Monday, June 5, 2017

My Life As Doll Living Room Set!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

My husband is so good to me... He knows I love dolls and is very supportive of my hobby because he knows it makes me happy. He also knows rather than any manner of gift, be it jewelry or flowers or candy or any of the other 'standard romantic gifts', I would always be most thrilled by doll related gifts. 

So Friday he decided to surprise me with a gift when he came home from work! He said he'd gone to look at the doll stuff at Walmart and almost bought me another doll... But he knows I've been trying to thin out the dolls I already own and so... Instead...

He bought me the My Life As Living Room Set! Now as you know, I already have a living room in the Doll House that you can see in many of my past posts including this post. So why am I thrilled to have another one? Well, I don't have time to tell you my entire idea here today but suffice to say I've been trying to put together a 'Mobile Doll House' that I can take to venues other than my house and perhaps share the Doll House with actual kids. However, I obviously am not going to take my beautiful fragile items and/or leave myself with no Doll House of my own to play with either. Hahaha. So... This living room will be a perfect travel one. Not that I won't use it for scenes in my own doll house of course, but this way I also have a portable one. 

Here is the back of the box...

I have to say that, for the price point, this set is pretty nice. It seems sturdy enough and the 'modern' look of it will please young girls more than the 'antique' or traditional furniture I generally tend to go for and put in the Doll House.

This little cube table has a removable tray to carry food items from the kitchen. Very cute.

The couch has 'canvas' like (think tent material) fabric that will make it more sturdy I think and less likely to get stained.

The cushions are all attacehed with little ties at each corner.

I discovered the couch can come apart if you want them to be used as two separate pieces... But I think I'll likely always keep them hooked together.

See the little clips that hold them together? It's not hard to put them back together for an adult but I suspect a child might need a bit of help...

The set came with four pillows which are all very cute. 

The 'TV' is actually a little stand that has an expandable 'arm' on top to hold in any manner of phone or iPod type device... So you can clip your device in there and make it look like a real TV. Sweet! So cute! That will make for some great photos. So why didn't I take a photo of my phone in there then? Because I take my photos with my phone! LOL. So I'll have to borrow my daughters iPod and get some photos taken of the 'TV' put together in the near future.

When I first saw the 'entertainment stand' I didn't really like it. I thought it was just one piece and had 'fake' drawers and cupboards. Happily I discovered I was wrong. While the cupboards are indeed not real the three drawers actually slide open. Much better than one solid piece! I kind of wish they'd have made it white to be more 'generic' (Not everyone likes bright colors) but still a cute item.

Here are Prism and Rose enjoying the new living room! I didn't add any other accessories to the photo because I wanted you to see exactly what all comes with the set. I'll take more photos with it soon that have all manner of neat stuff to make it look more 'real'.

Out of time!
Have a fantastic day!

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