Sunday, July 5, 2015

Our Generation 18inch Hair Grow Doll

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

So, I am reasonably certain that if you look at the date of this blog, it will read that it was written in July... Um... Not really... That, my friends, is when I posted the draft. So this morning I decide I am going to go finish a few more recent drafts and go into my drafts folder and realize I had neglected to write this one! July is when we boarded this roller coaster of a ride that is first renovating our house because we'd decided to move in August. Well, as you can see, God, as He has a great tendency to do if you press into Him and try to seek His will, slowed us waaaaaay down for our own good. Twice He saved us from the wrong houses! But today, November 8th, I am sitting on the floor of my living room because our house has no more furniture in it... It's all in the truck! Because tonight is our last night in this house!! Woot!! Ok... So enough about my 'real life'... Just explaining why I am only now finding this post again and getting it written finally, in November.

So in late June I was at a Thrift Store and happened upon this Our Generation 18 inch Hair Grow Doll. I have to admit I have never liked hair grow dolls, they've always kind of creeped me out with their hair grow mechanisms because invariably there is a knob or button somewhere on their body that releases the hair and, well, just creepy. However... She was cheap ($2.99 I think? I doubt I'd have paid more) and I loved her outfit so I picked her up. 

She had a really pretty face, as most Our Generation dolls do. Her hair, however, was a nightmare. I mean, nightmare. Dolls with regular long hair are kind of hard thing for kids to care for, add in hair grow extensions and, well, this is what you get.

Tangles! And a doll that never gets played with. Which was good for me, because her outfit was in lovely shape. 

Even though she creeped me out, I had her home, and so I decided to try my hand at sorting her hair. It was a long process of, section by section, from the bottom to the top, brushing out the tangles. I find sorting out doll hair to be somewhat therapeutic. Plus it's so satisfying to bring a doll back from the Toy Box Tangles into some semblance of the doll dignity. Dolls have feelings too, right?!

See, here her hair is half done and you can see her creepy knob in her back.

My implements of torture, um, I mean beauty! You can see, she lost a bit of hair in the process...

But she had no shortage to begin with! So here she is! Tangle free!

The very bottom of her hair was still a bit frazzled looking and she still had the creepy plugs but I did my best! I re-dressed her in a different dress (I save the dresses I don't like when they come on a doll 2nd hand) and sent her back to Goodwill with a nice tight braid so hopefully she is now in the hands of a little girl who can take better care of her. Her outfit was worth the price and it was fun to clean her up!

That's it for now doll friends!! 
Till next time!

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