them shipped? Most of their items seem to be "pick up at store" only. So frustrating. I'm glad you got one, though...even if I am just a teeny bit jealous!

    1. I think it's nonsense that the stores are so utterly inconsistent in what they carry. They should have mostly the same things in every store in my opinion! What a crock that they say there is 'one left' if there aren't either. That's nonsense!! I'll pray you find her soon! She really is very pretty!!