Friday, July 17, 2015

Vintage Effanbee Jan Hagara Christina and Larry Dolls

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

As I've mentioned, I kind of fell in love with Vintage Effanbee Dolls recently. You can seriously often find them for a song on eBay and they're just too much fun to pass up! Here are two of the Jan Hagara dolls I got off eBay recently as a set and, including shipping, they were less than $10 each.

Christina one is the most common of the Jan Hagara dolls from Effanbee. She was the first produced in a series that also included Larry. She is 16" tall, made out of high quality vinyl and has nice rooted hair. 

As with all Effnbee Dolls, her costume is top notch. I've literally mused that the costumes alone are worth the cost of the doll if you are looking for some really pretty things for your HeartForHearts dolls for instance. I know my Christina and Laurel will be swapping clothes with my three HeartForHeart dolls. 

Note the price on that tag from the 1980's!! It blows my mind that people would pay that much money for a doll back then and then just pack it away in a box or relegate it to a shelf to display. I am so glad they did though because it means they've been nearly perfectly preserved for modern day collectors to find and enjoy. It's like traveling back in time, kind of. Really, I now have the Effanbee Collection of a rather spoiled 1980s child and for a fraction of the cost of them new back then. I mean, I am pretty sure I've purchased all of my Effanbee Dolls for about the 1980's new price of maybe two of them. That's just cool. 

As you can see, 1984 was the last production year of pretty Christina. I bet they sold a lot of them that way just like American Girl Doll does with their Girl of the Year now. 

I have actually ended up with two in the house because my Laurel doll came with one too. My daughter has the 'twin and we get a kick out of having the same doll as one another. Naturally hers will be dressed much in much more modern outfits than mine likely will. 

I did a much more thorough review of Laurel and she and Christina are identical in every way other than costume and face and hair so I am going to link you to that review right here:

Both Laurel and Christina have been renamed. Laurel has become Lynn and Christina has become Myfanwy. Named after people in my life who are special to me. 

Then we have Larry. I was SO excited about him because I thought that he looked more, in the face, like my husband (as a boy) than any boy doll I'd found! I literally bought two Christina's so I could get him! He only cost about $10 including shipping too. 

He had a stain on his shirt sleeve cuff... Koolaide? Don't drink the Koolaide!

He also lost the soles of his shoes somewhere over the last 30 years too. This seems to be a common problem amongst older doll shoes though. The glue just gives out. I will make him some new soles for his shoes at some point or another. 

I get a kick out of seeing original price tags on dolls from 30+ years ago. With inflation, this doll would cost like $150 now. Crazy. I got them both for about $20 including shipping!

Upon undressing Larry though, I decided he probably couldn't be an incarnation of my husband afterall. Um, because oddly enough, they used their GIRL body from their other 17" dolls as his body.

Um... Tiny bit creepy! So I'll find another doll to represent my hubby. Otherwise I like the doll and with clothes on you can't tell but... This is my husband we are talking about and he is a man's man kind of guy and that just won't do at all. So... Back to drawing board for that but all in all, otherwise, he's a pretty neat doll to go with Lynn (Laurel) and Myfanwy (Christina) and I will name him Douglas. 

Kind of out of order here but just one photo of Christina's body. As I've said, she is same as Laurel whom I reviewed in prior post. I only got one photo for some reason when I took photos of her and now she is in storage and I can't get more until after we get settled again.

My daughter hates naked dolls and covered her up during photographing her for blog. Haha.

That's it for now!
More next time!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Effanbee Jan Hagara 18inch Bobby, Belinda and Beth Dolls Friends for American Girl Dolls

Greetings Doll Friends!

Jan Hagara has quickly become my favorite Effanbee doll artist. I am only a few dolls shy of owning every doll Effanbee made. I am sure I'll remedy that soon enough. Haha!

As it is, these three darlings were like providence. They are pretty rare on eBay, pretty rare all together really. I looked for them and there was only one auction of them in all of eBay! And it was only for two of them and very highly priced! So, I dug into past auctions, to see how rare they were. Low and behold, this lot of three had recently ended and hadn't even been bid on. What?!? I took a chance and wrote seller and told them if they still had them, I'd be interested in buying and would they repost them? Within the hour they were posted with a BuyItNow for the beginning auction price from before! I didn't even have to bid! I bought them immediately and all for less than $15/doll including shipping! Woot!

I. Love. Them! They are 18" dolls with soft bodies and vinyl heads and hands. The rest of them are soft bodied. They were designed so they'd be soft enough to sleep with. Very sweet. They'll be great additions to my 18" doll collection! 

Here is Bobby, who I am re-naming Ash after my baby brother.  Isn't he awesome?! I love boy dolls cos they are so much more rare than girl dolls so he was fun to find!

As with all Effanbee, the costumes are top notch. 

Here is Belinda who I've re-named Carissa after Ash's sweet wife and a sister I would've chosen even if he hadn't. I think they make a great couple as dolls! 

Finally we have Beth.

I adore her cameo and dress and her short curly hairstyle is wonderful! I love dolls with unusual hair styles. 

All of their tags looked the same so I am just showing you Beth's. 

As you can see, they have soft bodies other than their hands and head.

Poor Bobby had never been removed from his clothes before but he had a pull in his stitching! I fixed him up right away!

Bobby and Belinda both had legs of black fabric.

Whereas Beth was all pink.

Otherwise they were all the same. 

See? What a great couple! I love them! Don't you? 

Till next time! XXOO

Rothkirch Puppe Extra 14" Doll Joins Doll House

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

Did I mention I went a little doll crazy in July? Well, I didn't lie. When my husband wants to spoil me, he sets me loose on eBay with a nifty little sum and I stretch that money over as many dolls as possible! 

One of the dolls is one I was really stoked to win auction on! Rothkirch Puppe dolls are German made and extremely cute! They are also usually beyond what I want to pay any given doll. Until I found this beauty for about a quarter of what they usually go for. It's all in the way you list your items when it comes to eBay and the sellers of this doll didn't describe her very well... But I knew what she was!

Isn't she sweet?

She never had her tags removed.

She was numbered.

Her clothes and wig are both top notch!

She came in a tank top and long legged panties under the dress and slip.

She has an armature which makes her very poseable and she can sit very well.

She has a cloth body and vinyl head, arms and legs.

Bad lighting in this photo but see how well she stands?

She was a bit dirty, I think she'd been displayed a long time on a shelf.

I changed her clothes and washed hers.

She is a great addition to the doll house! Don't you think?

Till next time! XXOO

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Ari by Doll Artist Renate Hockh Joins Doll Family

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends

So sometimes you find a doll on eBay that really isn't your "type". It's price is so low though and the doll is so intriguing that you just can't help it. You bid the minimum amount and let the chips fall... And sometimes you end up with a really neat doll that you're so glad you got! 

Case in point? Ari. Isn't he fabulous?

He has real human hair wig and is made top notch. I've researched him and he was shockingly (to me) expensive new. He was actually one of a set, he has a sister doll. She is about twice as tall as he is because he is meant to be a small child. I think his face is mature enough to kind of fit in well enough to my other dolls in the doll house though and so he is so going to be in future scenes. After we get moved. Ho-hum.

I'd write all I found out about him but it's easier to just link you to the amazing blogs I found:

Isn't he fabulous? 

Till next time!! XXOO

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Effanbee Vintage Jan Hagara 15" Doll Laurel

Greetings Doll Friends!

So... Yeah... Another Jan Hagara Effanbee doll joined the house. I tend to obsess a bit when I find something I like and I can afford to indulge. You can literally get these for a song on eBay and well, I love them. 

This one is Laurel. She is 15" tall and made of all top quality vinyl.

Her costume is top notch too! Like all of Effanbee's dolls.

She came in a hat, which, when I took it off, revealed she has a somewhat interesting hair-do. It's short under where the hat was... Which is odd but honestly didn't really bother me all that much. It was fully plugged and very full and actually kind of cute with her curls around her face.

See? Isn't she sweet?

Her face was a bit yellow from age but a Norwex cloth cleaned her right up.

You can see the back of her hair here. See, kind of odd but cute in it's own way. 

She came in a cute slip that could honestly be used as nightgown or simple dress.

Her feet had some marks on them, must be from manufacturers because I was first person to undress her.

**Nude Doll Photos Warning**

She is so well made! Very posable and top quality vinyl. She is a perfect play doll, I don't think you could break her unless you tried really hard. 

She cleaned up really nice! 

Here are her clothes.

Naturally the dolls had to do some clothes swapping!

Laurel fits well into dresses made for 14" dolls and they fit pretty well into hers.

Here are a bunch of them posing together!

Photo bomb!! Haha! 

That's all for now! Till next time! XXOO