Monday, September 26, 2016

Inexpensive Doll Ring DIY For 18Inch Dolls!

Hi Doll Friends!!

Doll rings! I have wanted some for the dolls but they are pretty expensive to purchase... I've looked for ways to make them before but most of what I saw involved bending wire and such... Intimidating. 

Then one day on Pinterest I saw this idea... Or rather I thought I did. It turns out I recalled incorrectly what "ingredients" I needed for it and bought wrong ones. However... What I bought worked pretty well!!

I took something so simple and about two minutes to make what looks like little jeweled rings! Here Diane doll is wearing an "emerald"!

So pretty! They are so inexpensive and so easy, you can make one (or even several!) for all your dolls!

The "ingriedients" cost be about $5 to make as many as 78 rings! Or more of you went to make plain "gold" ones.

Which looks kind of pretty too, don't you think?

A diamond ring.... How fun!

To make a ring, you simply adhere a little jewel to the round part of the paper fastener. Then bend out the little "legs" into a round shape (you kind of have to play with it a bit with shaping it...) and fit it around dollies finger. 

I am sure I will be making rings for all my dollies.... You should make some for yours! This would make a great craft to do at a doll party even... You could also use other small embellishments instead of the stick on jewels.... What do you think would be a good alternative?

Better run! 
Till next time!

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  1. Such a creative idea you have! Heather Doll and Frann Doll are wearing good outfits which match with the rings. I feel as if I myself put on a jewelry ring on the finger.