Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Dolls Go To OPPD Arboretum

Hi Doll Friends!

Today Frann and Heather  went on a trip to the OPPD Aboretum ! It's such a pretty place and they got lots of great photos!

"Let's go look around!"

By the Koi pond...

By the waterfall...

On the trail...

On the bridge...

Climbing boulders!

What a beautiful place!!

Better run!
Till next time!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Inexpensive Doll Ring DIY For 18Inch Dolls!

Hi Doll Friends!!

Doll rings! I have wanted some for the dolls but they are pretty expensive to purchase... I've looked for ways to make them before but most of what I saw involved bending wire and such... Intimidating. 

Then one day on Pinterest I saw this idea... Or rather I thought I did. It turns out I recalled incorrectly what "ingredients" I needed for it and bought wrong ones. However... What I bought worked pretty well!!

I took something so simple and about two minutes to make what looks like little jeweled rings! Here Diane doll is wearing an "emerald"!

So pretty! They are so inexpensive and so easy, you can make one (or even several!) for all your dolls!

The "ingriedients" cost be about $5 to make as many as 78 rings! Or more of you went to make plain "gold" ones.

Which looks kind of pretty too, don't you think?

A diamond ring.... How fun!

To make a ring, you simply adhere a little jewel to the round part of the paper fastener. Then bend out the little "legs" into a round shape (you kind of have to play with it a bit with shaping it...) and fit it around dollies finger. 

I am sure I will be making rings for all my dollies.... You should make some for yours! This would make a great craft to do at a doll party even... You could also use other small embellishments instead of the stick on jewels.... What do you think would be a good alternative?

Better run! 
Till next time!

My Life As Doll By Walmart: In Store Reporting!

Hi Doll Friends!

I went to a different Walmart today. I live in rural area and we have two cities to choose from when we go to town and today we chose the one I seldom go to...

I am so blown away (and annoyed) at how some Walnarts have huge selections like this and others have hardly anything? Lame.

I only let myself buy one thing, the little shopping basket with groceries in... But I wanted one of everything! Hahaha! Maybe it's good they don't have so much at my regular store? 

So. Much. Cool.

I chose the Walmart basket. The contents were same on either one...

This set gave me pause.... So cute! But I already have a doll laptop and phone and backpack... Maybe some other time...

This slumber party set was cute... I think I might try and make the milks at home!

Camping set is neat! But I have a tent already...

This chair is interesting...

That's all I saw... What are you seeing at your Walmart?

Till next time!

Friday, September 23, 2016

American Girl Doll Bunk Bed Thrift Store Score!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

First off, I thought I'd posted this blog months ago... Just found it in my drafts... So hopefully this is not a repeat because I could've sworn I posted this... But just in case I didn't, here it is. (I thought I'd posted it mid summer...??)


As many of you may have seen in my many postings of the doll house 'bedroom', I've had my home-made bunkbed for the dolls nearly as long as I've been blogging about them. The instructions for making an inexpensive doll bed from a shoe rack was one of my very first posts! I've never had an incling to replace the bed in anyway because it worked and doll beds are expensive!

Until I found an amazing find at a thrift store recently! I found this American Girl Doll bunk bed for $3.99! 

I also got this pony that day which I've already told you about in a prior posting. 

See? $3.99! Amazing!

I needed mattresses for it because the original mattresses were missing. So I just used the same "mattresses" I had made for my other doll bed. They were made out of a baby bed bumper pad I got thrifting for like 99cents back when I made first doll bed. They were a tiny bit too long for the newer bed so I just trimmed them down and recovered them with the pillow case "sheets"!

Safety pins hold it on well. 

Perfect! The pillow cases are vintage from the 1970s or 1980s, I love them.  

So here are some of the girls in the bedroom with the new bed!

The smaller doll bed was one of my daughters... It's too small for 18inch dolls but the 14inch dolls use it... Like a little sister bed! 

I love that this bed has a ladder... My home made one never did. 

So keep your eyes open at the thrift store! You never know what you'll find!

Till next time!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

More Beautiful 18inch Doll Furniture From Russia With Love!

Hi Doll Friends!!

As I told you about in a recent posting, I recently got an amazing gift of doll furniture from my wonderful and generous friend Frann. In that post, I showed you the wardrobe, bed and fireplace... All exquisite pieces!! Well... Frann had told me that those were only the first ones to arrive and more was on the way... 

I got the last three pieces on Friday! I plan to do a proper "review" soon to show you the amazing and top notch notch details of these amazing, heirloom quality items. The artistic woodworking genius who makes them has an Etsy shop and I want to contact him for more details before I do that in depth blog... But for now know that they are amazing items! 

This is how they arrive... All shrink wrapped to keep them from getting damaged. He packs them in custom cut pieces of foam sheeting and they come all the way from Russia in perfect shape. Amazing really...!

Here is Jaxcine posing with two of the new items and the fireplace... Aren't they amazing!!!

Here is Lauren in a room with all the new pieces... As you can see, there is a large china cabinet with glass, a low-sideboard/bookcase with glass and a gorgeous dresser/cabinet with three drawers. I love them all! The glass is real! So many beautiful details! 

The girls all decided they needed to have a tea party in the fancy new parlor!! 

Thanks so much Frann!! I love love love all of them! And I love you to bits! 

Will be back soon with proper review and info on how to buy your own amazing doll furniture from Russia (with love!). I love the story of the artisan who makes them all... And am sure you will too. So stay tuned!

Till then!